Chapter 190 Wu Wanfang

After a period of hard work, the sealing laboratory was finally completed, and Lu Xuyang's fairy grass seeds finally successfully broadcast.Later, Lu Xuyang stayed in the laboratory.

On this day, Lu Xuyang was observing the condition of the seeds in his laboratory, and he heard someone looking out.When I came out, it turned out that Wang Cheng, who had been helped by Shennong, was found.

"Boss, I'm here to report!" When he saw Lu Xuyang, the king of the dust screaming at him.

"So fast?" Lu Xuyang laughed.

"Yo, isn't this uncle Wang?" He greeted Wang Cheng, and Lu Xuyang discovered that the man standing next to Wang Cheng was the uncle of Wang Cheng, who was saved at the time: "You, thisDid you send Wang Cheng? "

" No, no, I also came to the boss to report it! "Wang Cheng's uncle returned to Xuyang a step forward, his voice was obviously nervous.


Lu Xuyang had an accident. You must know that only Wang Cheng said before, but his uncle did not mention it.However, he is a person who has a bad person. Of course, someone comes to help him.Thinking of this, Lu Xuyang said enthusiastically and said, "Welcome! Welcome!"


When he first came, Uncle Wang's uncle Wang was afraid of refusing, and he had been ready to go back. He did not expect that Lu Xuyang would accept his arrival.Now getting the consent of Lu Xuyang, it is equivalent to that he has a stable job while rewarding. This is what he did not dare to think about it before, and it is no wonder that he was nervous before.

After handing over the two uncle and nephew of the Wang family to Zhuang Jianguo, Lu Xuyang returned to the laboratory again.It may be the reason for the seeds. It grows very slowly. Seeing that it is about to start, a little buds have not yet come out.

Because of some eager to see what it grows, Lu Xuyang considers whether he wants to upgrade it.However, considering a large amount of planting, it is definitely impossible to upgrade one by one at that time. Thinking that Lu Xuyang still gave up his plan to upgrade for it.

Just when Lu Xuyang walked out of the door of the house, the phone rang.Pick it up.It is a newsletter, and the information is sent by Wu Wanfang.

"I don't know what this little Nizi is playing!" Lu Xuyang opened the message with a smile.


There is only a simple word ‘saving’ on the newsletter.

No matter how short the text message is short, it is impossible to send only one word?Unless yes, ah, um, etc.And this is a rescue. What happened to her?Lu Xuyang was shocked, and he immediately found Wu Wanfang's phone call.

But let the phone ring, and no one answers the other end.

Lu Xuyang is a little anxious. It stands to say that she should work in the pharmaceutical factory. She should not have happened to something, but Lu Xuyang is inexplicably worried.He found Li Wenbing's phone call.

After the phone rang several times.Only then took over in Lu Xuyang's anxious waiting.

"Hey. Xiaoxu, why did you come to call today?" On the phone, Li Wenbing was surprised.You know, after the pharmaceutical factory is completed.Lu Xuyang basically didn't ask what was inside, and he called him.

"Uncle Li, do you first listen to me, is Wu Wanfang in the pharmaceutical factory now?" Lu Xuyang was unpredictable with Li Wenbing slowly.

"What?" Li Wenbing didn't understand when he heard Lu Xuyang's anxiety.

"Don't ask why, now you immediately checked me if Wu Wanfang was in the pharmaceutical factory, I came here immediately." After that, Li Wenbing responded, Lu Xuyang hung up the phone.

Wu Wanfang had an accident, and his mood could not be calm.After running out, I thought of the skills of the bracelet.Lu Xuyang calmed down to launch the skills on the bracelet.

"Well, what taste?" Lu Xuyang complained with his nose with one hand.

He looked at it carefully. It turned out that he was standing on the side of a grass by the drainage ditch.And he was stepped on the side of the stinky ditch.

"No wonder it is so smelly!" Lu Xuyang moved away from his footsteps.

Suddenly, a loud noise, Lu Xuyang felt like he had kicked something.Looking down, I just saw a red thing flying out and fell into a cluster of grass.

If you read it correctly, the shape should be a bracelet.

Is it Wu Wanfang's one?

If this is the case, it is not difficult to understand the launching skills, he was taken to this place.Thinking of this, Lu Xuyang ran away immediately, picked up the grass, and a red bracelet was lying quietly in the grass.

Lu Xuyang squatted down and picked it up. This was the other one of the bracelets.

"Didn't you mean that this is a binding item?" Lu Xuyang said secretly.

Who pulled it down and threw it here?

Lu Xuyang really didn't guess wrong. This bracelet was really unplugged, but he couldn't bring it up, and he threw it here when he was annoyed.

After receiving the bracelet, Lu Xuyang used to compete to his pharmaceutical factory. In an emergency, Lu Xuyang could not be discovered by others.Fortunately, his Fu Yan used faster, and the location was fast. Along the way, the people who saw him were only dazzling.

He came to the pharmaceutical factory smoothly, and Lu Xuyang met him at the door of Li Wenbing's office.

"Oh, are you in Beijing?" The appearance of Lu Xuyang made Li Wenbing a surprise.

"Uncle Li, how is it? Did Wu Wanfang in the office?" Lu Xuyang had no time to explain to him, but just nodded and asked anxiously.

"No! She is not in the office!" Li Wenbing shook his head.

"Where did she go? Didn't she have to go to work today?" Lu Xuyang shouted at Li Wenbing.

Li Wenbing stayed. In the impression, Lu Xuyang has always been a polite person, and never saw him roaring.

"I'm sorry!" It might not be able to detect his disappointment, and Lu Xuyang, who reacted, soon apologized to Li Wenbing.

"It's okay!" Li Wenbing reacted and said: "She was at work today, but it seemed to go out to meet customers in the afternoon."

"Which customer is it?" Li Wenbing said that he said thatAfter that, Lu Xuyang couldn't wait to ask.

"I don't know, and no one answered the office in her office, I was ready to look at it in the past!" Li Wenbing shook his head.

"Then go, let's go together!"

Under the urging of Lu Xuyang, the two soon came to Wu Wanfang's office, and they just met a woman from the room.

"Ah, boss ...?" The woman was surprised to rush to the two.

"Secretary Xu, what client did Wu Wanfang go to see today?"

Before the woman finished saying, Li Wenbing asked.Lu Xuyang on the side also looked forward to her, waiting for her to answer.

"She made an appointment with Mr. Tongda today about the matter about the exporting island country of our factory!"

"Time, place?" Lu Xuyang asked anxiously.

The secretary Xu was also startled by his sudden sound, but soon reacted and replied: "At two in the afternoon, in the Shanghai Tea House!"

ListenAfter the secretary's answer, Lu Xuyang rushed out immediately.