Chapter 191 Tracking

‘Shangjing Tea House’, a relatively unique teahouse in Beijing.Basically, people who like to drink tea will come here.

Lu Xuyang, who rushed out of the pharmaceutical factory, stood at the door of the teahouse shortly.After looking at the plaque above, after confirming that I hadn't come to the wrong place, I walked in it.

As soon as he entered it, Lu Xuyang welcomed the guest and asked, "Where is a beautiful woman sitting in the same Japanese?"

The welcoming guest was scared by Lu Xuyang's movement by Lu XuyangIt was not reacted until Lu Xuyang asked the second time.But at this time Lu Xuyang had turned his face to another waiter.

After constant inquiry, finally confirmed that they had left.After asking the direction they left, Lu Xuyang chased the side.

Shortly after Lu Xuyang left, the three men who looked like the teahouse came downstairs and walked to the parking lot. It didn't take long for a black car to leave Lu Xuyang's leaving.

Lu Xuyang ran along the way, but he stopped soon.He was not sure if they left in this direction.

At this moment, he thought of a police dog!

"If you can get a police dog, you can find it if you find their smell!" Lu Xuyang murmured.

But at this moment, where can I find a police dog!

Suddenly, Lu Xuyang thought of fox cat!It stands to say that fox cats should be more bullish than police dogs!Thinking of this fox cat that Lu Xuyang quickly woke up in his body.

I felt the eagerness of Lu Xuyang, and the fox cat was not dissatisfied. After coming out, I immediately chased Lu Xuyang.

Of course, the speed of fox cats need not be said, but it still slows down to wait for Lu Xuyang.Lu Xuyang ran quickly behind, watching the fox cat who always kept just keeping him in front of him, Lu Xuyang couldn't help but start to complain about his speed.

It's just what he doesn't know.Although he thought he was slow, but the people on the road didn't see anything except to feel a gust of wind, but he could imagine his speed.

During this time, a traffic police brigade in Beijing appeared stunned.

Several cameras on a road have taken a black shadow in less than a few minutes.After analysis.That black shadow is a fast -running person.

Although the video has been tuned to the slowest, because the person is too fast, the whole person still looks very vague.

People who cannot analyze it, there is no way to confirm what he is going to do so soon.Soon, the team reported it above.

Of course, Lu Xuyang didn't know the volatility he accidentally caused, but he knew that he would not care.After all, people are the most important.Along the way, Lu Xuyang eventually reached a relatively quiet and remote place.

But why is this place so familiar?

Lu Xuyang took a closer look until he saw the drainage ditch that he remembered that it was the place where he picked up another bracelet.

After staying here for a long time, the fox cat turned around in another direction.Seeing Lu Xuyang, who saw the fox cat's departure, he quickly followed.

It was another long -distance run. After passing through a hutong, the fox cat stopped in front of a humble house.

Fox Cat glanced at Lu Xuyang, and drilled in from the gap between the iron door.

The door is locked. Fox cats can drill, and Lu Xuyang cannot drill.

Lu Xuyang thought about it.After taking out a few runes, I disappeared instantly.

Lu Xuyang's arrival did not surprise anyone. Maybe they would not think of a bracelet that was lost at will, and would lead Lu Xuyang over.But even without that bracelet, the taste left along the way is estimated to not escape the fox cat's nose.

Through a small yard, Lu Xuyang entered the house, and the fox cat was waiting for him inside the house.Lu Xuyang looked around, and it was empty, and Lu Xuyang didn't find anyone.

It didn't take long before Lu Xuyang entered the house. A car extended the route of Lu Xuyang all the way.

Lu Xuyang was still looking for.Since Fox Cat can bring him here, there must be a clue to rescue Wu Wanfang here.

Sure enough, after a while, the fox cat called him in the inner house.

"Little guy, what are you doing?" Lu Xuyang looked at the fox cat in doubt.He had already seen the house he had before.It is an empty room that cannot be empty.However, looking at it so powerful, Lu Xuyang still walked in.

It was still so empty. Lu Xuyang was preparing to call the fox cat out, and a weak dialogue came from his feet.

No wonder the fox cat stopped here. It turned out to be the underground and the secret room!Lu Xuyang thought.

I feel that the sound is getting closer, and Lu Xuyang immediately retracted the fox cat, crushing a rune and hidden.

It didn't take long for a part of the floor of the house suddenly flipped.If you didn't see his own eyes, Lu Xuyang believed that it would be difficult to find it based on his own words.

Soon, the two came out of the house and could see that there should be a staircase connecting the hole in the cave, otherwise they should not walk out.After the two left, they didn't see any movements they had, and the ground closed again.

Listening to the words of the two gradually gone, Lu Xuyang also stopped using the contact character.

When he walked to the place where the ground opened, Lu Xuyang began to explore.He has a hunch, Wu Wanfang should be below.

After groping, Lu Xuyang determined that there were no organ settings in the house.

Is this things shaking control?IntersectionIntersection

Lu Xuyang's thought of the two people, if they were really controlled, the two should have a controller on the two.Thinking of this, Lu Xuyang ran out quickly.

In fact, with the power of Lu Xuyang, he can step on this floor.However, in order not to hit the grass and a snake, he decided to get the controller.

Lu Xuyang, who ran out of the room, looked around and ran over as the fox cat pointed out.At this moment, the two cars suddenly traveled in front of Lu Xuyang, and after a while, several people came down from the car.

The two men who were not found out, Lu Xuyang was going to cross them directly to chase the controller, but the gun in one of them made him stop immediately.

"Boy, remember me?" A young man with yellow hair asked Lu Xuyang.

"Who are you?" Lu Xuyang asked.

Looking at their movements, it is obviously coming to him, but in this remote place, there should be no one else after taking away Wu Wanfang?

Are these people who were both in the same time?They can find themselves chasing after so soon?Thinking of this, Lu Xuyang slowly retreated until he put his back on the wall.(You are going to be renewed. If you like this work, you are welcome to vote for recommended votes and monthly tickets. Your support is my biggest motivation.