Chapter 575 Survive, Savid

Boom —— The fourth attribute attack of the dark sky fell on the ground where the saints were in the past.The ground was bombarded with a huge deep pit, and even the red lotus sky fire not far away trembled because of this horrible attack.However, no matter how powerful the Dark Sky Attack is, what is the use of without hitting the target?

The Dark Sky Saint Saints were stunned, and Frey was also dull, and the dark sky machine floated in the sky, showing incredible glory in his eyes.

The evil eyes in the eyebrows opened, and a black light came out of the evil eyes, shining in the position of the saints in the previous day, the light and shadow spread, weirdA scene appeared, and everything that had turned into an illusion was reappeared in place.But the action is more than ten times slower than before.

Of course, this is not just the saints who have returned again, but the dark sky machine uses a special ability to reproduce everything before, and he doesn't even understand what happened.He didn't believe it at all. In this case, Ji Shi and Guang's opportunity tomorrow can lead the Saint Saints to escape from their control tomorrow.

The body flickered, the dark sky has reached the side of the light and shadow. With the light and shadow that slows down, he finally saw what the saints did to do.

After the Five Elements of the Yin and Yang Realm opened, the machine will fight for the time for the saints and saints tomorrow with the eyes of Tianji, and at this time, Ji Shi's hands are behind him.Open a quaint scroll.The strange light that took them away appeared from this scroll.With their bodies quietly left, I don't know where to go.


"Bastard." The dark sky roared, turned around and moved towards the Reyle, Freana's strong body suddenly pulled over by the inhalation force appearing in his palm, and came to the darkness.In front of God.

"How can this scroll exist? Why don't you say it early?" The eyes of the dark sky machine were full of cold killing, even in the face of his son, he still did not show any human nature.What should be in.

Frey said dumbfounded: "I, I don't know what's going on. I have never heard Ji Shi mentioning the existence of this scroll. Ah! I know, it's stupid, there is a silly.The Money Commercial Association must be obtained by the Stupid Business Association. When leaving the silly money business association's inner library, Ji Shi took dozens of scrolls passed down from the ancient times.I didn't tell us what the scrolls were. It must be a precious transmission scroll in those scrolls, which took them away. "

The dark sky looked at Frey coldly, and he didn't speak for a while.Frey stood there, looking at the dark sky's eyes full of complicated emotions, his lips were tight, but he always looked at the Dark Tianji.And a group of dark sky saints stood by the saints, and looked at Fer and Dark Sky at this time, they were a little weird at this time.In their memory, no one dared to do so for a long time.And those who did so before have never opened their eyes again.

But what surprised the saints of the Dark Sky, after a while, the eyes of the dark sky became softened a lot and raised their hands.I took a picture on Frey's shoulder, "Okay, this is not blame you. For so many years, you have suffered a lot on the Guangming Five Elements Continent.It has been counted in time, and it has already made great achievements, although the current contribution is a lot of money. But since we are prepared, we will definitely not let these small things succeed. They are a hundred miles, and they will transmit the French array in any direction. There are red lotus sky fires.The blocking, they cannot return to the Guangming Five Elements Continent, and they are still on our land. Li Yonghao. "
" Sky. "In the end, Li Yonghao took a step forward. After looking at Ferry, he respectfully directed the darkness to the darkness.Sky salute.

The dark sky machine sinks: "Immediately launching people, searching for their existence, I have to see how many scrolls to protect their lives."

The saints of Tiangan quickly dispersed and quickly left towards the Dark side of the Holy Island.

Looking at the back of their departure, Dark Sky asked Frey: "What do you think?"

Feruka said: "I'm afraid that Ji will use them to use them to use them to be able to use them to be able to use it.The opportunity to cross the Red Lotus Sky Fire escapes. As long as they do not escape, even if we lose some magicians. It solves the saints and saints tomorrow, and there is no threat to us in the Guangming Five Elements. "

The dark sky smiled coldly, "If they are smart. Naturally, how about going back? Even if they existed with the saints tomorrow, who can stop my plan? I have their own arrangements. By the way, you, you, you, youI didn't call me after I came back. "

Frey stayed, and the light in my eyes suddenly became more complicated.>
The dark sky laughed. At this moment, he finally nodded to Frey, saying: "Although I have never been with you in the past few decades,What are you. But one thing you need to remember, I have only a son in my life. Your mother is just a sending body that makes you born in the dark son. Don't think too much. I am now.Everything you have will be yours in the future. After I become a god, I will definitely find a way to make you as God as God. Even if it is a dark sky, it is just a pawn in my eyes. There is no strong strengthSuppressing them, they won't be so obedient to their heads. But you are different. You flow on your body, and your dark seal should be solved. "

The right hand appeared on Frey's chest like illusions, and it seemed to be printed lightly.With a snoring, Furui's body flew out, and a strong black light spread from the dark sky.It covered Frey's body like a large cocoon.And Fer's body burst into thousands of lights, mixed with this thick black, but his people also passed out at this time.

"This is my son. It turned out that a son felt so wonderful." The dark sky murmured, turned to look at the red lotus fire behind him, and his eyes suddenly became again."The abominable Red Lotus Sky Fire, if it wasn't for you to delay me for so long, I have already ruled the whole world. How could that wooden chrysanthemum pig escape my control? But, you can only stop me from five fiveJust years, the moment when the five years arrived, it was when I cleaned the light. At that time, I caught the last holy beast, which could also become a god, the god of the world. In the future, this world can only be in this world in the future.My feet are trembling. Haha, hahahaha ... "

The light and shadow flashed, and the saints showed their figures tomorrow.Before Lian Tianhuo, it was just a hundred miles away compared to the previous.

In the eyes of each heavenly saint, there are unparalleled anger and unstable emotions, and Miao Miao is even more transmitted.Directly coma in Chen Sixuan's arms.Fer's betrayal was too big to fight her.

"Ji Shi, what do we do now?" Yao Qianshu asked whispered.

Ji moved one hand to seize the heavens that had been caught in a semi -coma, and said, "We are just transitioning a hundred miles, but for the darkening of the dark sky, it is just a moment.I haven't found us yet, and temporarily return to us temporarily. "As he said, he didn't stay in half. The first one took the sky to cross the red lotus sky fire and return to the Guangming Five Elements Continent.Immediately afterwards, he was taken back by him one by one.Just as his last one took Akin back, the sky was full of the Dark Five Elements Mainland with the scouting magician of Flying Warcraft, and found them where they were, but at this time, it was obviously unable to stop Ji from moving them.The whole body retreated.

The last one returned to the side of Guangming with Akin, and Ji Shi's face showed a strong exhaustion. Chen Sixuan walked silently to him, injecting the ultimate bee magic into him, helping him to recoverMagic and healing.

Du Ming squatted down his body, punching into the soil on the ground, and said with a painful face: "How can this." For him, Ray Difer is not just a brother, or even an elder.EssenceHe knew Frey's early, but Frey was the chairman of the Bartendian Association Branch.From a very young age, Du Ming has used him as an idol.Since joining the Saints of Tiangan, Du Ming didn't know how excited he was, but at this moment, the idol became a traitor at this moment, and everything seemed to have broken.The plan to attack the opponent was completely destroyed, so they had to retreat.This blow is unimaginable for the saints of Tiangan.

Yao Qianshu is older, and he can barely maintain calmness. Looking at Ji Yong, who was standing there, his eyes were shaking, and he sighed.Can't pass any more. There is a complete precaution over there, no matter where we lurk over, they will be discovered by them. Let's wait for the opportunity. This time we can retreat from the whole body.He could only avoid talking about Rui's rebellion, so as not to sprinkle salt in the wound of Ji.

After the opportunity to talk to Ji Shi on the same day, Ji Shi was able to make preparations for the response, that is, that scroll.He also told Tiandi that he had the time to cooperate with Tianji to release the scroll.With the current cultivation of Ji Shi, isn't it blinking to release a scroll?It's just that the dark sky is wrong.The scroll he had just opened was a directional short -range transmission scroll.Compared with the non -positioning transmission scroll he used that year, this scroll is much simpler, and there is no complete magic attribute production, not as the theoretically transmitted users to any corner of the planet.EssenceBut in terms of practicality, it is far better than that one.Because the transmission direction and distance of this scroll can be controlled, the maximum transmission distance is one hundred miles.It was the use of this scroll that Ji Shi could bring back all partners.

The girls are all silent, they do not know what to say to comfort Ji, or comfort themselves.Gang Ji moved back, while Akin, Sapphire, and Du Xin'er guarded the mighty in the coma.For a while, the atmosphere between the saints of Tiangan seemed to be solidified.At this moment, their fighting spirit has dropped to the lowest point.

Ji Shi still said nothing, but the look in his eyes was a lot calm. He walked to the heavenly aircraft, helped the heavenly machine in the semi -coma state, and took out the source of the millennium life and dripped into his mouth.Then take the check of life and hang it on his neck, moisturizing the body's body with the huge life atmosphere.

No need to say that Chen Sixuan has stood behind him.Essence

When the power of his own soul entered Ji Shi's brain, Ji Shi immediately discovered that the eyes of the heavenly eyebrows were helping him to get a scattered soul fluctuation, even if he did not have his own help, he did not have his own help.It won't take long for him to restore him.It is worthy of being a soul artifact!After the power of the soul fusion of Ji Shi and Chen Sixuan, he quickly helped Tianji to repair a somewhat scattered soul.Regarding Ji's soul atmosphere, heaven is like Chen Sixuan. There is no half of resistance, and the time is not long. Under the dual effects of the source of life, Ji Shi and Chen Sixuan, his injuries have been effectively suppressed and slowly opened up.Both eyes are considered to restore their minds.

Looking at Ji Shi, Tianji took a breath and sighed: "Fortunately, you have been prepared."

Ji Shi helped the heavenly machine, handed it to the next Yao Qianshu, and then walked toMiao Miao's side did not use the source of life for her, because she was completely anxious to attack her heart. Under the stimulus of the cold soul, Miao Miao quickly woke up.

As soon as the talent woke up, Miao Miao immediately jumped from the ground with red eyes, and yelled, "What about Ferry's

As soon as the talent woke up, Miao Miao immediately jumped from the ground with red eyes, and yelled, "What about Ferry's bastard? The old lady is going to kill him. This bastard, the old lady fights with him, and die.Want to pull him to make a back. "As he said, he rushed like a female tiger. Everyone couldn't even pull it, and could only look at her looking for Frey.But at this moment, how could she find it?


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