Chapter 055 [Great Eyebrows]

. "Xiaoxu, what do you take me and your uncle Zhou to do here? Just now you are too impulsive. I hit Lin Haiyang, how can we do it in the future.It's nothing to change the construction site, but Uncle Zhou ... Alas, he has four or five thousand wages! "

In a Chinese bank in Huangpu District, Lu Lifeng was pulled in by Lu Xuyang. HeLooking at his son puzzled, Xiaoxu's performance was really like a ghost today, and he was just a demon. First of all, he rushed out of the martial arts and the ocean of the forest.Some threats, and they couldn't help but call themselves and Lao Zhou to the bank, an unusual momentum.

"My ancestor, wouldn't you have to rob the bank?" Lu Lifeng couldn't turn around and looked at Zhou Bangcai behind him. He didn't say a word from beginning to end, and his face also showed an inexplicable look.

"Dad, don't say anything now. You and Uncle Zhou are waiting for me for a while." Lu Xuyang told them to sit on a puzzle public seat and wait, and he walked up the counter with his head,First handle an account with a prepared ID card, and then pull out the million transfer checks issued by Hai Ye's private lawyer Xiao Raihong, and all the staff of the bank directly enter their new account.

"Okay. Sir, give, your card." The beautiful uniforms revealed the eye -catching taste to Lu Xuyang's eyes.It will be a millionaire. I ca n’t see it. Hey, people are not available, and the seawater cannot be fighting. In the future, I ca n’t really get people with their appearance. In case of any hot VIPs, I will tell me in front of the manager, saying that my service attitude is unsatisfactory.Wouldn't it be lost even the rice bowls. It's not easy to find a job at a bank this year!

"Thank you." Lu Xuyang took the card with a smile, but did not put it into his pocket in time, but turned to his father and beckoned.

Lu Lifeng was still confused, and Zhou Bang gently pushed him, and he reacted, and slowly stepped forward, like him, who was used to the back of the loess and his back to heaven., Rarely contact the bank. After getting a little pitiful salary every month, after getting out the expenses of the house, there are not many remaining, and they are tightly covered in a hidden corner at home.

"This gentleman, do you have any instructions?" Miss Miss Miss stared at Lu Xuyang with a smile, and said politely.

Lu Xuyang's eyes seemed to have a touch of cunning. At the moment, he took a deep look at his father. He then returned the bank card back to the salesperson and said, "Give me 200,000."

" Okay. Please wait a little. "The other party couldn't help but froze, but quickly swiped the card to count the money.

"200,000?!" Lu Lifeng stunned on the spot. He thought he had heard something wrong, and quickly pulled Ralu Xuyang's arm and asked in a low voice, "Xiaoxu, you just said you want to wantHow much? "

Lu Xuyang just laughed. He didn't say anything. He told his father to see himself with a lot of money to withdraw money. It was nothing more than wanting to accept this fact as a father.It is also a small rich person, and it is normal to come to the bank to access money.

After the waiter placed a large base of white flowers on the counter, Lu Lifeng opened his eyes and had to accept the fact in front of him.

200,000 yuan is enough for yourself to spend a lifetime!

Lu Xuyang installed the money and walked to Zhou Bangcai with his father. The three sat down in a tea house near the bank.

"Xiaoxu, why do you suddenly have so much money? To tell the truth with his dad, where did you get from this money?" Lu Lifeng still laughed at Lu Xuyang.If the son is holding a dark money in his hand, you must immediately find a way to go back or deal with it, so as not to cause the disaster and there is no retreat.

Lu Xuyang took up the cup, took a sip of tea, and said calmly and said, "Dad, I know you will think about it. I will explain to you first, okay? These money, I promise you to guarantee youIt is definitely clear and innocent.Do bad things, but your dad just wants to know the origin of many money. I hope you can understand your dad's thoughts, and when an adult's heart is anxious. "Zhou Bang finally spoke, his hometown was from Shandong, and at the age of fourteen, he followed him at the age of fourteen.Parents who are buying and selling and selling are still with strong northern sounds.

Lu Xuyang nodded and said: "Uncle Zhou, yeah, I can't afford bad things, which can be affected by the law, I have old, there is an old man, I still have to go to college.It's all looking forward, I'm not stupid, the ghost wants to stare at the dark prison! Dad, temporarily, don't you ask, okay? After I go back and send Xiaoyi home, our family will be good.Talking about it, I will tell you the real situation, so as not to explain to you, and you have to talk more in front of your mother and grandpa. You are not annoying, I am still tired. "

Zhou Bang looked at each other and nodded all. He knew that Lu Xuyang's temper was like this. If he said it, it was like a splashed water. Besides, he would not be soft.take it easy.

Lu Xuyang initially drafted a plan for his father. He knew that his father had the idea of opening a car repair shop five years ago.There is no way to achieve their wishes.

"Dad, rent a plane in the place in Huangpu Liuyi. It is big enough. You and Uncle Zhou be a master, and ask a few more apprentices.Then take it, I will invest you, huh, huh, to make a lot of money, let me divide the dividend. "Lu Xuyang said enough to stimulate people's appetite.

Lu Lifeng listened, couldn't help grinning, but after a while, he stretched his face and said heavyly: "We will not use one point before the origin of the money's origin."

Lu Xuyang was helpless.

When I returned home, it was more than four o'clock. Zheng Xiyi Zheng and Lu's mother washed vegetables in the kitchen. Lu Mu saw her husband who came back with her son, and followed the empty Zhou Bangcai with both hands.Usually, this old Monday is a big bag and a small bag. How does it look a little weird today and the unpredictable expression.

With Zheng Xiyi beside him, Lu's mother didn't ask much about it. At the moment, she made a few more dishes.

In the evening, Lu Xuyang personally sent Zheng Xiyi to go home, even if it was troubled.

How to face the future father -in -law and mother -in -law, how to clear their relationship with Zheng Xiyi, and think about it really a headache.

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