Chapter 056 [Outside the door]

. Sitting on the bus home, Zheng Xiyi's emotions seemed a little low, it was the weak weak state after excitement.I opened the Cold War, but after hiding outside for a while, I couldn't hide for a lifetime. The gap between the parents did not dispel it. The contradiction would always be there. When it touched it, it was upset that people were not peaceful.

Last night, Lu Xuyang promised Zheng Xiyi personally and said that she would help with her to persuade her father and mother. She silently made her head at the time.

"Xiao Yi, be happy. Smile, ten years young, worried, white head. I don't want to see you look full of white hair now." Lu Xuyang sat inZheng Xiyi was next to her tightly, holding her weak arms with both hands, and gently finging her fingers on her clothes.

"What? What are you just calling me?" Zheng Xiyi suddenly turned back, smiled, and said, "Xiao Yi? How unpleasant.Tell you Yang pig head, you call me ... call me Xixi pig, so! "

Lu Xuyang's eyes were rippling, his face was red, and he couldn't help but want to kiss her, but his face was palm by her palm.Blocking it back, this is the public in the court. The unsuitable movements of children should do less and converge.

When the two people held hands to the door of Zheng's house, Zheng Xiyi's complexion was difficult, and his right hand was settled on the door for a long time, but he did not knock on the door.

"Hurry up. When the attitude must be correct, we have to apologize. We have to face, and adults have more face. Hexi pigs are obedient. If this matter is solved smoothly, let's celebrate it.I still live in that house at night. "Lu Xuyang smiled with a smile, whispered.

"Just you, seduce me to go outside overnight, this time I was afraid that we couldn't wash it into the Yellow River." Zheng Xiyi glared at Lu Xuyang angrily.

"What? Your family must not know that you live with me at the hotel. Besides, we didn't have anything to do with it, and then came out innocently ..."Also confessed to himself, the door "Karma" suddenly opened.

Lu Xuyang looked up at the moment and couldn't help but take a breath. Zheng Xiyi's mother's eyes were almost staring, and the murderous was murderous.

"Do you still know how to come back? It's almost a day and one night, the lesson does not go, and the phone will not be called back. Do you still have parents in your heart?BR> Zheng's mother was soaring. When she opened it, she rejected Zheng Xiyi. Lu Xuyang, who was standing aside, was uncomfortable.

"Am I back?" Zheng Xiyi quickly woke up with Lu Xuyang, told him to go back first, and then contact again. This situation is very unfavorable to us.It ’s not good for our parents who have a first -class lip gun and tongue sword.

Lu Xuyang did not move his footsteps. Instead, he greeted Lu's mother very politely: "Auntie. I am Lu Xuyang and Xixi's classmates."

After a sigh of relief, fortunately, Lu Xuyang had not fainted as his boyfriend who claimed to be his own.

Lu's father and mother did not have a cold about early love. When he heard that Zheng Xiyi and her younger brother had any "peach -colored news" outside, they would implement family anti -early love brainwashing education, only when you heard your nausea.

"Well, you are Lu Xuyang?" Mother Zheng asked Lu Xuyang without cold.

Lu Xuyang knew at a glance that Zheng Xiyi's mother was a particularly savvy person. When she observed the people, she was smooth.

"Yes, Auntie, I'm." Lu Xuyang nodded as usual, and he felt a little strange, and it would be a way to hear herself.

"Sister! Ah, Lu ... Xuyang, you are here too!"

At this time, Zheng Xile appeared at the door.After coming out, I felt quite unexpected. Yesterday, Lu Xuyang miraculously helped him to cook the gangsters who blackmail him. He was very admiring and grateful when he was shocked.

"You" pushed the mother of Lu, and Zheng Xile wiped into the house.

"Mom, is Dad back? I want to talk to him." Zheng Xiyi frowned, on the one hand, Lu Xuyang was unwilling to leave and was misunderstood by his family. On the one hand, his mother was straight again.Stopping directly at the door, there is no awareness of "the door to Rong people".

"Your dad doesn't want to care about you. He said that he didn't have you as a daughter." Zheng's mother's face was still cold and said with a fierce way, "Yesterday, you know that I and your dad have any.How are you worried? You say you go to Lily's house to sleep, but we find her family phone call. Your soul is not there.Still without your shadow! You are good, you can hide tightly, I don't know what to do with chickens and dogs! "

When saying the last sentence, Zheng's sharp eyes swept Lu Xuyang, heShe couldn't help shaking the gods, thinking that Zheng Xiyi expected that she was right. She and her were afraid that this time she was really unclear when she met the soldiers.

"Auntie, please don't get angry first, have something to say. In fact, Xixi went to my house to sleep last night. My mother accompanied her. She slept well. After getting up, she wanted to understand everything.. "In order to resolve the embarrassing situation of Zheng Xiyi's currently in, Lu Xuyang had to compose a beautiful lie. He found a way to reverse the momentum. We can't be angry. It is even more difficult to say that the parents of the Zheng family.

"What did she understand? Unhappy class all day, and the piano class was too lazy to go recently. I thought of what athlete. There is only one or two in China.You! "Zheng Mu seemed to be unreasonable. Lu Xuyang hit this number of shield soldiers, a word, service!

"Let ... let them come in. How do you do it? Hexi, you are so disobedient."

Zheng's father who was annoyedHe looked at Lu Xuyang up and down, and his brows frowned even thicker. In the end, he was impatient and finally put Zheng Xiyi and Lu Xuyang.

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