Chapter 057 [Upgrade Bag]

. "Lu Xuyang, are you preparing for the college entrance examination in the third year of high school?"

On the sofa in the living room of the Zheng family, Zheng Xiyi's father Zheng Yan (read yun, one sound) and Lu Xuyang talked about his knees, heAt this moment, a bit of affinity was born, and the corner of the mouth was showing a smile when the question was questioned.

Of course, Lu Xuyang's heart understands that the other party is calm on the surface.Fan thought, maybe he was still in the evil curse, how could he bring my family Xixi badly!

"Yes, Uncle Zheng. But Xixi and I are not in the same class. Oh, we still had classmates in junior high school before." Lu Xuyang was a bit anxious.The room, the door has been closed tightly.

Hey, Lu Xuyang sighed, this is not a good signs. Zheng Xiyi's parents implemented a "trial of trials" and wanted to break each other. The situation is not dangerous!

Zheng Yan's attention is always set on Lu Xuyang's body. It seems that he is studying him. It is indeed a real research work.He listened to his bitterly and said, "So, you are all at the eyes of this festival, and you should do your best to learn. Other things are put aside. Some things that should not be thought should not be done.Seeing the Lord and the Lord, don't delay the good future. Classmate Lu Xuyang, do you understand what I mean? "

Lu Xuyang knows what he wants to express, and then nodded with a smile and said,"Uncle Zheng, I know, in fact, we have been studying hard. The college entrance examination is just a threshold. If we really want to pass, it is impossible. "
"I am afraid that you will break into the nose and swollen, and you will be afraid that you will fall on the threshold. I will trample around you! You, I can't control it, but my family Hei I have to give her a bright road!It is absolutely impossible if she wants to apply for a sports major. I and her mother and I do not agree! "Zheng Yan's voice suddenly became very high, and his tone became tough.ah.

Originally, when he talked about the topic, Lu Xuyang wanted to insert his mouth and rectifies the name of Zheng Xiyi's "universityWaste your lips and tongues. Everything can not be eaten in one bite. You have to take a little bit to take a closer look, and gradually capture the feudal thoughts of the Zheng family's parents and completely destroy their psychological defense line.

In Zheng Xiyi's bedroom, Zheng mother was also doing a saliva war against her. She wanted to conquer her baby daughter, so as not to let her go further and further on the crooked door. In the end, she couldn't regret it.

"Xiao Yi, you honestly told your mother, have you fell in love with that Lu Xuyang? You stupid child, his head is really too unreasonable, how stupid is early love, IHow many times have you told your father and your brother? You can make friends with the boys normally outside, but how can you not think about it! "Lu Mu was angry and forced Zheng Xiyi to the bed. She was **Sit down and frowned with his head up.

"Mom, your thinking still stays in the 1970s and 1980s, and now he is now in the 21st century.What can be achieved, why not put it into action, but just put them in their hearts, and finally wait for time to strangle! No matter how you and your dad think, I still say yesterday afternoon, non -sportsI do n’t read it! I want to be myself, do n’t do your “nodding machine '!” Zheng Xiyi came to find the fire brigade and could n’t prevent the anger of the sky.

"You child is getting more and more presumptuous, it was not the case before! Now I always do it with your dad, are you thinking about it?" Zheng mother raised his palm suddenlyBut for a long time, Zheng Xiyi was not afraid. Yesterday, my dad's ear scraped has completely awakened her. Your daughter is not worn in silence.You really thought I was your mud doll.

"Okay, I will not talk to you about the college at this moment. You can explain it first, then Lu Xuyang has nothing to do with you. Don't think that your family doesn't know anything, there is no in the world, there is no in the world, there is no in the world, there is no in the world, there is no in the world, there is no in the world, there is no in the world, there is no in the world, there is no in the world, there is no in the world, and there is no in the world.The windy wall, we called Lily several times last night and asked her the recent situation, she said that you are always with Lu Xuyang. I ask you, is your brain paste?There is no appearance in appearance. It is worth your character, knowledge, family, family, which is worth you to consume youth with him. Now you see the college entrance examination. The time is so urgent. You are okay in the middle of the night.You don't think it's shameful, your parents have to face! "If Zheng's mouth hangs the river, he said a lot.

Zheng Xiyi was very uncomfortable to hear that the long story. It is really unreasonable to look at Bian Lu Xuyang like this.

"Yes, I have something to do with him, I have something to do with him, and I have to do with him! What happened to him, I want to walk with him!For the first time in my life, the first time in my life, you will not understand if you have not experienced it ... "

" Pap! "

This slap of Zheng's mother was very crisp, from a young ageWhen she was in the big, she really felt the heart of this daughter. She would feel distressed when she squeezed it gently.

Zheng Xiyi's face blushed. She didn't cry, but she couldn't help it.

But at this moment, at this moment, there was a feeling of relief deep in her heart. She really grew up. In the future, she did not have to wait for her parents to use candy to coax after being trained.Things are unreasonable, and they have to understand each other.

After more than an hour, Lu Xuyang still didn't see Zheng Xiyi out, so he got up and stayed here. The atmosphere was really harmonious.Essence

Shortly after Lu Xuyang returned home, he received a call from Zheng Xiyi. She laughed at the side of the phone. Lu Xuyang didn't worry about anything.Enlightened.

"Xiaoxu, Xiao Wu's sister came to my house, she said that she came to you, seeing you was not at home, and it was helpful to review you in English."

Lu Xuyang hung up the phone just to step back to his room. He didn't expect his mother who was buying vegetables from outside and rushing back from outside.

Lu Xuyang naturally knew that Xiao Wu's sister refers to Wu Wanfang. I didn't expect that what she had said to herself was so enthusiastic, and she couldn't wait to do it.

The three books borrowed by Wu Wanfang are all precious information in English, which is a large brick type. Lu Xuyang put one of them into the schoolbag., Insufficient capacity, the whole book cannot be stuffed half.

Lu Xuyang had no choice but to clean up the bag, and when he took out the "Yin and Yang two sides


“一个普通好学牌书包消失了……恭喜您,洗炼成功,您Get a Tianji star Luo Qiankun bag, the equipment bag is first -level, binding with the characters, destroying invalid. With the skill of the skill, the non -equipped items, can save millions of items.Thirty -six grids ... "

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