Chapter 058 [Family Preface]

. After upgrading the schoolbags, it has become a equipment bag, and it is far from the old and rotten antique bag. The shape is completely changed. It is a bit like a travel backpack.The feeling of making some electrical hands is made, and even more unusual, the ones that are tied up from small to large in one layer must be used to package non -equipment

Lu Xuyang Huai HuaiTrying to try to try it with curiosity, and put Wu Wanfang to his three most of the books one by one, he was stunned when he boarded it. After the book was plugged in, it seemed like Shi Shenhai, and he did not take the slightest space., Gently without weight, not heavy at all!

This is a good thing. Lu Xuyang is extremely happy and a little puzzled. Except for the equipment, no matter how heavy the weight and volume, you can plug in, but how to take them out separately.

In fact, Lu Xuyang quickly found the answer. When his hand reached into the bag and wanted to take out what he needed, the target would appear at hand with his thoughts, and thenTake it easily.

"It's really amazing, no wonder it is called Qiankun bag, like that ghost pen, there is a lot of aura!"

As for the other layers of pockets, Lu Xuyang according to the size of the equipment, onePut in one by one.

With this super backpack, how many items you must bring with you in the future will not have to worry. Lu Xuyang cleaned up for a while, then turned around and walked out of the room."And a very important family meeting.

Lu's father Lu Lifeng pulled his head and sat there with a dry cigarette. Since Lu Xuyang took out the 200,000 to him, he had been unable to feel at ease, and he couldn't wait to get a son from his son's mouth.A reasonable explanation: Where did this money come from?

"Xiaoxu, what's wrong with your dad today? Strangely, don't say a word." Lu Mu greeted him, pulled Lu Xuyang aside, and asked softly.

Lu Xuyang smiled safely and said, "Nothing, maybe it is to work and tired on the construction site. Mom, come here, I want to tell you one thing."

He pulled his mother to the table and sat down, and the old man was holding the old flower mirror

"Grandpa ..." Lu Xuyang shouted his grandfather, the old man thought, and slowly let go of the book.

At this time, Lu Lifeng put down the cigarette mouth, raised his head, and looked at Lu Xuyang with his eyes.

"Dad, take out those money." Lu Xuyang said with a smile to his father. He had planned in his heart. This matter was spread early.More than 100,000 yuan can almost solve the urgency of burning.

Lu Lifeng took a sigh of relief, then got up and walked to the bedroom to take out the black bag packed in the bedroom and handed it to Lu Xuyang.

"Ah? What is this?" Mother Lu was inexplicable. I wonder what his father and son were doing a ghost name, mysterious.

The old man stared at the bag in Lu Xuyang's hand, and his face showed a suspicious look.

"Mom, grandpa, from tomorrow, my dad does not have to go to the construction site to work. He decided to open a car repair shop with Uncle Zhou and make a lot of money as the boss." Lu Xuyang started with a smile.Announce the way.

Lu Lifeng pursed his lips, and wanted to laugh and hold it hard. Opening the store was always his dream, and now someone helps him to realize it.I can figure it out, I ca n’t laugh, and I am afraid that this is a scourge.

"What?! Lao Li, you also resigned?" Lu Mu's face changed, watching her husband puzzled, what kind of joke, the family's economic source depends on your meager salaryIf you are all laid off, it is strange that the family will not drink the Northwest Wind!

Lu Lifeng did not answer, and it wouldn't be easy to say anything. I thought, if it wasn't for your son's son, it would not be necessary.

Lu Xuyang hurriedly grabbed his mother's words and continued: "Now the situation in our family has to be completely improved. Mom, did you say to Lin Yan last time, do you like the house in the place where Xizipo is the most?The environment is quiet and convenient. The most important thing is that it is close to the farmer's market, and it is convenient to go shopping and buy food. So, if you have time to find Lin Yan, you will be determined.We can't live in demolition. "

" What? Xiaoxu, what are you talking about? Are you not having a fever today? "Lu mother couldn't help but touch Lu Xuyang's forehead,It is quite normal to be strange, and there is no signs of fainting.

Lu Xuyang shook his head and laughed: "Mom, I'm fine. I am all the truth, not to coax you happy. Grandpa, have you heard of gambling stones?"

"Gambling stones? "The old man heard Lu Xuyang suddenly asked himself, and couldn't help but stunned. After thinking about it for a moment," I heard that the gadget, some people made, and some people lost it. "

"Yes, some luck is good. "Lu Xuyang knew that his grandfather's vision was relatively wide, and his ability to understand and accept new things was not weak. He hoped that he would become his first supporter at home.

Saying, Lu Xuyang suddenly stood up, "wow

During the meal, Lu Mu's eyes looked straight, and she lived 40 or 50 years old. In addition to in TV movies, she never saw so many tickets. At that, she couldn't dare to dareBelieve in your senses!


Fortunately, when Lu Xuyang's mood was calm about the reason for money, his parents and grandfather were not as excited as imagined.It's just surprising.

Of course, Lu Xuyang only said that money was won by gambling emerald stones. That thing is like gaming. When you are lucky, you can win a lot of money. An others are almost unimaginable.

"Even if you are gambling, you need the principal. Xiao Xu, why do your friend cooperate with you to make a gambling business?" The topic of the old man cut in.His friend did not have the opportunity to make a fortune at all.

In order to make the family more practical, Lu Xuyang dialed the mobile phone of Lawyer Xiao Xiaohong and Xiao, and asked her to explain that the money in her hand was legal.

Xiao Honghong naturally said on the phone according to the meaning of Lu Xuyang. The Lu family was assured that she was a lawyer. If it was a criminal matter, she would never cover it.

At this point, the parents of the Lu family finally couldn't be at ease ...

That night, Lu Lifeng and his wife did not sleep, and the sky was bright and he was discussed in the bed. Lu Xuyang sent this.The incident of Heng Cai, for their son's arrangements, reflected again and again, and eventually happy.

"You can rest for a while, let's get it in the shop first." Lu Mu relieved.

Lu Lifeng "um" but didn't speak, his eyes were slightly closed, and he was brewing the beautiful feeling of being a boss.

"Lao Li, why do I think, Xiao Xu has changed greatly during this time! People have a lot of people, not like before, you ask him to say a word, he was grinding for a long timeAnswer you, but now, everything is not active in general. Also, I heard from Xiaoyi this afternoon. Our Xiaoxu has the talent of playing, and the classmates and coaches in the school value him very much! This child, this child, this child, this child, this child,Is it a demon and the academic performance is so fast. Last time, Mathematics took the highest score in the class ... "Lu's mother kept muttering.

"You are stupid! As the saying goes, the water flows to the low place, and people go to the high place. It is taken for granted that Xiaoxu has improved!" Lu Lifeng admired twice.

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