Chapter 98 Tsinghua VS Peking University [〕]

Chapter 98 Tsinghua VS Peking University (above)

This end, Wu Wanfang is ordering the guests at the table.Suddenly I felt that my hips were touched.She looked down, just saw the fatter who was fatter, and the hand he was shrinking.

She picked up the menu in her hand, gave the guest fiercely, and then raised the tea on the table for them, poured on his face.

Pop ~~

Wu Wanfang came to a sudden attack. Soon the salty pig hand reacted, and he shot Wu Wanfang on the ground.Wu Wanfang's white tender face suddenly appeared a red slap print.

"Boss, boss, you see your waiter, how do you do?" The salty pig did not count, and then pointed at Wu Wanfang and yelled in the shop.

"What's wrong? What's wrong?" The hotel manager heard the cry out.

"What else can you do, look at my face." The fat man pointed at the tea on his face and said, "Is your waiter like this?"

Then then againContinue: "My uncle is the director of the Health Bureau. If you want to give me a presence today, you want to open the restaurant." It looks more arrogant and arrogant.

When I heard the words of the fat man, the manager looked at Wu Wanfen on the ground, looked at the arrogant rubber, and thought for a moment, and finally said to the fat man, "Sir, don't be angry, I will deal with it, I will deal with it.. "

Then his face changed, and Chong Wu Wanfang roared:" What else do you watch, you are fired! "

Then he turned his head and pleased the fat man again:" You todayShan Quan is free, do you see if you are still satisfied? "

The fat man slowly stroked his chest and nodded slightly:" It's satisfied! "
" He is satisfied, he is satisfied, he is satisfied,I'm not satisfied! "At this time, a voice came from the door.

The people in the restaurant turned from the fat man to the door of the restaurant.

The manager was also stunned in his heart, so he couldn't get this grandfather, wouldn't you come again?

Looking up, I saw a boy who walked in at the door and touched the 17 -year -old, wearing a more formal casual suit.There is also a men's shoulder bag on the shoulder.

The manager was still a little worried in his heart, and he was afraid of provoking those uncle. As a result, he saw that he was just a student -like boy, and he was at ease instantly.

Seeing that the just -comfortable grandfather had a tendency to get angry, he suddenly yelled at Lu Xuyang: "Where are the little fart? Is there a part you speak here? Go and go!"

Lu Xuyang's unreasonable fox fake tiger prestige, but walked to Wu Wanfang to help her.

"Who hit it?" Lu Xuyang was on fire when he saw the slap seal on Wu Wanfang's face.Manager Chong asked: "Who did this be?"

"I hit it. How?" The fat man rushed out again and said arrogantly.There is no fear of the sky.

"It's not so good!"

When he heard Lu Xuyang's answer, the fat man suddenly raised his head higher.

Other guests who dinner in the restaurant also shook their heads. It seems that the young man could not find justice for the girl.

When people sigh for Wu Wanfang.Just heard a loud noise of ‘touch’, the fat man was kicked away by the young man.That force, pushed several tables directly before falling.

Then he heard the mourning of the fat man.

The guests in the restaurant were taken aback by themselves, they couldn't figure it out, so the younger student, how did you fly such a fat man so far.

The manager of the dining chair also stayed.Junba said, "You ... you dare ... dare to kick ... him, his uncle is the director of hygiene."

The manager did not see Lu Xuyang's frightened expression.I saw Lu Xuyang glanced at the manager and said calmly to him, "Your pants are wet!"

"What do you say?" The manager seemed to hear it clearly, and asked again.

"I said you have urine pants!" Lu Xuyang told the manager.

The sight of the people in the living room fell into the manager's crotch.Isn't it?

The manager was ashamed to cover his crotch with his hands and ran away.Straight everyone haha.The fat man who fell to the ground also laughed.Even the pain on his body forgot.It wasn't until I saw Lu Xuyang's departing with Wu Wanfang that he reacted, and began to yell: "Your kid, don't leave, don't go ~~"

The lesson of this lesson has learned.There are so many Lu Xuyang.Holding Wu Wanfang's shoulder out of the restaurant.

At this time, the person who came to eat with the fat man was helplessly supported the fat man.He just pleased the fat man for his future restaurant, and he knew that he would encounter it.You can only blame him for nothing.

Lu Xuyang, who walked out of the restaurant, found a quiet park.

"Does it hurt?" He asked with Wu Wanfang's face in distress.

Wu Wanfang shook his head and looked at Lu Xuyang affectionately, "Starting pain, there is you now ... it doesn't hurt ..."

Hearing the words, Lu Xuyang hugged Wu Wanfang.This cute girl, he wished to rub him into his body.


今天的学校,又恢复了以往The excitement.

Lu Xuyang walked to the school gate, and he already knew his achievements.

Seeing the door at the door, the bright yellow characters on the bright red strip wrote: "Congratulations to the school's student Lu Xuyang for getting a high score of 746 points, becoming the provincial college entrance examination champion!

After, Lu Xuyang touched his nose, smiled slightly, and was too lazy to go to the red list again, and went directly to the classroom in the previous class.

"Lu Xuyang is here !!!"

Lu Xuyang came to the door and heard which classmate yelled.

As a result, the noisy classroom was quiet, and each classmate's sight was placed on Lu Xuyang.Looking at Lu Xuyang feels in his heart.

He carefully passed through his eyes that had been panicked, and walked to his position.

Soon, the quiet classroom became lively again, and they rarely hesitated to the desk where Lu Xuyang was located.

They also saw the red banner at the school gate. They really couldn't figure it out. What did this dreamwomnage do?

Ding ~~~

The school ringtone sounded, and the students returned to their respective positions, and Lu Xuyang finally relieved.

At this time, I saw the class teacher walking in with a stack of paper.

"Classmates, today is your last day in this school. After today, you will set foot on a higher school.

When you return here again, maybe you have already already beenYou can let the teacher look up, or it is still the same, depending on everyone's attitude. The teacher can no longer help you.

The only thing I can do is give you the most sincere blessing! "

"However, the teacher promises, but when you need me, you can come back to find me at any time, and I will not be able to help!"

The teacher's remarks make us usual, let us usually let the teacher's usual words so that the teacher will make usual wayThe children with heartless and lungs could not help but feel sour.

Some female classmates couldn't help but feel relieved, and tears were quietly poured out in her eyes.