Chapter 99 Tsinghua VS Peking University [Middle]

Chapter 99 Tsinghua VS Peking University (Middle)

"Now, I have a table of volunteer books on my hand, and an introduction to you with information on various universities."

The teacher raised a booklet in Yang's hand and continued:" There are profiles in major schools in the introduction book, and the admission score line. Please refer to your own scores to report your favorite school."After speaking, the forms and books on my hand were issued.

Soon, the students in the classroom moved.This is the first time that the teacher has seen such a serious expression from these students' faces.


来的早的同学早在I have seen my own achievements on the campus red list. I got the information and filled it quickly. Some of them were late, or they could not be seen.

Some of these classmates are more calm, some are happy, and some are more lost.Of course, most of the students who can't hide on the face are still doubtful.

They do n’t understand how Lu Xuyang, who usually does not have much grades, flies.He also got the provincial college entrance examination champion.

Of course, why don't they think that it is yin and yang mirror.


Lu Xuyang, who got the volunteer list, didn't think so much. He was struggling.What about it?

Tsinghua University, Peking University, and these two schools are the most longing for students.It is also where major parents want their children to enter.

Originally, Lu Xuyang told Wu Wanfang and had to go to FD University, but now his score is enough to go to those two universities, so do he fill FD?

If you don't fill it, which school should he choose?Lu Xuyang was tangled.

I heard that Tsinghua is biased towards science, Peking University is biased towards liberal arts. It would be great if both studies can be closed!

Yes, Lu Xuyang's eyes were bright, and he thought of what he thought, and wrote it with a brush brush.

Soon.The teacher began to recover the volunteer order, and the students made the volunteers in their hands and made them one after another.

"This time, our class was quite good. With a score of 750 points, several students scored more than 500 points, which all reached the admission standards of key schools. Especially Lu Xuyang classmates, even 746 super superiority of 746The high score has won the title of the champion of the province.

Now, let us welcome Lu Xuyang to share his learning experience for us with warm applause. "Take the lead in applauding to the students below.

Lu Xuyang was stunned. How can he have any learning experience?It's all the credit of the yin and yang mirror.But he can't tell such a bizarre thing such as Yin and Yang mirror?

But he still went to the podium generously in the warm applause of his classmates.Listen to the teachers who usually teach him what class.Take notes seriously.After class, carefully reviewed Yunyun.

The classmates obviously didn't believe it, but they couldn't come up with other evidence and had to let go of Lu Xuyang.

"" What is good, what is genius? Genius is 1%talentAdd 99%of sweat. "Lu Xuyang finished.The teacher took the lead in applauding in front of the podium.

"Classmates, don't blame me, this is the last time the teacher has stunned you. When you succeed, you will find that the teacher said all for you.

After a whileAfter the dissolution, it will be far away when you meet again. When you are successful, I hope you will remember this school, remember my teacher.

Okay. That's it.The first time of "Pingju" bid farewell to the last time of high school! Bless you, my students, we have a fate to see you !!! "The teacher waved his hand and walked out of the classroom in the reluctant singing of his classmates.Just leave it for the back of the classmates.

When the love is so thick, he can't help himself. The moment many students are lying on the table and crying at the moment when the teacher is old when he is old.Lu Xuyang is also sore nose.


After filling in the volunteer, Lu Xuyang came to Zheng Xiyi's class.Their class has just been dissolved. Many classmates's eyes are red, and there are tears that have not had time to wipe on their faces.

Seeing Lu Xuyang, Zheng Xiyi walked out quickly. Xiao Nizi's eyes were also red, like a rabbit.

Speaking of rabbits, Lu Xuyang remembers his pet rabbit for a long time.After a while, I have to put it out of it.Zheng Xiyi has never asked him to go back. It is estimated that she has forgotten that.

"Xiaoxu, what school do you report? Is it Tsinghua or Peking University?" Only when he saw Lu Xuyang, Zheng Xiyi couldn't wait to ask.She knew that Lu Xuyang was close to the full score!

She was still looking forward to the same school with him, and it seems unlikely now.

"I am also a little tangled when it comes to this, isn't it the first volunteer and the second volunteer? I filled out both of them.road.

"Hey ~~ You are so cunning, you will throw it to others? In case of two schools, you will notify you, see what you do!" Hearing Lu Xuyang's answer, Zheng Xiyi jokedEssenceIt is very likely that his high scores are admitted by two schools.

Lu Xuyang thought he had done a very wise thing. Now when he heard Zheng Xiyi said so, he knew that he was still a bit simple.To notify the notice of two schools, he really doesn't know how to choose.

"I teased you, haha, you are still serious? Generally, you can only receive a notice. Unless ..." Zheng Xiyi said with a smile.

"Okay! Don't fight for three days, go to the house, right?" Lu Xuyang caught up with a smile.

The two talked and laughed, and soon arrived at Zheng Xiyi's house.

Lu Xuyang helped Zheng Xiyi to do the ideological work of Zheng's father. In the end, Zheng Xiyi only agreed that Zheng Xiyi would learn the sports she loved on the basis of learning.

Although the result is not ideal, but anyway, with the opportunity to realize his dream, Zheng Xiyi is still very happy.

At the Zheng family, I also talked to Zheng's father.Now Zheng's wine house has been opened.And the business is not bad.The first division has been hit on the Lu Xuyang card.


The holiday life is pleasant, and the happy life is the fastest.

On this day, Lu Xuyang received three express delivery one after another. Open it, it was actually an admission notice.Lu Xuyang, who got the notice, was depressed, and it was said by Zheng Xiyi.The schools he filled in were sent for admission notice.

These three notices are Tsinghua University, one is Peking University, and the other is FD.

When Lu Xuyang was filled in the volunteer list, in order to live up to Wu Wanfang, he filled Tsinghua Peking University to the first volunteer and filled the FD into a second volunteer.

Didn't you only receive one notification, why can I receive three, how do I choose this ... Lu Xuyang is completely speechless ...