Chapter 100 Tsinghua VS Peking University [Next]

Chapter 100 Tsinghua VS Peking University (below)

In the evening, Lu Xuyang handed in the notice to his father Lu's mother. As for the FD, he had asked Wu Wanfang. After Wu Wanfang knew it, he asked him to give up FD.Choose one of the two schools.

Looking at the admission notice that Lu Xuyang took out and handed them to them, the couple were very happy.The excitement Lu even read the words in the notice one by one.Of course, the words she had mistakenly skipped in the middle.But she still recognized the word Beida.

"Her mother, are you wrong, how do I look at Tsinghua?" After finishing reading, Lu's father rushed to the mother to correct Lu.

Mother Lu will spread the notice in front of Lu's father, and pointed to the word of Peking University above and said, "Look at it again, is this two words in Peking University?? BEIDà, I still recognize these two words. I still recognize these two words. I still recognize these two words.Well, I think you are fainted with old eyes? "Lu Mu said in a proudly.After speaking, he gave up at a glance, and put his attention back to the notice on his hand.

Lu's father stared at the notice in his mother's hand, and a half noise, and looked at the notice in his hand carefully. Eventually, the notice was facing the mother Lu, pointing to the Tsinghua two above.Word, Mother Chong Lu doubted: "Her mother, look at me, what is it to write about Tsinghua?"

Mother Lu went up and looked at: "Oh, my mother! It's really Tsinghua UniversityWhat is going on? "

" I don't know! "Father Lu returned, and after speaking, the old couple turned to look at Lu Xuyang at the same time.

Lu Xuyang's hand stalls with both hands, and said, "That's what you see!" Then he held his arms and rushed them to explain: "Your son me, the test is too good, both schools are too good. Both schools are both schools. Both schools are both.I sent an admission notice. "

" Which one do you say me? "After that, the problem was thrown to Lu's mother.

"Of course it is Tsinghua!"

"Of course it is Peking University!" The couple said their own schools at the same time, but the choices made are not the same.

"I said Tsinghua is good!"
"I said that Peking University is good!" The two sons came out at the same time.

"I said to read Peking University, my son listened to your mother, go to Peking University, ignore your dad, he doesn't understand!" Lu Mu said to Lu Xuyang.

"Who said I don't understand, which man does not like science and technology? I heard that Tsinghua is some of the sciences, I think Tsinghua is good. Suitable!" The father who has always been good -tempered also shared his mother.Conflict.

"While going to you, I said that I was studying at Peking University, my son was mine, and I said it." Lu Mu said again.

"Isn't it mine? You can give birth without me ..." Father Lu also argued anxiously for himself.

Seeing that the situation is getting more and more intense, Lu Xuyang can no longer see it, and he has to interrupt the two: "Dad, mom, don't make noisy, let me pick it yourself!" After that.I didn't wait for the two squeeze.Lu Xuyang took two notices and ran into his room.

The couple were stunned.Relatively speechless.Make your own decisions by yourself. The two sons also think about it. Anyway, they are high school institutions, and there is no difference in any of them.

Lu Xuyang, who was sitting in the room.Listen to the house that is obviously quiet.Fortunately, fortunately, I react quickly.If he quarreled, his sin would be great.


I am troubled by others because of poor exams, but he arrived in Lu Xuyang.I am troubled by the test.It is really obvious that the same life is different!

At the beginning, he was still a member of the unable to go to the institution of higher education.Lu Xuyang sighed.

But which school should I choose?Lu Xuyang sat on the smart chair and continued to tangled.There was a pen in unconsciously in his hand.Turning around, a stability, the pen in his hand fell to the ground.Lu Xuyang quickly bent down to pick up.

Looking at the pen who is getting closer and closer.Lu Xuyang's eyes brightened.He remembered the scene of using a pen when he had a bad grade when he had a bad grade.Isn't he facing a choice of life?

His eyes were bright, and quickly picked up his pen and picked up his waist, took a piece of paper from the drawer, and drew a ‘rice’ on the paper.Then Tsinghua, Peking University, in turns to write a circle.He turned on the paper with a pen.

The first time the pen tip faced the penalty, and the third time was aimed at Tsinghua University.In this way, Lu Xuyang, who tossed the half, finally gave the tangled life choice questions to fate in the way of turning the pen.He chose the school he will go to in a random way, Tsinghua.


In the evening, Lu Xuyang, who was lying on the bed, ignores the recent thingsReason:

Dad's repair shop has opened, and I heard that the business is not bad.

Lu Ma's clothing store has also been found, and the decoration is also close to the end. It is estimated that it can be opened within a day.

The work of Wu Wanfen can also be solved.

Now the only thing that has not been done is probably to help Haiye's friends to cure the disease. It is not easy to go to people. It seems that when you come to Beijing, you have to find time to see it.Lu Xuyang thought.



On this day, Lu's mother got up early to help Lu Xuyang clean up what was going to bring to school, and Lu's father sent it to the train station.

Dad Lu was originally going to send Lu Xuyang to Beijing.But Lu Xuyang didn't want his father so hard.Father Lu had to retreat and sent it to the train station and left.

Lu Xuyang, who was sitting on the train, looked at the place where he was familiar with, and his eyes were about to leave.However, the eagle has to fly high, and even if you are reluctant, you can only take it in your heart.

Put the parcel under the bed.Lu Xuyang crawled to the bed and lay down.

This is a journey of more than ten hours. Originally, he did not plan to bring things. All his more important things were put in the mysterious bag, but it was not a good intention of his mother.Still brought some.

Fortunately, there is a schoolbag, which is much easier than others.

Thinking of his mother, Lu Xuyang's mood was even lower.He simply stopped thinking, and slowly let go of his thoughts.After a while, he actually entered the dreamland.


Lu Xuyang wakes up in a rumorCome.As soon as I opened my eyes, I found that a long -legged beauty was standing in front of the bed. When he saw it, the beauty also turned his head.

The two people's eyes were opposite, and the beautiful woman shouted: "Rogue" turned around and walked out.

Lu Xuyang's unjust in his heart, he just woke up, when did he become a hooligan.

When I touched my nose, Lu Xuyang looked around. It turned out that the trains stopped on the stood, and the train stopped.

Soon, the train drive.Suddenly, a man who slept next to the bed behind Lu Xuyang blew out, and Lu Xuyang looked back at a glance and retracted his head.I just saw the long -legged beauty looking up.

Looking at it, I saw something in her hand, carefully.Seeing Lu Xuyang's look at her, she directly gave him a glance at him.Then walked over.

Lu Xuyang finally understood this time. It turned out that he carried a black pot for the buddies in the back of the bed.

But he is not annoyed. Anyway, it doesn't hurt or itchy. If the beauty scolds him again, he will simply show her.Thinking of this, Lu Xuyang shook his head and lay down again.