Chapter 101 Entering the Storm [1]

Chapter 101 Entering the School Storm (Part 1)

A good sleep, the capital will soon arrive.

"Come, robbery ~~"

Lu Xuyang, who had just walked out of the carriage, heard such a shout.He thought about how the thief of Beijing was so crazy.But think about it, but the hands and feet did not slow down.I gave myself a city and chased up.

The thief looked at Lu Xuyang to chase so crazy, took out the money inside from the bag and threw the leather bag out.Lu Xuyang quickly reached out and picked it over.The thief took advantage of the time when he took the bag, and he disappeared.

Looking at the size of the bag, it is estimated that it won't be much money, and Lu Xuyang is too lazy to chase.Just when he was ready to return the bag to the owner.His arms were suddenly controlled by people from behind.

Lu Xuyang heard a crispy female voice from behind: "I said you, young, what is not good to do?"

"I don't ..." Lu Xuyang wants to refute.

But before he said it, he was interrupted by the female voice: "What you, people like you should not be born. It is estimated that your parents will know that you will use youShame! "

" I said I'm really ... "Lu Xuyang resisted slightly, because he was afraid that the woman in the back did not work hard, and did not intend to break time.

As a result, the woman grabbed his arm hard to intimidate: "Don't move!"

"How do I say there are people like you in the world?I found that you are not a good thing. Now, when you get out of the car, you start robbing! "After intimidating, the woman of Lu Xuyang went on to teach.


Women's teachings can be enthusiastic. At this time, the owner was caught up from behind.The bag in Lu Xuyang handed to the owner.

"Girl, thank you ~~" The owner rushed to the woman.

"No, should be! You should be more careful in the future. If you meet a guy who has a person who has a person but not a person, you may not be able to meet a girl who is so righteous and brave.. "

" Okay. Thank you so much. "After thanking the owner, he left, and he did not notice the existence of Lu Xuyang from beginning to end.

"Girl, can you let me go now?" Lu Xuyang asked.If he hadn't been afraid of hurting her, he would resist.Can you catch people with his small strength?

"What do you put, can you call the girl?" The girl said fiercely.Then I looked at the watch and continued to say, "Forget it, look at your fairly honest portrayal, I will spare you today, grandma. If I see you again, I see you once."Opened Lu Xuyang.Before leaving, he rushed to Lu Xuyang and waved his fist.

At this time, Lu Xuyang saw her appearance, and it turned out to be the girl who scolded him 'hooligan "on the train.But at this time, the girls were going far.

I was misunderstood by the same person.Lu Xuyang wondered if he didn't choose whether he went out.Then shook his head.Call a taxi.Drive to Tsinghua.

Tsinghua, one of the famous college government in my country, is located in The northwest suburbs of Beijing is an important base for the training of national higher talents and scientific and technological research.Many outstanding talents have been cultivated for the country.

I got off the car.Lu Xuyang was shocked by the deep cultural heritage of the high school institution in front of him.For a long time, he took a deep breath and walked towards the newly -born registration office.

"Borrowed, borrowed ~~~" As soon as he arrived at the freshman registration office, he was preparing to register. Lu Xuyang was hit by a sudden force.

He is a bit angry. If it wasn't for his physical fitness, he was changed to be better and better by the pussy and yang.

Who is so disappointed.Is it popular now?Thinking, he grabbed the girl who was squeezed into the line.The girl stopped along his strength and turned around.

"Is it you?"

"Is it you?"

It turned out that he called him hooligan on the train again, the girl who regarded him as a robbery.Two times before, he was in a hurry.I only know that her legs are particularly beautiful.I finally see it clearly now.


"Robbery!" It was the same.

The call of the two quickly attracted the eyes of the students around.It is estimated that the 'losing girl' in the other's mouth is like the "robbery '!In particular, such a robbery was mixed in, and everyone paid more attention.

Lu Xuyang also began to look at the three classmates who misunderstood him. I saw that she was wearing a general sportswear today, which looked particularly refreshing.

The red and white skin, a pair of big eyes on a large face is bright and charming.Long eyelashes, red lips.The black long hair was tied into a ponytail, and the slightly up -to -war ocean made her look a little playful.Lu Xuyang couldn't help but praise it secretly, but unfortunately her temper really didn't make people complimenions.

Seeing that there are so many classmates, the girl is obviously full of confidence: "What are you going to our school? Do you want to rob?"
"What robber?Do you figure it out? Also, I am a student of this school, why can't I come? "Lu Xuyang refuted.

The girl obviously can't believe it. He pointed at Lu Xuyang at his finger and said, "Come on, just you? A robber can come here?, Extremely contempt.

"You say that I am a robbery, I'm not polite to you!" Lu Xuyang was obviously a little angry.Why can't this a woman say?

"Why, I was dismantled? Are you unhappy? Do you still want to do it?" The girl seemed a little scared, but when she saw so many classmates around, she dared to say to Lu Xuyang: "Huh~~ I was caught by my own hands when I was robbery, and I didn't admit it! You are still not a man? Dare to do it! "The girl was very unreasonable.

"I'm too lazy to talk to you, roll away, don't stop me register." For this self -centered girl, Lu Xuyang didn't want to ignore it.She was ready to fill in the form.

Who knows, the quarrel here has a surprise seniors who are responsible for receiving freshmen.He looked at the beautiful girl and looked at Lu Xuyang again. Obviously, he felt that the girl's words were more real.Then he smiled and said: "Classmates, sorry, non -school students are not allowed to enter. Please ask you to go out."

The senior's words obviously were appreciated by the girl, and I saw her smiling slightly.


Lu Xuyang is completely speechless.It seems that choosing to come to Tsinghua was really not a wise choice.

He was not ready to explain too much, and just said, "I don't keep the grandfather here, and I have their own grandfather."

Seeing that the "robbery" was driven away, the curious new students soon began to queue up and reported.Lu Xuyang's departure did not have a slightest impact on the students who registered.