di er bai qi shi si zhang shuang jian he bi hong jian

The goddess of the earth's goddess was fully exerted by the Magic League Lord.Extinction is even more scary.This is already all the power that can release the goddess of the earth.As Ji Shi said, she could not fully exhibit the power of this artifact.One is because her magic is only seven crowns, and the other reason is that she is not the ultimate magic owner after all.

However, the magic after the enhancement of the goddess of the earth, but still unable to break through the mask centered on Ji's body.Although the ultimate double fire hood looks crumbling, with the power of Liulong and six snakes, it is still fully supported, so that the inside inside is not affected.Only without being suppressed by the outside world can he fully exhibit all power.

Ji Shi's hands raised their hands and fierce swords, and between the two swords, there was only a foot distance. At this moment, his whole person had completely entered an unprecedented state, ideas and souls of the soul.The fire was completely integrated, and everything about the outside world seemed to be confused and unknown. The stabbing glory kept blooming from him, and the king Ao An was elevated at this moment.What he emitted on him was a contradictory temperament.The violence, strong horizontal king of the flame king, the elegance and coldness of the Dark Devil King even appeared on him at the same time.However, it was completely integrated into one, which made him look like a special charm.

A loud noise, Ji Shi, who stood on the Danan Shenghuo Dragon, suddenly skyrocketed, the whole body instantly turned into a brilliant golden color, and turned deep black. The two colors flickered alternately.The horrible energy fluctuations raised his body to a height of three meters.

Just the golden and black constantly flickered, and the strong and flame double swords in his hands kept glowing.At this moment, Ji Shi has truly raised his magic to the extreme without reserved extremes.

When the flashing light finally stabilized, the king's body changed, and it was no longer a single flame king or a dark devil, but a powerful energy body with half white and half black.It reached five meters.In the position of the energy of the energy body, a cluster of milky flames slowly beating.Although the flame looks so subtle, it has become the core of Ji Xun's whole person without suspense.No matter who, at a glance, the first one to see is definitely this small cluster of flames.

The huge body of the five -meter -high body seems to have been integrated with the martyrs and flame double swords in their hands, and the light color is exactly the same.

"Not good." Seeing this scene, Miaomiao's eyes also showed a little panic, she seemed to have felt it.What will you bear at the next moment.However, at this time, she could no longer stop it.The goddess of the goddess in the hand moves in the air, and a strong gray light flashes. A set of gray whole body armor has completely enveloped the body's body completely, and the scepter in her hand is also in this gray armor.Disappeared.

The artifact is an artifact. In addition to the attack -type weapon, the stick of the goddess of the Grand Earth can still be turned into armor for defense.Miao Miao didn't rush up, because she didn't dare, in her heart, there was a trace of fear.Because when the double fire king's body turned into a white flame was beating, the wand of the goddess in her hand shuddered clearly.As an artifact, they all have their own spirituality. Obviously, because of the threat of the white flame, the goddess of the earth goddess has such a reaction.In Miao Miao's heart, she had vaguely thought of what the white flame was, and how could she not be afraid?

The ultimate double fire magician has exceeded her imagination. When the ultimate double fire magician also has the fire of chaos, this feeling cannot be described.Miao Miao always thought.Everything is worthy of everything. Her father, that is, the Lord of the previous generation of the Lord, told her when she was ten years old that as the Lord of the League of League, it would never be possible to live fifty years old because they were the family.To nourish the goddess of the goddess at the expense of its own vitality.However, Miao Miao never regretted it because she felt worth it.The life of a person is only a hundred years, and it is more meaningful to live a more time. It is better to bloom the most gorgeous glory.With the goddess of the earth, she has always made her think that she is unique. Even the elders of the Demon League, it is impossible to pose any threat to her in strength.Therefore, the inheritance of the Lord of the Magic League has never had problems.However, at this moment, the pride in her heart was shaken. Although she had an artifact, it was so unique that she seemed to be much worse than the young man named Ji Shi in front of him.Although he has no artifacts, he has two flames that have a longer life than himself, and have two extreme attributes.Even the fire of chaos already owns.Why, heaven treats him so thick.

No matter how powerful the strength is, Miao Miao is just a twenty -year -old girl after all. It is inevitable that she has jealousy in her heart.

The golden flames of the stabbing eyes and the deep black flames spit out from the strong and flame double sword at this moment.The difference is that when the golden flame was emitted, a huge cone was condensed.But the black flames condensed into black ice at this moment, which seemed to be an extension of the flame sword.

The Dan Yan Fire Dragon, Eclipse the Phoenix, and blooming all their magic, black and white, intertwined into a beautiful landscape in the air, like a huge yin and yang fish appearing in the air.

That's right, Ji Dong's exhibition is the skills of the two major kings, and it is released through the strong and flame double sword in his hands.He clearly felt that with the beating of the fire of the soul, the flame double sword seemed to have undergone extremely subtle changes.He also released two nirvana at the same time, but only consumed half of the magic in the past.And this is obviously because of the effects of the two major artifacts.

When the King of Flame King murdered, forbidden, hundreds, thousands, the sun cone, and the dark demon king's killing technique, forbidden, hundreds, thousands, You Yanbing at the same time released from the strong and flame double swords.At the moment, he could clearly feel that the two heavy swords seemed to call each other.

The body is completely pure black and white flame light around the body. This is the first time that Ji Dong has released two nirvana at the same time.In the past, even when he was showing the yin and yin world of the sun, the yin and yang world, the two nirvana was released in one.Only at this moment.Under the coordination of the soul fire, he actually showed both nirvana at the same time.The body of the double fire king blooms the strongest power. In the body of Ji, half of the body is Bingwu Yuanyang Shenghuo, and half of the body is Ding Yingming Yin Linghuo.The whole person is in this strange and wonderful feeling.

"Merge, fierce, flame double swords. Bloom, the extreme double fire glory." Jiu -meter long sword, with the sun cone and You Yanbing, so on the top of Ji movement, thenInstant integration.

The moment they closed, there was extremely sharp sound.The buzzing sound that seemed to pierce the soul erupted from the two heavy swords.Ji Shi only felt that the fire of the soul in his body seemed to be out of his body.Lie and Yan Double Sword are like a huge vortex. Almost a moment, all the magic in his body devoured all the magic, and the fire of the soul became his only connection with the two heavy swords.

Not only these two heavy swords, the six dragons and six snakes supporting the double fire mask were broken instantly, turning into the purest fire elements crazy and fierce, and the flame double sword rushed.Lie and flame double swords are like bottomless abyss, swallowing their magic.

Eclipse the Phoenix Fire, Dan Yan Fire Dragon Maotai and Wuliangye also suffer from such a swallow. They are so huge that they are swept away at this moment.The Dan Yan Fire Dragon can only support the air in the air with its own physical strength.Huaer returned to the Suzaku bracelet directly.

Ji Shi was also shocked. He just wanted to exert all his strengths and see what effect he could have.His original intention was to attack the superbbearing group attack of the sun, moon, and yin and yang.But he did not expect that when the combination of Lie and Yan Shuangjian was combined, such a horrible swallowed, unimaginable swallowing.If it was not the existence of the soul fire, it seemed to devour his soul together.

Is this really the power that can be controlled?Ji Dong's heart was slightly trembling, even with the support of the soul fire, he was still difficult to have enough confidence.

The combination of double swords, but the buzzing sound, made the five elements in the sky trembling violently.The Crown Master only feels that their souls are hit by the heavy hammer. If the United Magic composed of the Five Elements Big Formation is too powerful, I am afraid they will not be able to support it.

The two swords are combined with the sound of the unimaginable sound.The virtual shadow of the two kings has completely disappeared, but behind Ji Shi, a strange figure rose.That's a red figure, not any totem, but such a fiery red humanoid figure.Very illusory, completely transparent.It seems that it is a thin layer of mist. How does this virtual shadow formed? Why did Ji Shi know at all? He just could faintly feel that this virtual shadow was related to the two swords.Moreover, from this misty illusion, it can be seen that the magic he released is far from being true to summon the power of this virtual shadow.

The red is not seen by anyone except Ji.And even Ji Shi, I only saw it occasionally on the flame.This is by no means red, but a special red.

This fiery red figure is 100 meters high, and his hands are also closed above his head. In his hands, a 100 -meter -long giant sword stabs the sky.

Ji Shi was in front of this red light and shadow, and the flame double sword in his hand also turned into that strange red red.

The fierce buzzing sound, constantly emitted from the armor of the goddess of the goddess of the earth, she even felt that it was integrated with herself and the supreme earth goddess of the goddess of the goddess in her heart spread out.The breath of fear.That's right, this artifact is afraid.No, this is never possible, the stick of the goddess of the earth, you are an artifact!How can you feel fear when facing Ji Mou's weapon?

However, the facts are not shifted by people's will. In the tremor, layers of false shadows are emanating from the armor of the goddess of the earth, and the subtle body is also inIt continues to retreat under its control.

In the air, the original sticky gray magic, the gray magic emitted by the stick of the goddess of the artifact on earth, came into contact with the strange red, disappeared like ice and snow.

It appeared in the red imaginary, while the 100 -meter red light stabbed the sky while stabbing the sky.With a loud noise, the goddess of the earth sighed and melted, and the five elements of the five elements disintegrated instantly.Twenty -five magic leagues, together with their mounts, were scattered and sprayed with blood, and they were obviously severely damaged.

But they are still lucky, because the red after the combination of the sword is not faced with them. They suffer, but the red sword shocked after the red sword condensed.

Who can think of it, just for the formation of skills, it has broken through the stick of the goddess of the artifact on earth and the five elements.Is this really true?

Lian Ji moved himself a little.Although he released the dual -fire king's body, the six five -element law array, his own magic, coupled with the magic of the Dan Yan Fire Dragon and Huaer, instantly rose to extremely terrifying.The power of the six dragons and six snakes accumulated.However, these forces add up to the edge of the Supreme Strong.But the glamorous red sword in front of him was full of the power that Ji moved could not understand.That's the power to be completely at the same level as the sun, moon, yin and yang world.

The sun, moon, yin and yang world are primary super killing skills, and it is not at the same level as it. It proves that the directional attacks from Ji Xun's pair of swords have reached the level of intermediate super killing skills.You know, he is just a six -crowned magician!The strength he exerted at this time could not be described as a simple word of miracles.

Isn't it your own strength? Is it the power of the two swords?Yes, at the moment of the combination of the swords, what was lit by the fire of Lie and Yan Yan by the fire of their soul.

Any thinking is already superfluous, because it has no meaning.The red sword finally waved, with unparalleled will and unspeakable magic.

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