Chapter 035 【First Barrel Gold 4】

. "Boss, should you be new?" This is like a sentence that Lu Xuyang asked casually. The fat man hesitated and nodded.

Lu Xuyang picked up the "Dark Moon Stone"Hehe laughed:" No wonder. You are not very experienced in appreciation of treasures. You like to stay on the fur and you can learn what you have. "

The shop was evaluated by Lu XuyangHis face was slightly red, and he asked Lu Xuyang to take the stone to take a good look at him.

Looking left and right, holding the magnifying glass to look at it under the dazzling light, until he shook his head and sighed, and looked back at Lu Xuyang with a heavy look and said, "ForgiveMy eyes are stupid. In the texture, I really can't see any good places in the texture, but ... its effect is really strange, very weird! "

Lu Xuyang said seriously:" EverythingValuable treasures, such as Rose Pearl, Gold and Silver Diamond, is it seen as a value -for -money baby at the beginning! Things are rare, and it is rare to be precious! Boss, I think you are in youJianbao can be regarded as a expert in this regard. You may wish to think about it. The raw materials of this stone are rare and unhappy. Can you dig a car and one car from other places ... Besides, it has just been used just now.You also see it with your own eyes. It is by no means that I am playing magic. Oh, if I have that ability, I won't go into the pawnshop at this time. You said, right? "

I said something to the store for a while. After a while, the other party was relieved: "This is the treasure of your heirs, so how much do you prepare to take it?"

BR> This question is critical. Lu Xuyang did not respond in time. In fact, he came to this pawn bank.Essence

"What do you think? You just say a price, probably it. The business is not benevolent."

Lu Xuyang has not done business, but he knows how much rules, buying and selling this.Things, when you talk about the price, you ca n’t just say a specific number. It is best to let the other party put the price first, so that you have a bottom and win the maximum profit.

That shop has been rubbed for a long time, but it can only be mentioned, but from his eyes, he can read the basic ideas in his heart. He still values this so -called "heaven secret stoneI don't know what considerations, and I don't want to raise prices first.

Finally, he returned "Dark Moon Stone" to Lu Xuyang's hand and said, "It's not good to say it for the time being. Isn't it so good? You leave a contact information, I will notify the first time in a noticeYou are about trading. "

Lu Xuyang's favorite listening to this. What he needed was this result. Before coming to the pawnshop, he had already prepared it. No matter how high the store could go toDon't take it easily, people can fried big red and purple, and the same is true of items. Put it on your own hands. The more you think it is precious, the higher the high profile you put it in front of others.Hua Dazhun got his hand. Of course, there is a premise that it belongs to the rare things that the buyer could not get before.

Lu Xuyang just wanted to set up a set on this shop. Today, he took the "Dark Moon Stone" to find him. The business was not talked about, and a foreshadowing was buried. In the temple street, talkingThe three sentences are not separated from this bank, and they are mostly talking about fortune -telling Jianbao. Once the shop shop owner preach the wonders of "dark moonstoneWhen the geometric growth rate, when it was finally passed to the owner's ear, the "dark moonstone" was really a treasure of sky -high price. In this subtle process, he was accumulating an invisible wealth!

"Boss, what are those stones?" Lu Xuyang put the "dark moon stone" back to the schoolbag. He raised his head and suddenly saw the strange shapes of the strange colors on the shelves opposite.Different stones.

I only listened to the store: "That is the emerald raw material gambling stone."

"Oh, it turned out to be just gambling. Boss, you do business and see the customer.Ah. People's stones can be mortgaged, but they don't accept me. "Lu Xuyang said that he took a few steps in front of the cargo shelf, and he subconsciously took the glasses frame.Essence

"Who is the owner of these gambling stones, you may not know, but he is famous on this street, and he is very honest to do business, so we also believe in this point.His. "The shop explained that Lu Xuyang didn't seem to hear him, and murmured to himself.

"It is all green inside. It seems to be Baoyu ..."

The store faintly heard Lu Xuyang's self -talk, he suddenly laughed, laughing Lu Xuyang was really a nervous onset of illness.The "king of cowhide

Lu Xuyang saw what he saw only in his heart, and he couldn't make the trust of others. After getting out of the "Chinese Code PuttyThe glasses still have the function of perspective! Just face the target's eyes for more than ten seconds, and the sight can miraculously penetrate the surface of the object directly! "

This function may be hiddenIn the first skill "Thousand Miles" brought by special glasses, Lu Xuyang bowed his head and thought for a long time, then re -put on the glasses, walked to other antique shops and jewelry.While others rack their brains, they easily identify the true and false of the gemstone.

At noon, he transferred to the nearby book market and bought a set of English test papers. As soon as he returned home, his mother followed the room.

"Xiaoxu, I just called at home, I was looking for you."

Seeing that my mother seemed to have encountered something happy, it was unknown.

Lu Mu said: "It's Xiao Yi's daughter, but she doesn't talk much on the phone. I said you went out, and she hung up the phone without staying."

"Ah? I know. "Lu Xuyang was very surprised. How could Zheng Xiyi call herself? She could take the initiative to find herself. This was a good thing. Maybe there was a greater surprise waiting for herself.