Chapter 034 【First Barrel Gold 3】

. Wu Wanfang leaned on the body of Lu Xuyang like that. This is the second close -range contact of the two people. Lu Xuyang's memory is still fresh.The wonderful feeling is not like it, it may be just a good feeling that the stocks are often, the gentleman gentleman is so good, the eternal beauty talks

The two are facing each other and wiped them tightly, because of because of the bodyWu Wanfang is upward, and her body weight is almost completely pressed on Lu Xuyang's breasts and shoulders.

"Thank you ..." Wu Wanfang's lips opened lightly, whispered.

Lu Xuyang Wan, just said nothing. He leaned his head, and when the car shook, his face couldn't control his face to Wu Wanfang's chest to feel the softness and warmth of her chest.

On the next stop, there was a large number of people crowded in on the car. Wu Wanfang's two hands supported on the cold and hard rod.It had to slowly move his hand to Lu Xuyang's shoulder.

Lu Xuyang didn't do it, and suddenly asked, "How did your sister's recent work?"

"Not very much, she is almost annoyed." Wu Wanfang repliedAfter this sentence, I couldn't help but surprise, thinking that you are really a "live broadcast

Of course, Lu Xuyang didn't like to ask about other people's affairs, but there was such a group of "broadcasters" with a very high gossip perception around him. If he heard too much, he naturally became "familiar".

"No? Isn't your sister a high student who graduated from FD University?"

Wu Wanfang smiled, and a bitterness of the corner of his mouth, "Where is it?The same! What is the famous university? After graduation, you have to cut your head to find your head and find it too much.> Lu Xuyang nodded with a smile, and faintly, he seemed to see the road in front of him. For a high school student who was about to enter the door of college, how many people were exhausted in the college entrance examination.I don't know what suffering will be waiting for him in the future!

Graduates of the famous FD University of FD, all of which have been found to find a job but have no hope of the door. This reality really hits the enthusiasm and confidence of people learning. FortunatelyIt should be spacious!

Two people talked a few words. Wu Wanfang suddenly came to her school. Lu Xuyang said, "I know your name, you are called Wu Wanfang. Do you want to ask me what is called?"

His right arm slipped over Wu Wanfang's slim ve up, and the carriage was finally empty, so he didn't need to be so crowded.

Wu Wanfang came down and relieved, saying, "I haven't had time to ask. Thank you so much on the way."
It will definitely be sinful.

"You're welcome. Lu Xuyang, call me Xiaoxu!" Lu Xuyang stopped when the rain outside the car stopped, so he rest assured that Wu Wanfang got out of the car.

"Bye." Wu Wanfang smiled at Lu Xuyang, then turned and got out of the car.

Five minutes later, Lu Xuyang stepped into the temple street, "Miao Street

There are many jewelry commercial banks and antique shops on this street. As for some crooked and evil ways of watching the wind and water, the wicked way is also stationed at the stronghold all year round, and the night market here is the most lively.

Among the vast flow of people attracted by the temple street, in addition to civilians, there are also no shortage of senior officials. Nowadays, rich people believe in ghosts and gods.It is not difficult to detect that the most diligent in and out of the rich children who are dressed are gorgeous.

The bustling and high -end places in the city center are very expensive. In the eyes of the shy ordinary people like Lu Xuyang, the gold and silver jewelry that are full of high -end shelves,Diamond jade ring can be rewarded and can't think of it. Only the Lord who wears gold and silver has capital and great capital, luxury and waste.

"Mo to bully the young people!"

Lu Xuyang raised the dilapidated schoolbag hanging on his shoulders, and walked along the street with his head.Poor, no text, he has a self -knowledge, but poverty is for a while, only now, who can ask the glory tomorrow, who can ask hexagrams!

Actually, Lu Xuyang had planned before this. How can the "dark moon stone" in the bag sell well?Walking to the jade market, it is sold at a low price. After all, this stone is unique in the game. It is a "Lu family manufacturing" product that belongs to the eight of the Zhenger."Well," Once your own things are packed in place, selling a satisfactory price is completely unknown.

But Lu Xuyang also thought of it. The value of "dark moon stones" was only affirmed. Perhaps it was difficult for others to use it as an ordinary stone at a glance.

So, Lu Xuyang first entered a pawn shop in the center of the street under the "Chinese Code". He wanted to try the preliminary view of the "dark moonstone".

The shopkeeper in the shop, Luo Xuquan, is just the time when Lu Xuyang came. The manager who enthusiastically received his store was a middle -aged man who was also wearing four -frame glasses. The man was quite bloated.After Lu Xuyang took out the "Dark Moon Stone" to simply explain the situation, his face suddenly faded down and said firmly: "No. You said that this stone is the family treasure uploaded by your ancestor, and it is valuable to even the city.But how do I feel that it is very common, no matter from the appearance and texture, there seems to be no place! I think I can't be a few children. "

Lu Xuyang listened to the other party's crazy cold waterThe response is not big, and now I just laughed lightly: "Since it is the treasure of the heir family, there must be a different place. The shop, people are still not beautiful, I think treasures are the same.Speaking, according to my grandfather, his grandfather's grandfather once revealed a little secret, saying that this stone is the secret stone of heaven, far from the white stone in the mountains. "
" Oh ... "The shop shook his headI do n’t believe it, I thought that the boy wanted to get rich and crazy. The entire Mianyang Third Hospital (a psychiatric hospital with a well -known psychiatric hospital in his hometown) escaped the “graduate student”.

Lu Xuyang said in a hurry: "Boss, the ability you know about new things are very shallow. Can you turn on the lights?"

"Yes."Curiosity prompted him to open a bright table lamp on Jianbao's desk according to Lu Xuyang's request.

"You have to be optimistic, good things have its own hidden use." Lu Xuyang demonstrated that "dark moonstone" can not only absorb the light emitted by the object, but also gradually light the light source source."If this stone is used to decorate the fashion fashion, then imagine that after you wear it, the person who performed with you on the same stage, no matter how beautiful he is dressed, it will only be you in the end, because you will be absorbed by you.Come here. "

" Hey, it's really a little famous! "The eyes of the store suddenly changed, and his tone was restored to enthusiasm and peace.

(Scream! Seeking tickets!)