Chapter 033 【First Barrel Gold 2】

. Lu Xuyang also knows that Dad and the old man who took high scores also knew. They met Lu Xuyang and praised the right to encourage the right.Chengcai is out of place!

With the recognition and support of his parents and grandfather, Lu Xuyang is extremely happy. This is the first time that the family has regarded himself as a kind of hopeful species

When eating breakfast, Father Lu suddenly mentioned something and said with a smile: "Xiaoxu, didn't you say that last time you need to change a pair of glasses? You have a good vision, but you can’t affect the college entrance examination.Play the level on the upper level. "

He did not look at the wife next to him, and said," You know what your mother works.Raise the sperm. After she goes to the settlement of the settlement, take you to the Xipozi market to buy a new eye. "

Lu Mu watched his son with a smile, and nodded, Expressed so much.

Lu Xuyang heard his father talk about his glasses, and he couldn't help but beating slightly. When he remembered that he initially opened the asking price to his father, his face was quite ugly.It is used in a fart, I do n’t want his attitude to a big change of 180 degrees now. It seems that the body of his salted fish has a trend in the eyes of others: “Dad, do n’t need it, in fact, in fact, I originally originally.The pair of glasses can still be used. "

Lu Xuyang refused euphemistically without thinking. Now with a better myopia glasses, at least one hundred dollars, and seeing the dilemma at home is like this.Pinging to spend, after you make money, before you make money

My parents saw Lu Xuyang's firm look, and I didn't say anything. I was secretly praised Xiao Xu in my heart.I know how to think about this family.

After eating breakfast with an appetite, Lu Xuyang first walked back to his room, and finally turned it over a private wooden box from the pressure on the ground.Although I bought it, although it was a bit out of date, it was considered a rough -out -of -the -spot store in the famous shop that was once popular.

Lu Xuyang wiped and wiped it cleanly, put on it to try it, it still feels good. Today the weather is not very good.Vaguely, it is really not used to watching things without myopia glasses.

Before the schoolbag is ready to go out, Lu Xuyang's thoughts suddenly turned to the "Yin and Yang two -sided mirror" in the bag. Since it can upgrade other living items, it should also be able to use this broken shelf "old flower mirror"Let's work.

The heart is not as good as action, so Lu Xuyang took off his glasses and put it under the psychosphilloscope to try the water.:

"A pair of pure glass ordinary square box myopia glasses disappeared ... Congratulations, successfully refining, you get a pair of light psychic virtual mirrors, visual ability+10 ... with skills with skills1,000 miles: Stop your head up, look at the target position for five seconds. Within the next fifteen seconds, you will be able to reach your heart, immune to all obstacles, and look directly at your destination ... with the skill 2 left eye 2 left eye.The evil: close the right eye and stare at the target. Within the next 20 seconds, the target defense is lost, and at the same time stimulates the biggest weakness on him ... items are bound, cannot be traded ... "

Looking at the attributes and skills added after this glasses, I have to say that it is very good and powerful. Lu Xuyang put on it again, suddenly the eyes are bright, and the visual effects of the items are much better than before!

Lu Xuyang told her mother that she wanted to go to the book market to buy the English review information that teachers were deliberately introduced. She was very relieved and quickly asked how much books needed.

Lu Xuyang hadn't said yet, and he stuffed five or six yuan of banknotes in his hand.

"Are these enough? If you do n’t have to get some of your dads."

"It's too much.What. "Lu Xuyang saw her mother given all the money in her pocket to herself. When her heart moved, let himself be rewarded by 10 million times in the future!

With an umbrella that the mother just handed in in her hand, Lu Xuyang walked in the alley, consciously feeling that it was unobstructed.It doesn't matter if you sell it or value at this moment. God is endlessly died today, and I will let me smash it with a steel plate tomorrow!

When he came to the alley, Lu Xuyang opened the umbrella, turned his head and looked at it inadvertently, and unexpectedly found a familiar figure shaking there.

"Isn't that the sister Wu Wanfang, the new guest of the Pharaoh family?" Lu Xuyang remembered that the campus card that the other party left was still in his bag that day.

Wu Wanfang is still a white shirt today, and it also looks so pure and beautiful. Now she shrinks under that eaves, holds a few red books with both hands, and goes dumbly to the rain on the street.The rain continued to fall, and it became bigger and bigger.

"Is she in a hurry to go to the bus on the opposite side, right?" As soon as Lu Xuyang's thoughts came out, Wu Wanfang pulled forward and ran forward.On her head and clothes.

Lu Xuyang immediately caught up and lifted the umbrella above Wu Wanfang's head to block the heavy rain in the bet.

"Such a big rain, how can I go out without an umbrella! I'm afraid of a cold when I get wet!"

Lu Xuyang talked loudly, Wu Wanfang reacted suddenly, and she looked back and saw Zheng Da smiled.When Lu Xuyang's face turned red.

"It's you ... Thank you." It seems that she is still a little impressed by Lu Xuyang.

"Don't be polite. Are you rushing to the school?" Lu Xuyang saw that Wu Wanfang's hair had been wet, and there were a few strands on your face on the face.People are pity.

Wu Wanfang seemed to have watched Lu Xuyang a little doubtful. The big eyes that could be talking seemed to be asking, how do you know that I am still going to college.

"Um." She nodded, but didn't say much.

When I arrived at the station, after a while, I didn't think that the two people were on the same car.

The people in the car were full. Lu Xuyang followed Wu Wanfang and got into the car. In order to facilitate her squeezing into it, he pushed her lightly and cleverly lined up the passengers around.

"Ah, the water on your umbrella leaked into my shoes ..." The car did not drive for a long time, and Lu Xuyang suddenly heard Wu Wanfang's "protest".

He's notice that he was standing beside Wu Wanfang with a bald man like a murderer, from head to toe, exuding a wretched gas. He listened to the other party's complaints.Instead, he stared at Wu Wanfang.

Wu Wanfang stopped in the future. Under the focus of everyone's eyes, his face flushed.

"You can stand here." Lu Xuyang suddenly inserted into the middle of Wu Wanfang and the bald guy, and did not wait for Wu Wanfang to mind whether he minded it.Stand up on a higher position on yourself, so as not to flow water underneath.