Chapter 032 【First Barrel Gold 1】

. Lu Xuyang listened to his mother's suffering complaint, but only felt that half of the ice water and half of the flames were in the heart. The reality was naked.

At this moment, although Lu Xuyang's heart was burning with a fire in his heart, he immediately changed the status quo of the distress at home, but he could not make any promises in advance in front of his mother.

"Mom, it's okay. After the work, we must hang it on a tree!" Lu Xuyang comforted her mother in warm words, and the mother Lu gradually calmed down and reached out.After drying the tears on her face, after a while, she suddenly turned her head to stare at Lu Xuyang. She looked a little serious and asked, "How are your recent study?If you don't work hard, then we really don't have any hope! "

Lu Xuyang stunned, my mother asked so much, I really woke up with this" dream person I hurriedly took the schoolbag on the bedside and pulled out the mathematical test papers with a high score.

"Mom, you are my latest test results. The highest score in the class, Teacher Li praised me in public ..." In order to coax her mother, stabilize her irritable and hopeless emotions, Lu Xuyang sang high -profileOnce, did she always look forward to herself a high score. Fortunately, Wang Bing's parents exhaled with her eyebrows!

"Ah, 142 points! Xiaoxu, are you all made by yourself! Don't play treasure in front of your mother!" Lu mother held the test paper full of red hooks with both hands and was shocked again.Rejoiced again, looking around and looking at it, her eyes were full of smiles. She really did not believe in Lu Xuyang's words. This child would not be a casual paper.That fake kung fu!

"Must be! Mom, there are two passage in the class. The test papers on the spot were not handled to the teacher." Lu Xuyang washed Wang Bing around the corner.Do you like to count others in front of your relatives and friends!

Lu Mu finally believed in his son, and Lu Xuyang said it was undoubtedly: "Good is good, but once does not mean all. Do not be proud.The test is the most important thing. "

Lu Xuyang agreed with a smile. He saw that his mother opened his heart and opened his heart.

Later, Lu's mother took the mathematical test paper to "report" with her husband and grandfather.

That night, Lu Xuyang slept a little bit, and the sad words that the mother had just said in her ear always sounded the fatigue of her parents, as well as the grandfather's old man.It can't enjoy the joy of Tianlun.


Lu Xuyang opened his eyes and sighed long. It turned out that he was the backbone of this family.Hands.

"Let you set a small goal first, let the family live in a spacious and comfortable new house before going to college, and stabilize the condition of Grandpa. Should this small wish should not be?">
Lu Xuyang sorted out his thoughts and secretly sent an oath. From tomorrow, he had to find a way to make some money!

If this is a week ago, Lu Xuyang did not dare to think about making money. After all, he was just a high school student who faced his studies.It came back.

The appearance of "Yin and Yang two sides" has made everything impossible to become possible, and it is endless possibility ...
However, Lu Xuyang quickly fell into a tangled again.Among them, I do have a super magic weapon to upgrade items, but I have no idea how to make money for a while.

After upgrading the yin and yang mirror, most of the items with special attributes and skills are mostly binding equipment, which cannot be traded. Even if they can be sold, others may not believe it.Accepting such a relatively stupid approach, because the machine cannot be leaked, the power can only belong to itself. If the secret agency of the country is concerned, then where you will have peaceful days!

Equipment equipmentThe attributes are improved, and you can also upgrade as characters in online games, and subtly improve your psychological and physiological quality. These are of great benefit to yourself. Perhaps you can think of money from this aspect, such as the "ghost pen, ghost pen,On the small desk, when his right hand was subconsciously pushed into the bag, the little white rabbit suddenly came out, squeaking twice, and rushed into the host's arms.

Touching the soft hair of "Jia BaoyuThe Lord is myself, I don't know how to let the other party explain in the future.

Lu Xuyang put the rabbit in a large carton next to the bed, then got up and went out to take a small urine.A touch of silver white light came out, strange that the strange light was very assassinated.

"Hey, what?" Lu Xuyang took the hands to get started, and the "dark moonstone" had reacted. When he put it under the light and wanted to understand it, something strange happened.The lights emitted by that lamp suddenly faded a lot, and the "dark moonstone" became more and more brighter.

What is the reason? Lu Xuyang's Erda Kong can't get up. This so -called "secret stone of heaven" can not only absorb light, but also eliminate the light source. He holds the stone.Restore the brightness.

"The binding equipment is not easy to sell or sell it, but the reward items obtained by this task should be used as the jade market on the temple street.Buy it at a high price, then I can't make a small profit! "Lu Xuyang frowned, but I had to plan and pack it in advance.With an idea, Lu Xuyang fell asleep with peace of mind. He got up early the next morning. Today is a day of worship. There is no need to go to class. It happens that there is time to go to an antique street to check the market.

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