Chapter 031 [Super Pet 3]

. Guanghan Jade Rabbit!

Lu Xuyang jumped up from the bed. This is the legendary pet of Chang'e **, and it seems to be a certain MM feathers into the queen of immortality.Moon Palace Mother!

"No? Yin and Yang mirror actually has this function, and the general animal is refined into high -end pets!"

Lu Xuyang's surprise is not small, with this new one, with this new oneIt is found that I can "develop" a lot of interesting things.

In the game, Lu Xuyang's research on pets is quite refined, and in "Xianxian""Zhenzheng Demon Scorpion

Lu Xuyang took a breath, and then slowly stuffed the "Yin and Yang two sides" back to the broken "equipment bag". It was strange that when he looked at "Jia Baoyu" again, the littleThings have been revealed from the quilt, and if you look closely, the white eyes that are originally red are becoming more and more transparent, just like two crystal clear crystal balls, which are extremely cute.

Lu Xuyang remembers who the owner of the pet is not particularly attractive in the refining information displayed on the concave surface of the yin and yang mirror, but from the perspective of its natural additional skill "illnessThe supervisor is not close to it.

"Jia Baoyu, Jia Baoyu ..." Lu Xuyang wanted to try the spirituality of the jade rabbit pets. In online games, the domestication pets are deep and shallow.

After Lu Xuyang summoned a few sentences, in the loud voice, "Jia Baoyu" jumped into his hand, and then shrinking in the palm of the hand, obediently, moved, and couldn't move.Essence

"Xiaoxu, close the door tightly, what are you hiding in the room? Eat, come out ..." The mother's shout rang again, Lu Xuyang promisedHe put "Jia Baoyu" gently into the schoolbag. Fortunately, the little guy obeyed the "command" and where to rest, so don't worry about it may run away at any time.

Open the door and walk out of the bedroom. Lu Xuyang sat in front of the dining table and looked at it. It was unexpectedly found that there were several delicious dishes that can be eaten on the table.There is also a copy that smells seductive.

"Taste first." Lu Xuyang was anxious to grab the meat, but was opened by the mother who came up with the dish by the mother."

Lu Xuyang finished washing his hands on the kitchen. When he came back, his mother was already sitting, and they were waiting for themselves to start eating.

"You drink some drinks too." Father Lu didn't know what a big event had encountered, and he kept laughing at Lu Xuyang.Greeze a few words, only Lu Xuyang eats more.

Lu Xuyang only said that his father had just received the salary increase bonus, so he did not question the abnormal happiness of his parents, only to enjoy the unique cooking skills of his mother.

After eating and drinking, Lu Xuyang made a moment in the room and then shrugged. When he returned to the house, he saw that his mother squatted in front of the phone in the corner.What happened.

"Mom, what's wrong with you? Why are you squatting here?" Lu Xuyang walked to his mother's side.Weeping!

Lu Xuyang reached out and pulled a few mothers, and she slowly raised her face. Under the dim light, she saw her eyes red, and her face had traces of wetness wet by tears.

My mother cried, and she was in a hurry to be a child. Lu Xuyang knew her mother best. Although her emotions changed greatly, when there was very little crying, unless it was entangled in the end of the death.

"Mom, how do you cry? What happened? Did you quarrel with his dad?"

Mother Lu shook her head and sucked her nose, choking her voice, choking her voiceTao: "Xiaoxu, you have to fight for anger. Mom finally sees this society."

Lu Xuyang did not know the words of his mother's phrase, frowned, and continued to askOne or two sentences.

Mother Lu pulled Lu Xuyang into his bedroom and closed the door. She didn't cry out because she was afraid that the old man heard it, but others were old but still very delicate: "Xiaoxu,My dad and I are busy for you and your grandfather. The old man is not good now, and the coronary heart disease is many years. Even if we encounter any difficult things in the future, you must not let him know.It is the critical moment of the college entrance examination, and you must not be distracted ... Hey, the hope of our family is all over you ... "

Lu Xuyang quietly listened to his mother's words from the heartIn my heart, I only felt stubborn, and it was not a taste.

Now that she said it, Mother Lu didn't want to hide anything anymore. The bitter water flowing in her heart may be a lot better.

It turned out that Lu Mu had just received a "emergency power". The phone called by the employer's house. He said that their family had invited another nanny, and they could "shoot ** away" tomorrow after settlement.

"Didn't I just mention the salary increase in front of her! Now the price in the market has soared, and the salary of Aunt Zhang's house has risen by more than 800, and I only need her to add 300 to 300It should be nothing to do! "

Mother Lu said very angry, saying how the hostess of that family was sore at the surface, not to be able to do it:" Don't be too rich! There is money!Is it very amazing! It is best not to let me develop. If there is that day, the first thing I washed was her, too capable, too bullying people ... "

Lu Xuyang calmly analyzed the analysisWith my mother's words, I said suddenly: "Mom, I thought it was a big deal! Nothing, really, the feet grow on us, leave!"
"But. Look at this cityIn the form of economic development, there has been a big crisis, and many factories have closed down. Laid -off workers are crowded. Even if they are a nanny position, there are so many people to compete.Grandpa's body is not as good as one day, and it is not allowed to keep one day ... Besides, although your grandpa is struggling to relocate, in fact, he does not want the government to give more benefits and think for you in the future.In this international metropolis, who can afford one room and three halls in this international metropolis ... "

Lu mother said with tears and fell off again.For three meals a day, in order to ensure that there is a place, you have to tighten your belt as a cow.

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