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After the girl turned away, Lao Tan was crazy. "

Liu Ziguang smiled, said a few words, and then bounced Zhao Hui's middle school shoulder chapter and asked loudly:" How to wear this body,Do you do military affairs? "

Zhao Hui took out the cigarette case and shook a branch to Liu Ziguang and said," Isn't it?Co -organizing a party to recognize the retirement British model, I mainly prepare this matter and handle some private matters. Otherwise, how do you think I came so fast, I am now sitting in the office of the office and mobilizing the plane warships.It ’s all the old yellow calendar. This time was approved by the old man Luo."

Liu Ziguang took the cigarette point, and Zhao Hui threw cigarettes to Dongfang Ke and Hu Guang, and said hello to the rivers and lakes: "The hard work is hardBrothers. "If he wasn't in the uniform of the army in the army, he would be relying on the bigger and full face.

The roar of a plane passed the top of his head, and Zhao Hui shouted: "What about the two bad eggs?"

Liu Ziguang pointed to the golden cup van, Zhao Hui walked over to open the corpse bagThe zipper, briefly checked it, jumped out of the car and patted his hands and said, "Looking back, I sent the photo to the colleagues in the support department to search. I feel that the two have the experience of being a soldier."

Liu Ziguang put the handleDon't take it out of the 67 -type micro -sound pistol behind the waist and hand it over: "Look at this, I almost asked for my life."

Zhao Hui took the pistol and looked at it.The protruding part of the handle and the gun is slightly worn. It seems that it has been used for some years, but it is not very frequent. Looking out of the magazine, the bullet is a dedicated 7.62mm submoral speed bomb.

"In addition to a small amount of loss in the 1980s, there was no stolen or war loss, so this matter became more and more complicated."Essence

Liu Ziguang asked: "Will it be Director Tan or the person sent by Ma Fengfeng."

Zhao Hui said: "There is only a group of highly educated analysts under Tan Zhihai, which is seriously lacking capable.After all, they are just a cultural institution. They have other departments to help them do it. My intelligence reflect that Tan has no big move.He is likely, but his intelligence sources are very limited. How can he know your specific location? "

I said a deep look at the Shangguan Jin, Liu Ziguang looked back at a glance at a look at, Laughed: "No matter who did it, there is always a day when things come out. I originally wanted to be a rich man, but someone would not let me live a day, and I had to let them feel uncomfortable."

Zhao Hui shakes his pistol slightly and said, "I keep this gun first as evidence."

Liu Ziguang said, "What do I use?"

Zhao Hui returns back and returns backPajeroli took out a box and opened and said, "I brought you all the treasures of the housekeepers."

There are two stainless steel -made pistols in the box, and the np44 is engraved on the sleeve., The word of .45ACP, as well as the northern industry factories.

"Don't underestimate these two guns. I picked out the foreign trade goods from the Chongqing Qingshan Factory. The accuracy is absolutely superb.Five -caliber is much fierce than ninemmmm bullets. No matter how strong the man is, he knocked down in one shot. The fourteen -round magazine and the mainstream automatic pistol are not suffering at all. "

Liu Ziguang picked up two two two.The pistol, the fingers picked the trigger guard ring a few laps, and put it on the ears and shake it. The parts meson tightly. There is no noise at all. Try the strength of the spring and the trigger strength.

"Yes, thanks." Liu Ziguang took over the box with a full set of nylon pump and bullet clip, and a few boxes of. 45 -caliber pistol bombs, and it was that.High -grade goods planted by brass bullets.

"Let's talk about it first, lend it to you, don't kill too many people, I don't like bloody weapons at home." Zhao Hui said falsely.

Liu Ziguang glanced at him in vain: "The old man in your family can cut a lot of devil's brain, why not see you throw it."

Zhao HuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhThrow the cigarette butt on the ground and say, "The trouble is here."

A black -painted airport special police car drove over. Zhao Hui was present. Everyone was not panicked.In front of the car, a few armed police holding the Bayi bars were jumped on the car. The leader led the team to see Zhao Hui's middle school shoulder chapter and the license plate of the police district. He dare not make a time. He asked politely, "What are you here?"

Zhao Hui showed his certificate: "We are performing the task, your head is Lao Li, tell him that Ye Ming of the second part is here, he knows."

Lieutenant suspectAfter picked up the intercom, a report was reported to the airport defense department. After getting the instructions, he stood upright and saluted Zhao Hui: "The head is the head, sorry to disturb, is there any need to help?"

Zhao Hui waved his hand: "It's okay, you go back first, tell Lao Li, I have time to see him. "

" Yes! "The Lieutenant took people to leave,

The armed police left, Zhao Hui took Liu Ziguang to Liu ZiguangPulling aside and said, "It was dangerous just now, and the firearms and corpses. I have limited power now. No one can make trouble. In case Tan Zhihai inserts one foot, I have to go in.Give it to me, you can dig out Jin Xudong in Hong Kong. People in Guoan have been staring at him long ago, but they have not moved. "

Liu Ziguang asked:" How can you be good after?The case of injustice is cleaned. "

Zhao Hui shook his head:" This is a bit difficult, now after all, it is nominally in the rule of law society, not their direct manager., How to interfere in the case, this matter is clearly that someone wants to use the problem. Even if Chen Ranin does not die, there will be other shit pots to claim on your head. After all, you still have no background. "

> Liu Ziguang was speechless and smoked.

"Okay, don't be depressed, you are afraid of Mao with a backing for you." Zhao Hui patted Liu Ziguang's shoulder, but Liu Ziguang heard that his words and majesty was far from being so confident.Essence

The van and corpse were handled by the military defense department. Liu Ziguang and Shang Guanjin sat on Zhao Hui's Pajero and drove straight towards Hongqiao Airport.exhibit.

Zhao Huisha said to Shang Guan, "I heard your affairs, Tan Zhihai was mad, and took the risk for the private interests of a small number of people.There is no other way, you can only obtain strong evidence as soon as possible, and bring down the group of people behind Tan Zhihai and behind him. "

Shangguan Jin nodded seriously:" I have done it. "

> Zhao Hui said: "It is not too late to go to Hong Kong from Hongqiao now, you must take out the information that Jin Xudong has."

Shangguan Jin said: "If you remember wrong, Hongqiao Airport in the eveningAt 7:00, there are Hong Kong Airlines flight HX239 direct flight directly to Chihuman Kok Airport. We can take this class. "

Zhao Hui smiled:" Civil flights cannot carry weapons. BesidesIt is also troublesome, after all, it is not public execution tasks. Be careful of Tan Zhihai's eyes. You take my plane, first go to Shenzhen, and then arrive in Hong Kong through the pipeline. "

The special plane is a golden deer aviation.The identified GulfstreamIV jets from Hongqiao Airport arrived in Shenzhen after two and a half hours after taking off from Hongqiao Airport. There was a man wearing a stool to pick them up. After the two parties simply shook hands and drove them to ShenzhenThe bay port, directly customs clearance in the internal channel.

"Comrade, I will send it here. This is something that Manager Zhao commissioned me to transfer. Please collect it." The man in the casual clothes handed a cowhide paper file to Liu Ziguang, shook hands with the two, and turned away.Liu Ziguang opened the file bag and looked at it. There were two passports, a few credit cards, and a stack of Hong Kong dollars cash.

On the side of the port Hong Kong, a car with a government license has long been here. A young man with a suit and leather shown came forward to introduce himself: "I am the little king of the Liaison Department of the China United Nations Association.You. "

Liu Ziguang and Shang Guanjin looked at each other, and they all felt Zhao Hui's eyes. After getting in the car, the little king began to talk about ancient:" The predecessor of the China United Nations Affairs was the Xinhua News Agency Hong Kong Branch.A cow, what Xinyi'an, 14K, usually bullishness, he heard the name of Xinhua News Agency, and he is better than grandson. "

" What about now, no cow? "Liu Ziguang asked with a smile.Essence

"Now it's even better. The Central People's Government is in the Liaison Office of the Special Administrative Region in Hong Kong.The details of these two people are estimated to be the relatives of the central member of the central government.

Although the little king's mouth is extremely arrogant, the driving is very regular, does not speed, does not run through the lights, and even there is no scoring whistle.

Some little king is not lonely. When the car went to the Peninsula Hotel in Steel Bali Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, it was already ten o'clock at night.Liu Ziguang's packet was politely declined. The lobby manager had seen a special car license plate sending them. He smiled and welcomed him with Cantonese. "Welcome to the Peninsula Hotel and you have prepared the room for you."

The room is really booked, and it is a luxurious sea view room located on the 28th floor of the new building in the north. Looking at the night view of the Victoria Bay outside the window, it can't help but be intoxicated.Throwing on the big bed, opened the refrigerator and took out a can of cola to drink, but he didn't see the champagne in the ice bucket.

There is only one big bed in the room, but both of them have not mentioned the topics that appear in dog blood TV series such as sleeping sofa.sleep.