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To Shang Guanjin, "Go buy a few clothes for yourself, and bring me two sets for me by the way."

After Shang Guanjin goes downstairs, Liu Ziguang opened the box and took out two NP44s to wipe itAt one time, dismantle the carton of the bullets, press Huang Chengcheng's bullets into the magazine, put on the nylon shoulder strap and a jacket in the jacket, the pistol is turned off the insurance and put it in the gun, and then opened the box sloper and took it to get it.Some things went out in the pocket.

After another half an hour, it is Valentine's Day on February 14th. The streets of Tsim Sha Tsui in the middle of the night are still very prosperous. Numerous mainland tourists visit the streets on the streets.On the armed belt, the four were patrolled in the crowd. The Hong Kong Island across the Gulf of Victoria was bright and the flowers were brilliant. Liu Ziguang called a taxi and told the driver to Wan Chai.

Taxi is an old red crown. The driver is a chubby native. He talked to Liu Ziguang with his feet in Mandarin and got off at a building in Locke, Wan Chai.Circle of the lane, looked around, and the firearms hung high on the second floor. A few steps back, suddenly the force rushed forward.Then calmly climbed up.

The fifteenth floor of this building is Jinyou invested in the Hong Kong office. The lock at the end of the corridor with a special steel wire was opened quietly, and the angle of the top camera was adjusted., Came to the door of the bronze medal hanging from Jinyu, took out a few magnetic cards and tried it. The door opened.

Jin'er's investment in the Hong Kong office is not even as good as the Shanghai office. There are only three desks, a small conference room, and the seat near the door is secretary. There are some notes on the computer screen. Liu Ziguang hurriedly glanced atJust passed, stopped for half a second and turned around again, tore off a note, which read on February 15, meeting with Mr. Sop.


In a club in the outskirts of the capital, Tan Zhihai turned a red wine glass in his hands. The sofa opposite was Ma Fengfeng.Women with rosy evening dresses are playing the piano. The sound of music is like a flowing clouds, but Director Tan's mood has not improved.

"I see that Xiao Wang was brainwashed by them, and he had to trace the truth. It was really a piano." Director Tan put the red wine glass on the table angrily.

Ma Fengfeng wore a real silk shirt, the buttons unbuttoned three pieces, showing a strong muscle. He laughed: "Uncle Tan, don't worry about this, I have solved it for you."

Director Tan froze, and then reacted:" Fengfeng, don't mess around, Xiao Wang's father and I are good friends, and he speaks a lot in the navy. "

Ma FengfengSaid: "Isn't it a major general, he didn't even match his shoes before my grandfather. Besides, all I was looking for was a reliable veteran, even if he couldn't find out."

Director TanStanding up, took a few steps back and forth with your hands, stopped and said, "You do things too reckless, you should say hello to me in advance. Now Rokkun is paying attention to this matter, and we are passive when he caught the handle."

" So I made a decision. Uncle Tan, the revolution is not a petition for dinner. At the critical moment, I can't be soft -hearted. Shangguan Jin's woman is absolutely unreliable.Due to those decaying things that are too deeply affected by the bourgeoisie, it is okay to use it well.Essence

Director Tan sighed: "You are still too young, the rules of the game are not so played, you can kill others, others can kill you. Although the party struggle is cruel, it is not so in the point of this level.I knew that I shouldn't tell you their position, when did you send someone to the past? Can you still withdraw it now? "

" It's late. "Ma Fengfeng drank the red wine and through the glassThe cup end looked at this strange world, and a smile floated at the corner of the mouth: "I invited the top domestic killer, retired special forces, absolutely professional, and they were not the first time they did such things. I think those twoA major sufferings are already on the way to Naiheqiao. "

Director Tan shook his hand angrily, took out his phone and called, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh can"Ye Jia Xiaoming took a special plane to Shanghai today. The plane took a man and a woman in Shanghai to Shenzhen. The characteristics of their appearance were very consistent with the two people we were looking for."

Ma Fengfeng jumped up: "NoMaybe, the killers I find can never fail. "

Director Tan sneered:" This time it is really big. Originally, Xiao Wang just said that he wanted to find out the truth and did not target us.Send someone to attempted to assassinate, just pushed her to the other's camp. The two of them went to Shenzhen. It was clearly the old back to invest in Hong Kong to investigate Jin'er.What secrets can be kept? "

This time it was Ma Fengfeng, and he was in a hurry, stood up and held his chin contemplative for a while and said," I fuck, I can fight it., But this matter is more interesting, Uncle Tan, do n’t stop me this time. There is an important signing ceremony in Hong Kong the day after tomorrow. It really makes them find that our business is complete.Even the little girl killed together. "

Director Tan thought about it, and said with a painful saying," It's only this way to this day. "

The next day was Valentine's Day. Chen Kun, an orthopedic intern of Jiangbei Hospital, was in the heart of a happy little wave. His family was average. His parents were teachers in middle school.Girlfriend, his relationship with Fang Ye was his first love.

When I saw Fang Ye at first glance, when I was led by the chief doctor, I thought it was a high school girl who was lying on the sick bed.Chen Kun was deeply moved by the girl's story.

Graduated from the health school and went to African aid. His father is the deputy director of the hospital, an expert in brain surgery, and the mother is the deputy director of the Avian Department.Kun felt romantic and sad, and gave birth to a kind of care from the bottom of her heart.

From then on, Chen Kun began to pay attention to Fang Ye, and he went to chat with her as soon as he had time. Of course, while no one was, a 30 -year -old man often went to see Fang Ye, andIt is said that this person and Fang Ye had something to do before. Thinking of this Chen Kun's heart was sour, but helpless.

"Chen Kun, you need to love her." Chen Kun often secretly inspired himself.

On the first day of the year, a sensational incident occurred in Jiangtan Park.Special police, armored vehicle, Chen Kun was stunned at the time. He did not expect that his love rivals turned out to be a Jiangyang thief. He was afraid and surprised. Of course, most surprises accounted for most.

After the uncle was arrested, Fang Ye's mood has always been bad. In order to solve his girlfriend, Chen Kun decided to engage in a romantic "Valentine's Day Raiders".

Three days ago, Chen Kun scheduled ninety -nine red roses at the flower shop in front of the hospital. The current rose is very expensive.He was reckless, not only setting a rose, but also ran to the newly opened western restaurant to book a position with a window. He wanted to give the beloved girl a romantic Valentine's Day.

After the romantic candlelight dinner, there are other programs. Chen Kunben wanted to set up a quick hotel to spend Valentine's Day night, but considering that it was repeated, he set the city's highest -end five -star hotel large bed room.

In order to rest tomorrow, Chen Kun took the initiative to ask for a night shift today. The work of the orthopedic ward is not busy. There is a nurse in front. The doctor only needs to sleep in the duty room.Tomorrow's beautiful scene, I can't help but get up. According to his plan, I will take Fang Ye home to see her parents tomorrow during the day. Although Fang Ye is three years older than himself, the saying goes, the female junior hugs the brick, the female junior hugs the brick, the female junior hugs the brick,Moreover, parents are intellectuals, enlightened people, and they should not care about this.

Thinking about it, Chen Kun entered a sweet dream hometown, and the corners of his mouth slowly tilted.


When Hong Kong, Peninsula Hotel, Liu Ziguang returned to the room, Shangguan Jin sat on the bed to watch TVB's soap drama, his hair hanging down wet, it seems that he just took a bath, I holding snacks in my hand is delicious.

"Honey, you can't see your taste is more unique." Liu Ziguang joked.

Shangguan stops chewing: "What do you call me?"

Liu Ziguang erected his fingers on his lips and made a snoring gesture, walked to the table, picked up the phone, from the chassisCut the next electronic component.

Shang Guanjin's eyes stared loudly, so he didn't dare to speak anymore.

Liu Ziguang took the electronic component to the toilet and rushed off the toilet. He came back and said, "Don't make a fuss. Hong Kong has always gathered in the scatter. Although the focus of the 1977 was transferred to Bangkok, the spy was still everywhere everywhereYes. "

Shangguan Jin whispered:" Can you speak now? "

" Yes, they are just a conventional eavesdropping, and there is no maliciousness. "

"Conventional eavesdropping? Who are they?"

"It should be British MI5. After returning, this group of people lurked into the Hong Kong government, police department, and commercial institutions.We are the guests of the China United Nations Office. Of course, they must be eavesdropped with a conventional manner.After the eavesdropper, he climbed into the bed and said, "Where are you going to sleep?"