Chapter 073 [A Love Kiss]

Chapter 073 [A Kiss of Love]

The eyes of the masses are clear, and their anger is not resistant.The cup with ear scraping, knowing that it is difficult to enemy mouth, so he had to run down in the next stop, lest he couldn't hide it.

"Lu Xuyang, when I arrived, I'm going to get off."

Wu Wanfang also had to stand on this standing. The cheerful smile she bloomed on the corner of her lips suddenly condensed, slowlyDi Song opened Lu Xuyang's arms, but in the shiny eyes, there was a trace of fear.

In Lu Xuyang's eyes, it was an inexplicable fear, but soon he responded, and he had a good time, and he had the delicate and sensitive thoughts of Wu Wanfang.

"I happened to be fine. Take me to your school to watch and watch?"

Lu Xuyang is also a little worried. Will the bald man who just go down will retaliate against Wu Wanfang?Even if she just scolded her, she was afraid she would not dare to return.

Wu Wanfang's front foot has just settled, Lu Xuyang's feet heel up, he pulled her hand and blocked her behind him. In case, the cup was attacked.His attack will not be harmed by a girl who can't help but can't help.

Wu Wanfang subconsciously looked around. Seeing that the weird man's figure had disappeared around, he breathed a sigh of relief, looking back at Lu Xuyang with a smile, and couldn't help saying: "Thank you."

It's" thank you "again. This Wu Wanfang is too polite. You are older than me. You should be my sister.Lu Xuyang thought so that he was so close to a girl who was older than herself and walked so close.

From the beginning, Lu Xuyang felt that Wu Wanfang was very kind to himself.It seems that the loved ones around you can see the neighbor relationship that cannot be separated at any time.

"You're welcome." Lu Xuyang let go of Wu Wanfang's little hand, smiled and shook his head, and said."Oh, this school is the university I dream of! Do you have time now? Take me in two laps?"

Since it ’s down, take two steps to the door of the FD University,Then you may wish to go in. If there is no accident, in September, he can enter this famous university with Zheng Xiyi.

Lu Xuyang just rushed out of the car to stop him. Wu Wanfang was not a fool. He knew what he meant. He was focusing on protecting himself.He saw the frightening of his inner fear.He seems to be able to see through himself.

"I have always been free. I am a junior. The course is much less. Some of our students in our college are doing part -time job while internships to save experience in future work.You must come to our school to study. We dare not say that it is the best in the country, but at least it will not let the new schoolmates disappointed and regret. "Wu Wanfang led Lu Xuyang to the school's west gate and walked.Go, her dark eyes were looking forward to, and she felt faintly that she seemed to owe him. If he was studying at this school in the future, he would have the opportunity to repay the repayment.

Lu Xuyang nodded: "I know. My family dreams that I hope I will go to college at my own house, and the best school is on my house.Yes. Believe that you choose what you believe, you will not be wrong! "

Wu Wanfang listened to the other person's tone and said firmly, and his face was full of confidence, so she couldn't help it.Enter the school gate.

It is indeed a well -branded university with many outstanding students. The school gate is great, deep and quiet, and the atmosphere is well -known. It is a good place for learning.

Wu Wanfang led Lu Xuyang to watch everywhere. She also introduced one by one, explaining the historical background and symbolic significance of each iconic building.

"Lu Xuyang, go to our dormitory to sit?"

Wu Wanfang suddenly stood up, turned around, and said with a smile, the trembling pink lips seemed to slip away.Son.

Lu Xuyang had no opinion, but he also thought of it, and said, "Should boys in the girl dormitory in college not allow boys to go in casually? What do your roommates do?"

The question behind him was indirect, and if you think about it, your roommate is there, how can a boy mix in.

Wu Wanfang told Lu Xuyang that there was no problem. The relationship between Auntie Guan and her had a good relationship. Give the sentence, and said that they took someone to repair the computer: "My roommate did not live inside.There were seven people in total. Two two went to Hangzhou, Zhejiang and Hangzhou to work. The remaining four lived outside, and everything was moved away. It was rare to see them a few times a month. "

> Lu Xuyang naturally didn't understand, why Wu Wanfang had to invite himself to their dormitory, but when he thought about it, he suddenly became open -minded.The simple girl, can you eat you? "

He laughed a little bit.

Wu Wanfang noticed the weird smile on the corner of Lu Xuyang's mouth, and suddenly asked, "Lu Xuyang, what are you laughing?"

Well, her white and tender face suddenly burst into red clouds.

"This Wu Wanfang seems to have a heart." Lu Xuyang wore the super square -frame glasses, as if he felt his insight, and he was much more keen. Wu Wanfang couldn't hide it in front of herself, maybe, she, she, she, sheIn front of yourself, some things don't need to bury it at all.

"I didn't laugh. Wu Wanfang, should you learn computer technology in computer technology?" Lu Xuyang said the topic to avoid the embarrassing magnification that he gave up because of random conjecture.

Wu Wanfang said: "No. If it is very powerful, what are you learning? In fact, what you can learn in college is poor, all of them are fur, and basic theories. IfYou don't have to study at your heart, I'm afraid it's been in vain for four years ... Lu Xuyang, I'm sorry, I shouldn't tell you so early, as if splashing cold water on your head, extinguishing your college entrance examination college entrance examination collegeThe enthusiasm.

The blush on her face gradually converged, and she apologized.

"It doesn't matter. My enthusiasm is high, and pouring cold oil will increase the fire." Lu Xuyang smiled humorously.

"That's fine." Wu Wanfang also laughed.

"Come in. Although the bedroom environment is very average, I clean up very cleanly."

Five minutes later, Lu Xuyang entered the girl's dormitory smoothly under the road of Wu Wanfang,For the first time, he came to the place where the girls lived, and they were a little uncomfortable. They stood at the door of Wu Wanfang's bedroom for a long time before going in.

Wu Wanfang came up to close the door.

Lu Xuyang looked up and down. The room was not as spacious as expected. There were a few beds stuffed with books and clothing. The bags were stacked by the window.

The lower bed near the door should belong to Wu Wanfang. There is a photo of her and her sister Wu Wanfen on the wall of the bedside.Temporary beauty.

"You live here alone, at night, aren't you afraid?" Lu Xuyang asked casually, when he turned his head to see Wu Wanfang, suddenly felt a heat on his left face, extremely warm, and didn't want to want to.It was discovered that the hot lips of the other party fell on his face.

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