Chapter 072 【Protective Messenger】

. Walking on the road carrying a schoolbag, Lu Xuyang's tactics on Moji Boxing spectrum are very interesting.The meaning of unjustly, but each of its moves are extremely beautiful, such as the move at the beginning of the article, "Light and right, and turning the yin into yang".The continuous effect of "pushing the boat" in Taijiquan and "Baihe Bright Wings".

Lu Xuyang prefers to watch action movies. When he was in high school, he was bored and read some books about explaining Chinese martial arts in Xinhua Bookstore near the school.Essence

Of course, learning martial arts still requires the foundation, that is, a person's physical problem, strong muscles, what the basic strength, and whether the bone development is good, the root foundation is fast, otherwise, you need to pay more, you need to pay multiple times, you need to pay more, you need to pay multiple times more, you need to pay more than more.Hard work.

Lu Xuyang knows that he has taken "Tai Chi Jindan". He has upgraded like the characters in the game, and his physique is passively enhanced.The foundation.

"Well. I will definitely learn to be pure!" Lu Xuyang raised his arm, encouraged himself, and was full of confidence.

From here to the temple street, Lu Xuyang was used to taking a bus. Slowly swimming also has a slow style. Anyway, don't worry, there is still one morning, isn't Haiye a noon!

In fact, Lu Xuyang likes to take the bus to take this line. There is another small reason. He and Wu Wanfang met in this car several times.I couldn't meet each other again this time.

Lu Xuyang also wanted to know how Wu Wanfen's situation was. She moved the operation, but she was still in a very low emotion. I thought she would not find death anymore.

Lu Xuyang tied into the car with one end. Fortunately, it was empty than usual. He lost a coin, raised his head, and looked forward subconsciously.

When she first came into view is a girl wearing a blue T -shirt with blue and black jeans. She has a slim figure and long hair. How can the keys hanging on her waist be so familiar?

Lu Xuyang settled, and then slowly walked over, and saw the girl grasping the handrail tightly with both hands, which seemed very difficult.

"Wu Wanfang, it's really you?!"

Lu Xuyang is finally determined, oh my god, this is too coincidental, he and Wu Wanfang met and meet, sit down, sit down, sit downIt turned out to be the same car!

"Lu Xuyang ... Yeah, coincident!"

Wu Wanfang heard Lu Xuyang's greeting, and turned around and looked around. She saw Lu Xuyang suddenly appeared in front of herself.It is also an exceptional surprise, this is really overwhelming!

Lu Xuyang asked her sister's affairs casually.

"Thank you for your concern. My sister is much better now. Lu Xuyang, the deposit you interspersed with us, don't you need to need it?" Wu Wanfang's face was reddish when he said this.The bright eyes shone with a strange light, and the red lips and teeth seemed to be still.

Lu Xuyang felt that she was more mature than Zheng Xiyi, and had a more "soft" feeling.

"No need. It's okay."

Lu Xuyang shook his head with a smile. He saw that Wu Wanfang's body was shaking with the fluctuation of the car, so he reached out very naturally, and used his right arm with his right arm.Gently holding her waist rod so that she can stand a little bit.

"Thank you." Wu Wanfang can relax a hand, slowly, after a while, she asked Lu Xuyang, "Have you ever been to our school before?? "

Lu Xuyang shook his head straight and said," I want to go. Hehe, but I have never had a chance. Do you have to come to the hospital to visit your sister in the afternoon? "

" Will come and give her to herSend food. "Wu Wanfang said.

The two were talking. When they arrived at a station, a large number of people suddenly came up. Everyone squeezed Wu Wanfang to Lu Xuyang's side.

Lu Xuyang is about to change direction and insert Wu Wanfang into the more empty place in front of her. Who knew that she suddenly jumped and scolded.

"What are you doing! Are you deliberately! Are you sick?"

Lu Xuyang couldn't help but be surprised, and he was talking about what he was talking about.When she went, it was just that the guy behind her was making her a "salty pig hand"!

Wu Wan stared angrily at the man with a typical bald man wearing golden glasses rogue images. As soon as she said, the people around the man voted to him.

"Who are you talking about? What are you talking about?" The bald head's head was very developed, and his appearance was very embarrassed.It's almost the same.

Wu Wanfang's pretty face flushed, and the other party wanted to touched the oil on her body. In this case, she was inconvenient to say export. For a while, she was a little stuffed, and when she boarded it, she fell into the weak side of the weakness.

"You stand here."

Lu Xuyang exhaled Wu Wanfang to the open space in front of her, she could not help but hold his arm involuntarily, in this situation, in this situation, in this situation,In the following, in exchange for any other girl, I am afraid that a boyfriend is very important to have a boyfriend who is standing beside him to protect her

So Wu Wanfang is no exception. She recognizes Lu Xuyang as her boyfriendIt is used to "resist" the rude harassment of the wolf, at least calling him to know that you still have friends next to him, don't be too presumably.

"Oh, this woman, nonsense, really shameless!" The man sneered at Wu Wanfang, and took a bite, and everyone didn't see the scene clearly.Out, they just look at the man from the viewer's eyes, and look at Wu Wanfang, and it is not easy to express.

"Twenty -five things ..." Lu Xuyang stared at the arrogant bald man. Suddenly, his right eye closed his right eyes and his left eye stared at the other.

The second skill brought by this pair of glasses, "The evil of the left eye

"... In the next twenty seconds, the target defense was lost, and at the same time inspired the biggest weakness on him ..."

Lu Xuyang's "left -eye evil"The skill description is very clear. Sure enough, the bald guy responded, and it was very strong. He suddenly became red like a stimulant, and his face quickly stretched to the sensitive part of the female passenger next to him.

He is "Spring Crazy"!


The crispy slap, but a old mother made a lot: "Stinky hooligan! What are you doing!"

The riders were shocked, and everyone's attention was betting on the unlucky egg with a slap.

"You ... you ... what are you doing! Why do you hit people?!" The twenty seconds of seconds were about to pass. The man shook the gods and covered his painful cheeks with his left hand.Staring at the old lady with an angry face.

"It's you! You stinky, don't get it away!"

It is a crisp sound of "slap" again, seeing another young woman who is angryOnce, everyone's sight looked at it. It turned out that the guy's right hand had not had time to pull out from the pants of others!

The evidence is conclusive, and the rogue of a man has aroused the anger!