Chapter 071 [Yin Yang Boxing]

. "Xiaoxu, come here, grandpa asked you something."

Lu Xuyang just put down the phone tube, and the grandfather's old and low voice came from behind, but it sounded like this.Before there was a median gas, it seemed that his condition had improved a lot.

"Um." Lu Xuyang looked back and saw his grandfather's good look, and he was naturally very happy. He thought that Grandpa could get up and walk around, then his illness was almost as good as he was.

"Dad, you should lie down and rest, don't get out of bed, tired of your old body bones, just tell me to do it ..." Lu mother stepped up and greeted.

The old man shook his head with a smile: "If you can go, you have to move more activities. Life is exercise. It doesn't matter, you go busy you, I'll find Xiaoxu a few words."

Lu Xuyang followed his grandfather into his bedroom.

"Xiaoxu, this is a miracle, what can I see if this illness is? I feel myself, this is not the phenomenon of" Huiguang and Returning to the photo There was no pain at all! "The old man held Lu Xuyang's hand with kindness, and his grandchildren sat side by side in bed and talked. When he asked about the" little green fruit "Xiandou" is not the so -called ordinary Chinese herbal medicine, but a pitch that can be able to return to life. There are only a few in their own equipment bags in this world!

"Grandpa, that Chinese medicine is good, it was given to me by a friend, now I don't know if he still has. Oh, my friend has learned the method of qigong cure. That method deal withIt is said that the treatment of the treatment of the five internal organs is said to be very effective. "Lu Xuyang did not want to and couldn't tell the origin of Xiandou to his grandfather. From the beginning, the magic weapon was the most out of print secret that he knew.Everyone can not disclose one or two. Once he leaked, not only, not only yourself, but also the relatives and friends around him will fall into uneasiness.

Lu Xuyang knew that he was more complicated to say something, and Grandpa would not have a little doubt.

"Qigong? I have heard a lot of Qigong. I have a friend who is a doctor of Chinese medicine, and I have learned that hand. His Tai Chi played well. Unfortunately, my fashion is a bit a little fashionable.I was idle all day long. When I sat in the house and read a book, it was the old for a long time. I never thought about practicing any qigong and fitness fist, so this old bone often lost the disease. "The old man looked a little frustrated.

Lu Xuyang comforted: "Then I will teach you in the future."

The words he said casually did not think the old man was serious, and only listened to his serious look: ""Xiaoxu, have you learned qigong with your friend?"

Lu Xuyang had to nod with his head hard, saying, "I will click."

BackWhen he was in his room, Lu Xuyang suddenly had a thought in his mind. Yeah, I had this magic weapon with super refining function in hand. Why not try a practical "practice **" out,This can not only enhance your own physique, but also teach to others!

Before going to bed this night, Lu Xuyang ate a "Tai Chi Jin Dan" and passively rose to the level passively. Each level of level is like his muscles will become stronger, and it will increase a certain height height.Essence

"With this foundation, it is a pity not to learn some real materials. It is a pity that it is unhappy to rely on the hidden brute force PK!"Tone.

So, when he came together the next day, Lu Xuyang turned over the box to find a panking related to the "martial arts". The closer to the legendary "God Gong Trip

Lu Xuyang remembers that he liked to watch martial arts novels at that time. In this antique wooden box, he should also collect a lot of heroes such as Jin Yong and other heroes.

It was finally pulled out of the martial arts that had been yellowed from the bottom of the box at the bottom of the box.Essence

Lu Xuyang couldn't help laughing when he thought about it, thinking that he liked to hide in the toilet when he was a kid to enjoy these "children's inappropriate" martial arts.At the end of the end, the original thick one was just dozens of pages, and I felt "tragic" when I remembered it.

"The Chixia Yang Xiaoxie

"A common martial arts novel" Strange Man Yang Xiaoxie "disappeared ... Congratulations, successful refining ..."

Raising psychiatric mirror to see "Congratulations"After the word, Lu Xuyang was relieved. If it failed, then there was no chance to refine items today. He continued to watch with a strong curiosity:

"... You get a book" You get a book "Yin and Yang Boxing Spectrum "... The left hand is Yin, the right hand is yang, the ninety -eighty -one type, a total of 162 types of boxing, the changes are endless, if the true meaning, the gold is broken, the iron is destroyed ...Learn ... "

Lu Xuyang was excited, and he did not think of it successfully. After the refined book, the book has become a exquisite yellow skin score. He just read it and said that women could not practice.

Lu Xuyang couldn't wait to open it to watch, but it was a bit dizzy. Except for the figures of the characters, it was Sanskrit characters, so the ghost could understand!

But this problem was quickly solved after wearing glasses. Lu Xuyang found that this pair of glasses still hides a special role, that is "translation".And the pattern is straightforward with simplified Chinese characters clearly and placed clearly in front of you.

After pondering the boxing spectrum for a while, Lu Xuyang began to follow the action indicated above. Of course, it was practiced from the starting boxing method on the first page.

The left hand yin and right hand yang, practiced for a long while, Lu Xuyang suddenly felt that his left and right arms had a strange feeling out of his fingertips, cold and hot, cold and warm, and the degree of warmth could not be changed.

After stopping the action, Lu Xuyang found that his left and right hands were returning to normal. He only felt that his whole body was warm and comfortable.

"This is really a good thing. I must learn him. Oh, there are nine stages in total."Boxing

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