The longest spell seven -crickets' awakening


The leadership of the sun and the moon

On the dark road

Shining the brilliant golden way

The flowing spring water Intersection

The white silk that is overwhelmed

Please respond to my call

The river that gathers into a dream

After the dead mountains

The real sea is leaning

Let the seeds that hope take root in the promise!

Tree growing into a constant green world. br> and ignite the eternal immortal inflammation

The endless red lotus

Weaving each other's wishes

Sprinkle the burning vows

Wake up the sleepy earth


The Seven Power of Seven Embracing from Swire

Brilliant Day and Gentle Moon

The golden purple water of the blue and the water of the deep purple

Fire with Crimson

Fast landing here

Resonise on the dark ground

Breaking the wheel of the closed for a long time

Crusted that Lost self -fantasy time and space

The ultimate magic of the inverse attribute -the fantasy of staggered:

Eternity of closed in chaos

Breakthrough in nothingness

The deepening of the universe

The great gods that are called

Please respond to my prayer

Overlap fantasy and reality

With strong

Change each other's appearance

Pain and sadness

Falling the other body

Note: blend the opponent with a certain thing, or with yourself The fusion is controlled by the strong side of the spiritual power, but it retains the weak side of the side.

Eight attributes ultimate compound sealing spell -the most beautiful glory:

Endless magic will turn into endless hope

The elves of the wind, please surround me
Establish a chaos barrier

The elves of the water should be transformed into a soft fluctuation

Set the mirror of years

The elves of the ground, please give up each other's hatred

Lift the restraint of the soul

Please condense the elves of the fire

The web weaving as space

Please use the four major elements Power

Concluding the inexplicable inexplicable

From the beginning of nothing to the end of chaos

Please stop all fluctuations

Seal!The most beautiful glory!

The second bomb of the sealing technique ..... The eternity of sleeping:

In the indifferent loneliness

The Lord of the Creation of Store

Eternal Sadness of emptiness

The Spirit of the Doomsday

The supreme existence of controlling truth and illusions

Please listen to my description

With Dark

Cover the final line

Let the abyss of the seal reproduce!


.......< br>
Brilliant Mantra —— Banjie Yahuang Battlefire Corps —— This world:

The King of the Supreme Divine Fa, the palmist of the triangular array, please listen to my prayer

The King of Magic Flames, the reunification of the four corners, please respond to my request

The great king of underworld, the dominant of the five -dimensional array, please promise my wish < Br>
The King of Glory, the manager of the six mangers, please realize my hope

I am the messenger of the crimson fireworks on the world. >
Taking blood and magic as the key, open the door to the four realms,

Purify the evil of sin to listen to me

Burning the inflammation of all things listening to me > The inflammation of the extinction of the soul listened to my life

Listen to my instructions of the endless inflammation

The inflammation of the four realms came to me

The inflammation of the Five Realms welcomes me Enemy

The heavens and the earth belong to chaos ...


The king of the wind,

Great King,

Qunqing's Irek!

My great ally,

Following the sacred contract of blood,

The beginning of the blood of the self,

At the end,

Responsible for my call,

Turn into my power!

冰 Ice bombs:

The pure water girl,

The reason for the influence of waves,

Beautiful Queen,

> Blue Eva!

My great ally,

Following the sacred contract of blood,

The beginning of the blood of the self,

At the end,

responded to my call,

Frozen all the enemies in front of me.

裂 <<:

The silent earth king,

The principle of changing the changes in the Yangshan River,
Brave soldiers,

Fighting Besimos!

My great ally,

Following the sacred contract of blood,

The beginning of the blood of the self,

At the end,

Responsible for my call,

Buried my enemy!

焰 Flame giant:

R violet flame giant,

In charge of destruction and regeneration,

brave tyrant,

Red Colorful Aflid!

My great ally,

Following the sacred contract of blood,

The beginning of the blood of the self,

At the end,

Responsive my call,

Gather your strength,

into a sacred weapon,

Destroy all enemies.

之 之 <<:

The daughter of the glorious god,

Guide soldiers to the Holy Hall,

Glory Princess,

Wang Ergrey, who can't face it!

My great ally,

Following the sacred contract of blood,

The beginning of the blood of the self,

At the end,

responded to my call,

Turn light into a sharp blade.

Tear the darkness!

Even the gods of the heavens are afraid of

Even the demon king of hell is also afraid

The existence of all creations and destruction

Your humble servant is here Pray for you

Use your power to die in the world

Give me the ignorant humble creature in front of me

The final trial

The ultimate deceased Resurrection spell:

The supreme dark god in the underworld

I will pray to you here

I am here to petition

As a sacrifice

In exchange for your compassion for me

With your great power

Re -give me the new life of my beloved person

> Ultimate White Magic:

The soft breeze of the gentle brush

The blue and clear sea

Burning and burning flames

Calm and calm earth
With the resonance of the four major elements

Open the channel for the demands of God

The great god worship in the supreme world of the four gods

Destroy God

Please listen to my prayer

Use your sacred great power

Give sad crying people

The last compassion

Top Dark Magic:

The lurking in the dark night

The elves crying under the moon

Please respond to my inner anger

Please merge Make an eternal cage

Human beings that make me foolish in front of me

Get in endless darkness

Top -level guardian magic:

Endless magic will turn into endless Hope

The elf of the wind, please surround me

The barrier that constitutes the wind

The elf of the water should be turned into a soft fluctuation

Round Mirror

The elves of the ground, please give up hatred

Lift the restraint of the soul

Fack your anger

Synthetic magic "mirror sealing sound":

The flame elf in the atmosphere

Please respond to my request

Endless anger

> Let infinite fluctuations resonate

Create eternal power

Blasting wind sounds!

Time is the ultimate magic of magic:

Burn the wall of sighs with the immortal ground fire

Let the flowing Binglan unlock the seal lock

From the beginning of nothing to the end of chaos

Please follow the promise that has been inherited since ancient times. >
Open the door of the real and fantasy world for me. >
Fire is a point, inflammation is the line,

The three realms of the Three Realms constitute an endless face

The flame of fear shuttle eternal space

The boundary of the break of time

The great emperor who exists in nothingness

I asked your vows in practice legends in my name

Created the first broken

BR> The End of Chaos

The ultimate spell of the wind -gentle sadness:

From the light sound on the treetops in the morning

From the gentle and light breeze

to the rolling tornado

Cross the dreamline of the dream

Open the real door

> Draw the beginning of sadness

Until the final end

Unreal doomsday master

Please use the power of my supreme


The ultimate magic of the thunder -nothing vow:

The disorderly thunder symbolizes the destruction

The fear of the end of the trial


Form the sword of anger

Unlock the fate of the ring lock

The eternity of the broken and closed

The Lord of Creation and Destruction

Please listen to it My vows

All the endlessness of the ultimate

Deeper and blue than the sea, farther than the sky blue sky,

From the bottom of Jiuyou Di Yuan Yuan, the bottom of the reunion At present, inherit the darkness of the other,

Everything that is touched, and a contract with me -deep blue trial with me.

Violation of all natural regulations, destroying all natural laws,

Violation of the balance of all dimensions, destroying the order of all dimensions,

In contrast, I look for new regulations and balances,

In destruction, I seek new laws and order,


Beyond the eternal time, beyond the infinite space -dimensional fluctuations

I will open the door of time and space here, calling for hidden in the Ming Dynasty,

Until the seal of the destruction, the Pluto recruits, the flying heavenly ...

I have the right hand of my right hand to master the god of spirit Moses. God Cas,

Using Ru's body as an oath, offer a sacrifice of thousands of people

In exchange for gray blessings.At the beginning of the three gods and blood alliances

In the beginning, the prelude of the shattered ...

The end of the Holy Light, the end of the creation ...

Five Mang Unconsispy, magic dance music ...

The prelude of the demon king showing the song