Chapter 052 【Milling Million】

. The car was bumpy a few times in the middle. When violent, Wu Wanfang couldn't control it to Lu Xuyang's side.The waist rod is not allowed to lean on strangers, fearing to cause the bad feeling of others.

Wu Wanfang's head was rubbing Lu Xuyang's head. For a while, she didn't face her face, for fear that the other party would see her blushing and ears.

Until the car returned to stability, Wu Wanfang could stand up his neck and pull a certain distance from Lu Xuyang.

"This road is not so easy to go."


The two people took care of each other, and Lu Xuyang suddenly thought that he had hit with Wu Wanfang that day.The full thing, almost hit her. This college student went up and more pure than some high school girls. It belongs to the kind of small family jasper to see the type of ascending.How restrained, but more talkative.

Before he arrived at the gate of FD University, Wu Wanfang said that he borrowed a book to read Lu Xuyang, because he just talked about his English was the worst and needed to catch up.

"I have a lot of friends who read the English department. There are many guidance books they learn from the college entrance examination before the college entrance examination. Presumably it must be used to overcome English difficulties to deal with the exam.I hope to help you be busy. "Wu Wanfang said very seriously, and Lu Xuyang thank her. Yeah, her English scores need to be improved. I want to read some information books to the market.Some people recommend that they have saved their useless work.

"No need to be polite. Maybe we will be alumni in the future. Okay, I'm going to the station, worship." Wu Wanfang got out of the car, the car hadn't started, and strange she ran up again.There is a note in the end she has seen, remembering her phone number, there is something to call her directly.

Lu Xuyang was very pleased. I did not expect that the other party was so delicate and thoughtful for himself. With this mobile phone number, he would have a master teacher in his studies, and he was tallest.

When I stepped into the temple street, Lu Xuyang went straight to the "Chinese Classic Positive Bank" and came to the door of the pawn shop. It was unexpectedly found that the business of this shop seemed to be much better than usual.Several black cars with brushes, Lu Xuyang only aimed at both eyes and knew that it was high -end goods. Each car was at least one million, otherwise it would never be able to take it.

Lu Xuyang stopped and stood for almost a minute at the front entrance. He set his expression, and he even put on his entire nose.Both the costume and the words and deeds must be solemn and heavy, so that you can put your confidence. The momentum should be strong or weak.

The pawn of the pawn of the pawnshopper hall really gathered more than a dozen guests in three or three places. Both were negotiating. When Lu Xuyang appeared, as soon as he saw him, he immediately greeted him with a smile and performed very enthusiastic.

"Let me introduce it. This is Haiye, we often call him the sea." The fat man pointed to a white -haired old man who was nearly an old age and said to Lu Xuyang.Explain the origin of that person.

"Hai Lao, he is the Mr. Lu I told you." The fat man pointed to Lu Xuyang and introduced one or two sentences. His words have not been pronounced, and the old man coughed sharply until he cough until he cough until he cough until he coughs until he coughs until he coughs until he coughs until he coughs until he coughs until he coughs until he coughs until he coughs until he coughsI had to bend my waist, and the dry cough was so powerful that people had to worry about his health.

The fat man hurried out his hand and helped him gently hold back.

"The sea is old, are you okay? You seem to be getting worse and more serious, don't be too busy, go to a large hospital for examination.. "The fat man persuaded.

"Not hindered. Old faults. This is the case when people are old." Hai Ye stood up and looked up at Lu Xuyang, as if he looked at him.I think you should not be old, ten years old, but twenty? "

Lu Xuyang nodded, saying," The sea is good. "

On the body of Hai Ye, suddenly, frowned tightly. It turned out that when he concentratedly stared at the opponent's left chest, he clearly saw the terrible scene. The lungs of the old man were obviously different from the right.There is a bloated dark shadow.

Although Lu Xuyang has not studied medical skills, it is known for some common medical problems. What is not good?Always breeding lesions.

"This glasses can not only be a long -sighted vision, but also see it. As long as you concentrate, you can see everything!"

"We are looking for you, so, you must know it too, you must know it too.. Tell you, I am a treasure collector, and I used to be a 'gambler', haha, of course, not playing cards, but gambling stones. When I win, I have failed.But after studying for a lifetime, he still stayed at the general level. There is no breakthrough in technology. Ah ... Keke ... Keke ... "Hai Ye said he coughed again.

Lu Xuyang indirectly reminded him: "Old man, I advise you to go to the hospital to check your body as soon as possible. Your lungs are not good, it's not good, not just afraid."
" NothingThe big deal, I was tossed by cough at the age of 50, and I had a big problem to get a big problem. "Hai Ye slowly raised his head, with a kind smile and seemed to be approachable. He stared at Lu Xuyang and said,"Lady, I see your eyesight. When you meet, you can see that my lungs are wrong. When Xiao Guo said at a glance, when you recognized the strengths and disadvantages of the gambling stone, I didn't understand it at first.But now I am more confident in you. "

Lu Xuyang didn't understand what she meant in her words.The stones used to bet. "

" You should remember. When you came to my shop the day before yesterday, did you just look at a bunch of stones on the reservoir?One of them is full of green jade. After a light yesterday, it was really, and you said in a word. In fact, we asked you today to identify the value of your strange stone, it is more important to be more important.It is to appreciate the different talents of you and the talents. "Xiao Guo's head of the shopkeeper looked sincerity.

Lu Xuyang couldn't help but stunned after hearing, thinking, sweat, where is this? Can you be in the legendary Bole: "Oh, I was casually said casually., I ca n’t do it. Think about it, I ’m just an outsider who does n’t understand the rules. Where can I understand the treasures and appreciation of the jade?”

"Yes, it is called endowment. I heard Xiao Guo said that your heirs' treasure stones are famous. I checked all related stone materials of ancient and modern Chinese and foreign.无非就是物以稀为贵,这个道理亘古不变。年轻人,百万以上千万以下,都不是问题,在我观摩确认之后,愿意买下,作为收藏,并希望和你交个朋友,呵呵It can also be regarded as the "forgetting of the year" in the eternal beauty.

(High up the arms in the middle of the night, ask for a ticket!)