Chapter 051 [Opportunity to Fortune]

. Father Lu rode a bicycle and carried the construction tool to go home and went home to eat meals. When he walked into the door, he saw Zheng Xiyi accompany his wife in the kitchen.Yu Man was happy, and immediately brushed away the belly he had just received at the abominable contractor.

"Uncle." When Zheng Xiyi sent Lu Xuyang, who was drunk like a mud that night, he met his father and recognized himself.

Father Lu saw Zheng Xiyi so polite, and he became more and more happy in his heart. He smiled and nodded, saying, "Okay. Are you just here? Don't stop, let your aunt come., Be careful not to hurt your fingers. "

" No. I often cook food and cook in my house. I am used to it. "She praised her cleverness and was a diligent girl.

Father Lu woke up with his wife.

"Wife, just order it? Xiaoyi finally came to my house to be a guest, so I have to prepare some delicious food markets to buy some chickens, ducks, fish, or something." Father Lu wrinkledFrowning, expressed puzzlement to your wife's hospitality, thinking that you are not always thinking about Xiaoxu's girlfriend on weekdays. Today, I hope that I hope it is here.The belt became stingy, where is the "work" that Xiao Xu has done there.

"Don't buy it! You know a fart!" Lu Mu's face was disapproved, and he lowered his voice and said, "People came to prepare the vegetables early.Stir -fry a dish and let us taste her craftsmanship. Litter, no matter how the dishes do, you say it is good when you eat. What you need to be encouraged. "

"Why don't I understand me? Although that's it, I have to make a few more dishes. This is the girl who came to our house as a guest, not we eat at her house." Father Lu glanced at it.

"Your pig's brain does not turn his mind? Think about it, if we make a good dish of a large table, then the tomato fried eggs made by Xiaoyi will taste it?Do you just want to show it? We have to cooperate, so that she can be more integrated into our home. "Lu Mu was straightforward, and after listening to her, Lu's father felt a little reasonable, butHe also wanted to say.

"But ... I'm so hungry, just ordering on the cutting board is not enough for me to stuff my teeth."
"Okay. I will give you a radish heart againStew the tofu brain and comfort you. "Lu Mu said seriously, but Lu's father couldn't hold it. He laughed and scolded:" You are the tofu brain! "

" Wife ah ah, Xiaoyi comes to our house today, so we will never let her return empty -handed when we meet? We have to give her a gift, expressing that it is to make her understand that we care about her and herHow much is it for Xiaoxu? How much is it? "Father Lu frowned suddenly, and rubbed his hands.

Lu Mu said: "Seal a 100,000 red envelope, people may like it, but like our family, the bells are so poor that the residence in the second half of the year has not yet settled.People. We do n’t know much about Xiao Yi, and we can only ask about the situation from Xiaoxu. "

Lu's father nodded, and he felt.

When Mother Lu communicated with Lu Xuyang on this question, he smirked and quickly shook his head and said, "Don't have to have one! Really! She is not the kind of greedy girl, if you seal her red envelope,Instead, she will feel uncomfortable, I'm afraid she will not dare to come to our house in the future. "

Mother Lu listened to him seriously, so she went back to discuss with her husband and give up the" expensive money and not asking ".The thought.

After Zheng Xiyi made a large plate of tomatoes and fried eggs, seeing that the vegetables seemed to be less, she fried two of them, and she was put on the table one by one.

Father Lu had only responded to his wife's words, and ate Zheng Xiyi's fried dishes with encouragement. Who knew that the dishes were in the entrance, so he couldn't help but praise.The kind of praise.

"It's delicious! It is much better than your aunt!"

"Is it so delicious?" Lu Xuyang was in his mouth, chewing it seemed to have no special taste, butWhen I heard the old man also appreciated it, I had to admire Zheng Xiyi's cooking skills, because he knew that Grandpa's cognition was always objective and would never say falsely.

Zheng Xiyi saw the Lu Xuyang family eating the dishes made with heart, and a sense of satisfaction was rising in his heart. In this way, his little wish was realized.

After dinner, Zheng Xiyi helped Lu Mu to clean up the dinner plate, and Lu Xuyang sneaked into his room with a tap and opened the computer to go online.

I do n’t know how long it ’s a long time. The mother’ s shout suddenly came from outside the door, saying that the phone called, I was looking for myself.

Lu Xuyang is strange. At this time, who will call himself, according to the general truth, there will be no one else except Zheng Xiyi.

After answering the call, I knew that the other party was the fat shopkeeper of the "Chinese Code".

Lu Xuyang asked him what expensive it was.

"Mr. Lu, things are like this, I have a friend, after listening to my telling, he is very interested in your strange stone. So, I asked me to ask me to ask you if you have any time this afternoon.He wanted to be faint with you. He also said a word, as long as it is a good thing, everything is good. "The fat man said very politely on the phone and had to work hard to drive.

Lu Xuyang naturally did not put down the plan to make a fortune. Now he needs money in his family. It is okay to stay at home and stay at home, but my dad is still working on the work site with a large amount of work., His rheumatoid disease is getting worse and worse, and sometimes he can't sleep in the middle of the night, so he has to find a way to fundamentally reverse the poor family.Operate, live a little chic and worry -free day.

"Okay. I have time, before two o'clock in the afternoon, I rush to your pawns on time."

Lu Xuyang gave an accurate answer.Waiting for a big driving.

"I'm with you"

When Lu Xuyang said that he was going to do something outside, Zheng Xiyi said, she was going to accompany.

Of course, this incident cannot be disclosed to Zheng Xiyi and her family. Lu Xuyang said that she would wait for her home for a while: "... My mother resigned recently and was idle at home. She often asked me about me aboutYour business. Oh, she really wants to chat with you. Even if you help me, talk to her more, she will be very happy. I will return soon, and then I will send you home in person.Go. "

Zheng Xiyi nodded and promised him.

Before going out, Lu Xuyang did not forget to go to the schoolbag. There were more things inside, and he suddenly wanted to upgrade this breaking bag.But this is not the time. The people on the street are coming and going, and you can't play the fire ** and leak the opportunity!

"Lu Xuyang ..."

On a quite crowded bus, Lu Xuyang suddenly heard a familiar greeting behind him, when he turned his head to look around, it was a coincidence that it was a fate.I wanted to meet Wu Wanfang on this road again. I saw that she was shrinking in a corner by the sides of Chu. Her face was crimson, and she was tired of her hands and feet, but she couldn't let go.

"Coincidentally. Are you going back to school?" Lu Xuyang's side was on the side, and a few steps were inserted to Wu Wanfang's side. With both hands on her waist, she took advantage of her.Squeezing is not hindered.

"Yes. I went to the West Station to send me a friend." Wu Wanfang cast a gratitude to Lu Xuyang, and her expression gradually returned to normal.

In order to make Wu Wanfang stand firm, Lu Xuyang's palm stayed on her soft waist. She felt unwell, but she didn't say anything.

Two people talked in a few words.

As a high school student like Lu Xuyang who is about to go to college, he is very longing for college life. He asked many things in Wu Wanfang's university, and she answered one by one.

"Don't you want to take our school?"

Wu Wanfang asked such a sentence.

Lu Xuyang shook his head and smiled bitterly, saying, "The famous FD University, the fool does not want to! I have my mother and my grandfather, and my grandpa, because I have a relative, because I have a relative that I only have a relative.Since graduating from there, now he has been studying abroad, and even relatives who can't even fight eight poles are proud of him! But for me, it is too challenging. "

Naturally, I have to say so. I ca n’t tell others. I have a super cheating device “ghost pen”.

Wu Wanfang said with a smile: "Come on. I believe you are doing. If you come to our school to study, I am responsible for being your tour guide, and I don’t understand what, find me, I am precise'Live map'! "

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