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I thought, I still took out a pass, and then apologized and said, "I'm really sorry for Liu Ge. Wei Qiang flew to Hainan to inspect the project with the leader this morning."Oh, that's really unfortunately, you tell him that I will give him a long time to fly back to deal with it. That's it. I compensate this bad jade screen according to the price. Go back to my office to get a check, rememberWe are taking the original invoice. "

Then Liu Ziguang left the KTV with four teenagers in the eyes of the public, and got on the car. The teenagers were already excited.They were fortunate to see the brilliant deeds of Teacher Liu's black and white two -way, and they could blow at least half a year after returning.

Listening to the children's excited admiration and discussion in the back seat, Liu Ziguang suddenly asked: "Today, what do you think, one by one, say what you think, Deng MiaoAll you come first. "

" Teacher Liu, you are too powerful, I worship you! I will mix with you in the future! "Deng Miaofan almost shouted this sentence.

Liu Ziguang shook his head helplessly and said, "What about you Wang Dongliang?"

Wang Dongliang is another student. He thought about it, "I will be Mr. Liu in the futurePeople, the underworld can be eaten in two ways, and the storm is good for the heavens. "

Liu Ziguang laughed dumbly:" Are there any more? "

" There are still a lot of girls, make a lot of fidelity, make a lotBrothers of life and death, make a lot of money. "

" You have to drive a big company, buy luxury cars, buy planes, yachts! "

Liu Ziguang suddenly hit the steering wheel and rushed to the lawn of the river on the riverside lawn.Stop the car, look back at the four surprised teenagers, and seduce: "You go to the restaurant for dinner, be beaten by others, and report to the police.
"Normal, they sent all the people." The children replied.

"So, I didn't bring a lawyer, so I went to the police station to remove the you who were officially detained, is this normal?"
"Normal, Mr. Liu, you black and white twoDaotong eats, who dare not give you face. "

" So, I go to KTV to smash their jade screen and let them pump their mouths with each other.Is it normal?

Liu Ziguang's tone is getting more and more severe, and the teenagers look at each other and dare not answer.

"I tell you that this is very abnormal. The underworld is rampant, the judicial organs are corrupt about the law, the public uses private use, the people advocate underground violence, and the pride of violations of regulations and destroying order. This is not normalSociety, this is a deformed society! "

The teenagers have never seen Teacher Liu so distressed, even more scared and not dare to speak.

"Let's assume that if the four of you are not my students, but the children of ordinary workers who have no power and power, you eat at the restaurant and have a mouthful of people.He was caught in the police station without distinction between green and red dates and sentenced to security detention, and what would happen? "

Deng Miaofan bit his lips and thought for a while," I will be fired by one middle school, and then repeatedly read again.Or go to the technical school, but I will work hard to study, be admitted to civil servants in the future, be a big official, and then get revenge! "
Wang Dongliang also said," Maybe I will use a knife to find them revenge, stabEnough, stabbing two of them to make money. Then I will enter prison, squat for ten years and eight years, and then mix the society, be the boss, and then join forces with Deng Miao Fan. "

The remaining two childrenIt also predicts that the possible situation is that the child is the child. He has a rich imagination. In their imagination, the protagonist of the story always be able to spend the salary, and then revenge successfully, and become a man like Mr. Liu.

But Liu Ziguang immediately broke their fantasy ruthlessly: "Okay, don't dream, that's all impossible. First of allWell, you ca n’t be a civil servant if you do n’t go to college. Even if you have taken a graduation certificate in a prestigious university, do you know how difficult it is for civil servants to take the civil servant now?Shinto, can you guarantee that you are not pushed out by others? Even if you succeed in becoming a state cadre, you will not think of revenge, but you will study how to please leaders all day, because you can be promotedIf you mix well, you may be able to mix a sub -level in your lifetime, but as far as your emotional intelligence is concerned, it is too upright. I think it is good to mix a sub -subject. "

" Then you are you, Wang Dongliang, have you seen a few mixed underworld and mixed people? The end of the game is either knocked by the government or a pile of rotten meat by the enemy, or the success of the underworld in the jail, the success of the underworld, the underworld success, the success of the underworld, the success of the underworld, and the success of the underworld.The proportion is lower than that of the mayor of the exam, and I don't see your courage. At most, there are several billiards cases mixed meals.The top tank, one squat is seven or eight years. Who knows you when you come out? "

The teenagers are speechless and silent for a moment.What a bad thing in society is no wonder you, because the mainstream society is like this, lack of faith, supremacy of interests, and no moral limits. Many people do not even understand the meaning of alive. "What is the significance? "Deng Miaofan asked boldly.

"People are alive, not to obtain, but dedication. Everyone is selfish, then human society cannot continue."

The young people think about it, and suddenly the king is king.Dong Liang asked: "Teacher Liu, you don't let us be a mixed society, but how can you be a representative and start a company?

This is what the teenagers are in the hearts of the teenagers, they are all staring atWaiting for Liu Ziguang's answer.

"The society I am in this is already the case.Just, yes, I can remove you from the police station without any effort to let the people who beat you suffer, but I don’t feel proud or excited. I only have deep sorrow.In a society where weak meat and strong food have no legal system, I hope that the rights of each weak person will be guaranteed. When I encounter trouble, the first thing I think of is the police rather than an acquaintance and a backing. "Unparalleled, who can change it all? "The students asked.

"You, you, the only generation to change all of this."

"We ..." The teenagers fell into deep thoughts again, Liu Ziguang launched the car away from the river bank, autumn wind wind, autumn wind windIn the windows, the heads that made them excitedly became a lot clear. This ideological and political lesson gave them a new direction for future life paths.


After sending the four children home, Liu Ziguang drove passing by the rich square and found that the lights on the eighteenth floor were bright, and he knew that President Li must be overtime.

Liu Ziguang stopped upstairs. He is now a member of the group's board of directors, but it is difficult to see the director in the company for three days.At the time, the front desk entertaining staff could not help but exclaim.

"President Liu, you are late, the board of directors has been opened for a while."

"Is there something a delay?"

"President Li personally presided over the meeting. "

" Thank you. "Liu Ziguang raised his feet to the conference room, and the two front desk hosted a low voice discussion.

"Is that Vice President Liu? Seeing real people today."
"Yeah, handsome, our group girls are fascinated by him." Well, Big YinThe vice president is still handsome! "

When you come to the door of the conference room, quietly go in from the back door to find a chair and sit down, just like he was late and drilled into the classroom. Li Yan, who was talking on the stage, saw Liu Ziguang coming in, Deliberately paused, saying, "Some members of the board of directors come late for some reason, and I will briefly repeat the issues of today's meeting. There are five IPO places in the city now.To participate in the construction of international new airports, we have to invest 100 million funds for this. "

" I have a problem. "Liu Ziguang raised his hand high.

"Please talk."

"Now the IPO has become a carrot and cabbage, a prefecture -level city like Jiangbei City can get five places. I don't know this newsWhere did you come from? But I think this must be nonsense, and there are also international airports. Jiangbei City has only four hours of drive from the provincial capital. It does not require international airports. This investment is completely a waste of nature.Anyone who has brains will not think that the State Council of the project will be approved, saying that it is not good, even the tallest building in China, the super CBD project, and the ancient city of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, all of which are scams for money! "

BR> The directors were amazed by Liu Ziguang's shocking speech. In fact, no one was stupid. These projects have been noisy for several months.I am busy.

And according to the news, Lingtong said that because some realities in the city saw that Zhicheng Group was not pleasing to the eye, the project was not sincere, but now there is another 180 -degree turning.IPO places are participating in the construction of the project. No one dares to say what medicine is sold in the gourd.

But these projects were caught by the leaders of the city leaders. The Coordination Association did not know how many times it had been opened. The United States had inspected, Hong Kong also inspected, and the Shanghai International Investment Finance Summit was also opened.The Secretary -General of the Municipal Government and the development of Mr. Nie, which were developed, went to the capital with Mr. Huo's creep. It is said that a central head of the central government also met them. How could this have false.