7 4 0 guang ge cong jing

If you do n’t go public, you can always stay at the level of a second -rate company. Therefore, the listing of shares is also the tireless pursuit of Li Yan and the senior officials of the company.

The strong support of the local government is an indispensable requirement for listing. This opportunity, President Li and Directors have been waiting for a long time, even if there is a line of hope, they will not give up lightly.

Yin Zhijian stood up as soon as he pushed his chair, holding his hands with both hands to look at the members of the board of directors, and stared at Liu Ziguang and asked: "With Liu Dong's opinion, how should we handle this place in front of us in front of usCake? "

" Cancel this project, the gentleman does not stand under the wall, we cannot disassemble the scam, but we can stay away from the scam. That's not a cake, but a fragrant bait. "The people were shocked.

Directors immediately torn their heads. They did not consider risks, but they never thought of the scam. Liu Ziguang's words made them feel that the newly joined director's mind was too simple.

Yin Zhijian shook his head, and he encountered the expression of the soldiers with a show.

"Okay, how long is Liu Dong's capital operation?" Yin Zhijian asked.

"I haven't done it."

"So Liu Dong has more experience in dealing with government agencies?"


"OK, then I want to know how you judge such a project led by the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, the secretary of the municipal party committee, invested in major banks in the city.Br> Yin Zhijian smiled and waited for Liu Ziguang's answer, but the other party did not intend to debate with him at all, but pointed to his head and said, "Because I have been in elementary school, it is so simple.Involved in such proposals. "

" I keep the opinion, IPO is related to the interests of all of our shareholders ... "Yin Zhijian didn't stop, Liu Ziguang knocked impatiently and said," President Yin, wait for you, wait for youLet's talk about it when the shares under the name exceed me. That's it. Sanda, Li and I have something to talk about. "

The shares of Chengcheng Group are mostly concentrated in the hands of Li Yan and Liu Ziguang, and there is a considerable proportion.In the hands of Jiaojia, Shanxi, but the voting right is here Liu Ziguang, so he said in a word Jiuding, what he said, even if the other shareholders were in a group, the shares in their hands were less than half of others, so they could only accept silently in silence.This result.

Liu Ziguang's sudden disruption made Li Yan a little surprised, but the intuition of women told her that Liu Ziguang's words were rough, and the risk of this matter was too great.Too big, so President Li announced the rest, and the proposal about the IPO was temporarily suspended.

The shareholders have left the conference room one after another. Only Yin Zhijian was still reluctant to leave. He probably wanted to fight for it, but Li Yan did not give him a chance, "President Yin, what's the matter tomorrowLet's talk about it again. "

Yin Zhijian had to close his notebook computer, raise his eyes and look at President Li. He was already a tender child and daughter.Go out and leave a large conference room to Liu Ziguang and Li Yan.

"Where did you go? Don't call one call? Don't you know that others will worry?" Li Yan naturally helped Liu Ziguang to organize his clothes hem, looking at his face and said, "All are sunny.It's dark, it's thin. "

" Nothing, helped my friends a hurry. "Zhao Hui flashed Zhao Hui's words" Holding parents and concealed wives and children One sentence.

Li Yan's smart people naturally know that Liu Ziguang has something to hide from herself, but after all, she is Li Tianxiong's daughter. She has been accustomed to asking men from her childhood.But be careful, do n’t do it in danger, we can expect you.

"Well, you know." Liu Ziguang was perfunctory with his mouth, and Li Yan had already gained up, and Liu Ziguang was surrounded by his hands aroundHis waist, put his head on his shoulders, and said in a low voice, "The city has been pressured us in the city, probably the project gap is too large. Now no matter who's money, they have been circle.However, the internal resistance of the group is also very large. The directors have a strong desire for the IPO. If you were not back, I don't know how to suppress them. "

Liu Ziguang laughed, Li Yan was deliberately deliberately deliberately was deliberatelyTo complain, with her courage, she will only speak more than herself, and she is more and more popular. There is no reason to overwhelm it, but women are women, even if they are strong women, they are finally a woman who needs to take care of and take care of.

"Did you eat? Go home to eat, stew the black ginseng soup at home, Xiaocheng also miss you." Li Yan pine opened his hands, whole hair, and returned to the image of a smart and capable professional manager.Essence

"Okay." As soon as Liu Ziguang finished speaking, the phone rang. Take it out. It was a strange fixed phone call. Li Yan glanced at it and said, "It is the number of the municipal government."

I knew it after receiving it. It turned out that Song Jianfeng, the director of the Public Security Director. Lao Song was also working overtime at this time. After some greetings, Song Jianfeng inadvertently asked:" Is there any time for Xiao Liu?Will eat supper together. "

" Sorry, just come back when you just come back, you have to accompany your family. "Liu Ziguang refused without hesitation. When he heard this, Li Yan quietly stunned Liu Zi.Just a little.

"Hahaha, are you accompanied by a beautiful woman, then I will not destroy your little days. Tomorrow, you come to my office, something is good to talk to you, it is a good thing."

Hanging the phone, Li Yan asked, "Who is looking for you?"

"Song Jianfeng."

"Who? Song Jianfeng, that is the director of the Municipal Public Security Bureau!"Li Yan was shocked.


"He pleases you for supper? Do you refuse if you don't want to do it?"The most invincible is these officials. The director of the Public Security Bureau is very high and has great power. Others can't find the door to give gifts to the door. It is good for the men to ask for a supper in person.Go, this is too ...

"Let's go, just come back early, I will keep it for you."

"Don't get rid of it, I know what he is looking for me, I am a soft ears, and it is better to go to his office of business public affairs tomorrow."

Hearing this, Li Yan hugged Liu Ziguang again with a happy face. The door of the conference room pushed open.Quickly spit out his tongue and quit, and took the door quietly, saying that the original rumors were real ...

The next morning, Liu Ziguang drove to the cityThe Public Security Bureau registered the name at the door. After the gatekeeper checked the appointment form, he put him in. He entered the lobby of the Public Security Bureau. A young female policeman welcomed him, took him to the elevator, and came to the director's office.

The door of the office opened, Song Jianfeng waited early. After the director Song took office, he strictly governed the police and asked the cadres to be in a police uniform when he was at work., White shirts of black leather shoes, straight trousers, shoulder chapter and metal buttons are brightened, black socks, black lace -up leather shoes, strict alarm, meticulous.

The director's office is very large, with a large photo of Song Jianfeng and Minister of Public Security hanging on the wall. The bookshelves are full of criminal investigation and legal categories.When Song Jianfeng saw Liu Ziguang coming to the door, he got up and walked to the door, shook hands with Liu Ziguang, and instructed the little female police officer: "Go to the cup of tea."

Liu Ziguang was pulled into the house by Song Jianfeng to press it inOn the sofa, Director Song sat next to him and took out a pack of nine -five Supreme cigarettes from the coffee table and said, "Smoking."

Liu Ziguang looked at the cigarette case and ridiculed: "Ah. "

Song Jianfeng laughed:" This cigarette is now a drop -down dog. No one dares to smoke, and no one dares to send it. I am a disabled old comrade -in -arms who ask me to find a job for my son and take it.If you come with such a pack of cigarettes, I am afraid that he has an idea, just accept it, you can get it if you like it. "

" Then I am not polite. "

Two cups of enthusiastic fragrant fragrant came in, and then went out of Tingting, and brought the door of the office.

The two smoked smoke and were silent for a while, or Song Jianfeng broke the silence: "Xiao Hu talked about you?"

"Talking, I really have difficulties,This busy love can help. "Liu Ziguang said.

Song Jianfeng smiled: "Xiao Hu, this child is still too straight, can you go other ways, can she go to other ways? She is very flexible to handle the case.This is the case. You are in the leaders of the provincial department. If you want to recruit you to join the public security team, you can rest assured that you do n’t have to sit in class.It means that the provincial department will attend the National Public Security System Five Almighty Competition. "

" Wait, I didn't understand, what's going on? "

" Yes, Public Security, Public Security, Public SecurityThe ministry must hold five all -around competitions in the national public security system, and you also know that the work pressure of front -line criminal investigators and police stations is very stressed. How can there be time to do this with people.They are all students from the police school, or transferred from the special police and the active security forces of the public security, or the athletes who directly recruits shooting and scattered. When you perform in the provincial shooting center, they happen to be seen by the leaders of the Provincial Department.This idea was originally wanting to recruit you directly, but if you don't want to, you have to hang a name first. After the sports meeting, you will be mobilized or righteous according to your personal wishes, orbr>
Looking at the eagerness of Song Jianfeng's eyes, Liu Ziguang knew that this busy helpless. Lao Song just became a director and was in the channel of career rising.As soon as the chain, as a friend of Lao Song, Liu Ziguang could stand by.

"If you say that, I can only be young and not worry about it." Liu Ziguang said with a smile.