Chapter 28 Reunion

Thousands of magic stood on the clouds and looked at Ashford College's noisy sentence because of Mi Lei's sentence, which made Qian Mi sigh. Even if the world situation was so nervous, he could not dispel the happiness of the students.

Thousands of fantasy looked at Luluxiu, who kept jumping on the top of the building. Luxiu was amazed by the degree of re -writing eyes, just like it has been used for a long time.Essence

Then Lu Luxiu saw Suzaku followed, and had to give up magic under the rogue, but was far behind by Suzaku because of physical reasons. When he crawled out of the window, he accidentally fell.After living in Lulu's hand, he avoided the situation of using magic.

Seeing everyone who accepted a Suzaku as the honorary British, Qian Mi's mouth gently raised a smile. Suddenly, Qian Xian's body trembled for a while, because in a window, a green shadow shadow of Qian Qianqian shadowStanding at the window and staring closely at yourself.

"C.C ..." The lonely, melancholy figure appeared in his mind, and looked at the window that stared at himself in the window, and a guilt appeared in his heart, yes, knowing that she was eternal life.Well, knowing that she has no trusted friends, knowing that she has regarded herself as a friend on the road of eternal life, but she left for hundreds of years without just left a letter.Do you accompany your friends?

Thousands of people walked on the playground of the college. The cold cold wind at night was blowing on her body. In the years of the period of life with C.C, Qian Mi's mouth sketched a smile.

"So I say I hate men, since it is here, what does a person mean on the playground?" A cold voice came out of the fantasy memory behind him.Turning around, I saw that C.C was in the shadow not far away. Thousands of magic paused and then said, "It's been a long time no see ... C.C ..."

"It's not a long time ..." C.C slowly walked out of the shadow,The C.C in the moonlight is even more mysterious, "It's just hundreds of years ..."

"Is it for hundreds of years ..." Qian Xian murmured with his head and murmured, "Yeah, for usThis kind of eternal life is really not too long for hundreds of years ... "

" So, even if you don't see it for thousands of years, there is no big deal, since you chose to leave to accompany your wife ... "
"You all know ..."

"Yeah ..." C.C smiled softly, "I still know that you are back from your adopted son!"

"It's Lu Lu Xiu told you ..." Qian Mi sighed, "That year ..."

"I am not interested in listening to what you said your glory, if there is nothing, I will leave first firstIt's ... "C.C was ready to leave.

"Wait ..." Qian Mi hurried to the C.C in the front, "I didn't say nothing but I was not right, but I really had a hurry. You have to believe me. On the road of eternal life, I will always be you.Friends ... "

" Friends ... "C.C's corner of his mouth showed a hint of mockery, turning around and looking at Qian Shi," Okay, I accept your explanation, what else is there, what else is there?? "

" I know you don't want to listen to me, but I first want to ask you, did you give you the GEASS of Luluxiu? "

" How about me ..."C.C looked at Qian Mi funny," Have you told what I want to pay attention to? "

Thousands of fantasy to let go of C.C gently after listening, and slowly leave back to C.C." C.C meKnowing that you want you to forgive me for the time being, but I still have to tell you that there will be a friend of my friend on your eternal life. GEASS's power is still useless.Instead, let others and you carry this heavy curse ... "

Looking at Qian Mi leave, C.C turned silently, a trace of crystal fell down," fool ... "

br> …………………………………………………………………………………………

The next day, all TVsAll were broadcast. The new Governor of Governor, Cunrica, sent troops to besieged the Saitama slums, and it was obviously the same time when Zero appeared last time, which was clearly challenged by challenging Zero.

At this time, Qian Mi was watching the news of TV with Elia at home. Elia asked worriedly, "Do you say that Luliu will go?"

"Will… "Qian Xi took a sip of black tea," Lu Lu Xiu's temperament is like this. Since the challenges are all in front of the nose, Lulu Xiu will accept it ... "
" Master, a lady outside, looking for a lady outsideYou, say who you know? "Sebas suddenly came in and said.

"Is the girl called C.C?" A Liya appeared on a strange smile on her face.Get greeted ... "

Thousands of fantasy looked at Elia, who was full of strange breath, didn't know how to speak, C.C's voice passed in," No need to pick it up, I have come in ... "

When C.C entered the hall, Elia looked at C.C, green and soft long hair, bumpy figure, and good face, while Elia looked at C.C, C.CIt is also looking at the king of this legendary British Empire, the king of the Cavaliers, King Arthur Altolia, now Alia, golden hair, emerald green pupils, that noble temperament is not required,Standing with Qian Shi is so good.

"Hello, I am ..."

"Miss C.C is ..." A warm smile floated on Elia's face, "I listened to Qian Mi to mention you, I think you know tooMy name, but I have now renamed the name, you can call me Elia. I wonder if Miss C.C has something to do this time? "

" Luxiu accepted the challenge ...He is your adopted son ... "

" I know ... "Qian Mi nodded." Since Lu Lu Xiu chose this path, we don’t have much resistance. After all, this is what he madeChoose ... "

" Yes ... I know, then it ’s disturbed ..." C.C was ready to leave after speaking, Elia suddenly exported to retain, "Miss C.C, can you talk to me?"

C.C unexpectedly looked at Elia, nodded in a frustrated, and then the two walked into the room.The degree of intimacy made Qian Xian look at it, "You are ..."

"I hate the man ..." C.C left a word and left straight, leaving the stunned Thousands of Magic and OneEllia with a smile on her face, Qian Mi turned her head and asked Alia, Elia looked at Qian Mi with a smile, "This is secret!"

[Recently, I have been busy with the exam, Ma Zhe of the morning Xi,已经补考了两次了,该死的马哲啊啊啊啊啊,拖了这么久真是抱歉了...】