Chapter 645 Time to Desperate

Even if the saints were worn tomorrow, I didn't expect it.Akin's attack was so fierce. When the dark guards of the Jiamu were fell off, the dark white tiger was severely damaged. It turned out that Akin was not a super killing technique, but two.One of the high -end -range super -killing techniques blocks the enemy, and the other mid -range monomer supermodel is used to sneak the dark guard.With Akin's puncture magic domain attached to the extinction gold ring, it was achieved in one fell swoop. The other person who lost the other party because of losing the dark blue dragon and the lack of strength was killed directly.

Akin's successes also made the confidence of the saints who did the saints tomorrow, the death of the Dark Dead Guard and the Dark White Tiger's severe damage to them fully realized that these dark dead guards and the dark sky beasts and the beastIt's not invincible.Of course, among the saints tomorrow, even if there is the support of these five elements of the cycle method, the two super nirvana can be exhibited at the same time.Only their bodies can bear such a huge magic shock.

The death of the Dark Dead Guard of Jiamu and the Dark White Tiger's hit, which also changed these dark dead and dark gods.The air gathered together, and the five -element yin and yang world under the Saint Saints of the Light Tomorrow Tomorrow, and the dark sky beast behind them made a change in the hearts of the saints of the light tomorrow.

The splendid ultimate magic blooms from the eight dark gods.Turn into the front of the light.But their goals are not to attack the saints tomorrow. This light -column is the dark guards that shot on the corresponding attributes.Tomorrow, the saints can clearly feel that the dark guards who are initiating the charge are rapidly improving. Behind the magic support of the Dark Sky Dried Beast, their strength will no longer be affected by the previous consumption.This was unexpected by Ji Shi.There is no doubt that what the saints will encounter tomorrow are eight dark guards that have full strength and even surpass their original best magic. Although those dark sky beasts are not involved in the offense, they are like this.It is even more terrible to increase the increase in the dark guards.Just like the magic of killing the gods, the combination of the dark guard with their magic to launch an attack, and its destructive power is undoubted.

"Akin, continue to attack." Tianji talked loudly. At this time, he was fully aware that enough magic needs to be used to use it in full.It is Akin, which has holy body and puncture magic domain.

Just at the time of speaking, the eight dark guards have rushed to the front of the Yin and Yang Realm of the five elements with the support of the eight dark gods and beasts behind them. Their speed is too fast.And Akin has just finished two skills, and there must be some buffer.

I have not really met with these dark guards, and it is never possible to understand their terrible.The eight dark guards attacked completely with their body near the flesh. While they rushed to the five elements of the yin and yang industry, the eight people raised their hands at the same time and bombarded the five elements of the yin and yang world in the five elements.

In the loud noise.The horrible magic burst instantly, and the five elements of the yin and yang world shook violently.The entire five -element yin and yang world seemed to be trembling, which made Akin have to stop for a moment, because they had to release more magic to maintain the stability of the Five Elements Yin and Yang World.

I have to say that the five elements of the yin and yang world of the Five Elements are indeed the first enchantment today.The attack failed to break it.

At the same time, Tianji had issued orders to the mounts outside the mounts outside.

However, what makes the saints be shocked tomorrow is that in the face of these general nine or even tenth -level Warcraft attacks, the Dark Dead Guards disdain at all.Between waving, these attack problems have been solved.

Akin's second shot was finally completed. The extinction of golden rings whistled with a strong golden halo and puncture.but.This time he was no longer facing the dark guards of Jiamu, who was previously weakened, and the dark guards in a complete state.

The attack target of Akin's chosen is the dark guardian of Yami, Kim Kimu, and every time he kills an opponent, the pressure of the saints will naturally be smaller.

Faced with Akin's attack, the decadent water system flashed in the dark and dead body, and he had reached the back of the dark guardian of Otsuki. He took a palm on his right hand on the back of the dark guards of Ogi, and YamiDark Dead Guards are pressed on the right arm of the right arm with both hands, while the right hand is pointed out.Extinction of the golden ring in the middle.

Om -, the extinction of the golden ring was scopeless and returned to Akin's hands, while the Otsuki Dark Dead Guard was leaning behind the upper body and was shocked for dozens of meters.However, the next moment he had rushed back again.

Just when Akin issued this attack, the attacks on the yin and yang world of the Five Elements on the Yin and Yang world of the Five Elements have exceeded ten times.Although the defense of the Yin and Yang world of the Five Elements is strong, but under the bombardment of their close attacks and the magic of extreme compression, they are also consumed the magic of the saints tomorrow.

Tianji's face has become ugly. He knows that if you continue to do this, the other party has the support of the Dark Sky Dry God Beast and can maintain such an attack for a long time.Magic power, and the five elements of the cycle method to enhance and restore magic.But after consumption, the Yin and Yang world of the five elements will eventually be broken.At that time, I am afraid that, except for Akin's ability to defeat a dark guard in one -on -one, everyone is probably not these dark dead opponents.

But.Tianji also knows that at this time they have no other choice at this time. If they withdraw the five elements of yin and yang, I am afraid they will stick to it shorter.At this time, in the case of launching the Yin and Yang world of the Five Elements, even if they wanted to send away, they could not do it.Now he is just looking forward that Ji Shi can fuse with the Vulcan sword quickly. Only in this way can they have the possibility of victory in defeat.All hope can be said to fall on Ji Tou's Fire Vocal Sword.

The development of the battle has been completely out of the plan of Ji Shi. After all, he did not expect that after the evolution was completed, he had to make a second recognition with him.If there is his command on this battlefield, the battle situation is likely to be another way. Even if you can't defeat your opponents, it is no problem to lead your partners to retreat.

At the beginning of Tianji, the partners were ordered to fully support the five elements of the yin and yang world, and even stopped the output of external attacks, but the dark guard attacks suddenly changed.

Among the original ten dark guards, the dark guards of the Jiami and Cupida system have been*, and the remaining eight.Seeing that although the Yin and Yang world of the Five Elements was crumbling, it was actually very strong and could not break.These dark guards immediately changed.

The Dark Dead Guard of Wutu flashed back to the back of the Gengjin.Gengjin's Dark Dead Guard flashed behind Renshui Dark Dead Guard. The remaining three yang attributes of the Dark Dead of Dark Defending stood in a row.The characteristics of the water condensed the magic of the three of them on the Dark Dead Guard in the Renshui system in front of them.The dazzling black light suddenly burst out from the dark guard of the water system, and his eyes became a deeper dark red. His hands were lifted.Hold each other into a heavy punch, and then smash it to the Yin and Yang realm of the Five Elements fiercely.

While the three of them were launched.On the other side, the dark guards of the five yin attributes also use the same method. The five dark guards of the yin attribute are all five elements.The birth of each other, eventually concentrated the magic on the Dark Dead Guard of Xinjin. Although they will not live each other, the magic is still born.Below, naturally I chose the gold system as the breakthrough point.

The dark dead guard of the Xinjin system is the same as the previous attack of the Aki Dark Dead Guard to deal with the Akin extinction gold ring. He lift his right hand and looks like a light pointer to the five elements of the yin and yang world.His attack and the dark guards on the other side were almost synchronized.

"Not good." Tianji sang.Tomorrow Saints will also subconsciously inject more magic into the five elements of the yin and yang realm.However, even if these five elements are strong, it is also a scope of enchantment.The opponent's dark guard's attack was just to break the face.

Boom-, Renshui's attack on the dark guards hit the enchantment fiercely. Suddenly, the five elements of the yin and yang world of the five elements of the yin and yang world shocked.The finger was also on the five elements of the yin and yang world.It looks like a fluttering finger, but has unparalleled penetration.Just listening to the harsh scream, the Yin and Yang world of the Five Elements was pierced by him.A sharp sharp Xin Jin magic came in.That's not a skill, it is the purest extremely extremely condensing Xin Jin's magic, and the goal is to point out the heavenly machine in the center of the saints tomorrow.

"Be careful." The wolf's right hand shook his right hand, and his thick soil beads had flew out, and the drip rotating and blocking in front of the heavenly body.With a buzzing, the moment the thick soil beads were at the moment when the magic point of Xin Jin, a strong yellow light broke out, and the wolf heavenly groaned, and the blood sprayed out.

You must know that the power of this finger has even been on the ordinary top super killing technique. Its strong penetration also exceeds the Bing Shen who has attacked the dark guard of the Cinghuo.Spear.Although most of the yin and yang realms of the Five Elements were weakened, this extremely concentrated magic could not bear even the wolf's wolf's wolf -defense of the thick soil beads, and it was injured immediately.

The wolf Tianyin will be created, and the five elements of the five elements of the saints will be stagnated a bit. For the dark guards with extremely powerful combat ability.How can they let go of such opportunities?After the dark guards of the Xinjin system came out, it turned out that there was another punch that a punch was on the five elements of the five elements that had just been ordered by him.Suddenly, a crisp sound like crystal utensils sounded.The entire Five Elements Yin and Yang Realm bombarded under the violent shocks and turned into huge airflows.

Tomorrow the saints only feel that the magic in the body is leaked, and the spirit is instantly stunned, and those dark guards are also withdrawn a hundred meters from this sudden huge flow.However, the next moment they had rushed in the direction of the Saints again.

Tianji's face is already pale. At this time, it is impossible to rely on defense to block the opponent.Five elements yin and yang world.Once the opponent is close, how can the five elements of the cycle formation play a role?It's over, is this true?

"Fight with them." Yao Qianshu drank angrily, the first one from the back of the Danyan Shenghuo Dragon, and the saints will be done tomorrow, except for Ji Dong's alien, other people who can fly in fleshThere are only three saints of their nine crowns.At the same time that Yao Qianshu's figure flashed, his magic effect had been used, and there was a blue light and shadow that was exactly the same as him.The injured wolf heaven will and the strongest combat ability, at the same time, it also flashes out. It is meaningless to maintain the five elements of the five elements in front of the dark guards who are good at melee.They are the same as Tianji, and they must insist on the moment Ji Shi completes the fusion with the Vulcan sword.Only in this way can they have the opportunity to defeat.

At this moment, a group of red light passed by the three of them, and the air broke out in the air. Suddenly, the nine huge fire dragons temporarily blocked the dark guards who rushed up.Although Jiujian Yanlong Super Killing skills will be torn into fragments in front of the dark guards, after all, they still have to stop.

"Time is everything, and at all costs to win the time for Ji Shi." It was not heaven who spoke, but Chen Sixuan, because no one knew about the state of Ji Shi at this time.

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