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Han Bing was born in a family. Grandpa is a deputy national leader. Although he has died, Yu Wei is still there.However, it is also a retired senior cadre, deputy ministerial treatment, equipped with special cars, secretaries, and health care doctors, but this grandma is not Han Bing's grandma.

Han Bing's grandmother is a rural woman. Before liberation, he married Han Bing's grandfather under the words of his parents. Grandpa participated in the revolution for ten years.The leader, and married a young female college student, Han Bing's grandma.

Grandpa is a conscience person. He went through the divorce formalities with his grandmother, and helped a few grandfather arranged for work.The obligation to be a father is the reason why Han Bing's father and son have a great age gap.

Han Bing's father died of cancer three years ago. At the age of 70, Han Bing also had several brothers and sisters of his father and mother.One of the loved one, the deputy ministerial grandma obviously loves the grandchildren of her biological grandchildren.

There are too many secrets in the family, too many grievances, Han Bing, as a junior, does not understand and is unwilling to understand. When he was very young, he was sent to Britain to study.The basic education of Western capitalism, spending in the famous Eaton School in middle school, has also caused one of his arrogant factors.

But since seeing Wen Xue, Leng Ruo Bing's teenager has become sunny. This change surprised everyone, especially the mother Xue Danping, who loves his son, takes time in your busy schedule.See the son's little girlfriend.

To be honest, Han Bing is unwilling to let Xiaoxue meet with his mother, because he has read psychology, knowing that her mother -in -law and daughter -in -law are natural enemies, especially the mother of a female strong woman and the mother of mother.He will not look at Xiaoxue's good face, but at the same time, the rebellious side of his personality played another role. Anyway, it is a knife to stretch his head. No matter what his mother thinks of Wen Xue, he will not change his original intention.When you come, let the storm come early.

The difference between the facts and imagination is very large. Han Bing, who is so familiar with his mother's temper, feels incredible. Who is the mother who is determined to kill, a tiny decision can be related to tens of thousands of decisions to tens of thousandsHuman livelihood, such a person is no different from the generals of the ancient leaders to fight. They do not care about their soldiers and do not have money. Han Bing knows that although the mother is on the surface and the wind and drizzle, it is a violent iron lady in her bones.

But, today the mother is so gentle, so kind, and kind that is almost weak, and she does n’t know how much she has flowed.I really like Wen Xue? Or is it impressed by her life?

"Cough" Han Bing finally spoke. He asked, "Mom, how do you know that I am smaller than Wen Xue? You haven't asked her age."

Xue DanpingSuddenly, he couldn't answer his son's question. Did he tell him that Wen Xue was your sister?

She was a little stunned, as if returning to the era of wind and rushing. In the early 1990s, the international community had a serious blockade to me, the domestic economic situation deteriorated, and various ideas fiercely collided. At that time, Xue Danping was still young.The troops hospital nurse, who was introduced to a young officer named Wen in the base.

Wen Junwei is from Zhejiang, a high school student of Harbin Institute of Technology, the technical backbone of the base, and a gold card of Samsung on the shoulders, but he is good at playing and singing.When Prince White Horse in the child's mind, when Xue Danping married him, the people in the whole base blessed them.

After marriage, Xue Danping knew that riding a white horse may not be the prince, maybe the Tang monk. Although Wen Junwei looks handsome on the surface, he is gentle and elegant, but his bones are very dumb and his career is very heavy every day. Every day, every day, every day, every day, every day, every day, every dayHe couldn't say three words with himself. All time was stuck on the laboratory and the shooting field. He completely regarded his home as a hotel. Even when his daughter was born, he was not around, but instead went to the wild test with missiles.

In the winter of that year, it was when the snow was flying. Their daughter was born and named Wen Xue named Wen Xue in the name of snow.

Shortly after her daughter was born, this warm little family was hit by devastating.It is not measured. After a game, the headquarters investigation team entered the base. After some games, Wen Junwei, who had no background, assumed the responsibility. The position, the rank, and the party membership were the end.Prisoner.

The husband was caught in a cricket, and his daughter was waiting to be fed. Xue Danping, who had no arms in the six gods, was ill and went to the capital alone to find a familiar head for help.

To say it is familiar, in fact, it is the pan -intersection.After staying in the hospital for a while to treat stomach problems, General Han liked Xue Danping. He always liked to make a joke with this girl in his early twenties. Those old chiefs and doctors and nurses were half a joke.Xiao Xue took up her daughter -in -law.

Later, General Han was transferred to the headquarters. After a while of letters, the two sides had a letter of contact. When Xue Danping got married, General Han also called to congratulate.The connection is also broken.

When I saw Xue Danping with a large bag of soil specialty appeared downstairs in the family courtyard, General Han's response could be described by surprise. He invited Xue Danping to the house and learned about things to learn about things.After the original committee, he immediately called the relevant departments to ask about the matter. Because the incident was too serious, he could not solve it for a while and a half.With all the responsibilities of being an elder and a chief.

With the intervention of the high level, Wen Junwei's case has a turnaround. The final process is that the rank of the military is revoked, the military status is expelled, and the original unit is transferred.Xue Danping waited for her husband's divorce complaint.

The original base has spread the peach -colored incident on Xue Danping and a certain head. Although the rumors quickly disappeared under the strong intervention of the leader, the damage caused to Wen Junwei could not be made up. He could not forgive his wife.I don't want to stay in this sad place, and I took my daughter to other military enterprises after the divorce.

Xue Danping is a fierce woman. She couldn't stand the pain of being misunderstood, and she couldn't stand the strange eyes around.In the capital, she knew afterwards that because she took a toxic drug, the gastric lavage was not available. Under the order of the headquarters of the headquarters, the base used the trident to send her to the capital for treatment, which recovered her life.

Xue Danping, who was scarred, had no other choice, so he had to marry General Han who was deeply affectionate, and soon gave birth to a son. General Han got old and loved his mother and son.Human connections, in a company with a military background, served as middle -level cadres. It has a relationship and courage. The wind and water in a mixed time, and she has served as a boss of the enterprise at the age of 30.

During this time, Xue Danping did not think about finding her ex -husband and daughter, but that memory made her unprepared. Once or two years later, the base of the year has been closed, and the comrades and colleagues have transferred to the army.When she revealed that when she wanted to find her daughter's whereabouts, a sudden fire burned the sealed base personnel files, and Xue Danping, who was smart, had suspected that the current husband had moved his hands and feet, but now it is true that even if it is true, it ’s true that it is true.What did he do and what could he do? Old Han can be regarded as herself. When he loves, he is lucky to meet such a husband.

I did n’t expect that more than ten years later, the biological daughter was taken home by her son to see the daughter at first glance. She had an inexplicable feeling.The flesh and blood are the heavenly arrangements in the meditation. Without any DNA detection, she can determine that this girl named Wen Xue is by no means a heavy name, but a solid biological biological and flesh!

In the later conversation, she was more convinced that her judgment was grew up in the northeast when Wen Xue was a child, and later came to several cities to live, but they were all military industrial enterprises and finally turned to Jiangbei Chenguang MachineryFactory, Xue Danping, the factory, was impressed. After he belonged to the general general, he was also an old military industry.

The dusty memories cannot be collected once the gate is opened.And go.

"Mom, mother, what do you think?" Han Bing's voice pulled Xue Danping out of the past.By the way, it's time to take a summer vacation. Do you have any arrangements? "

Snow when they answered, Xue Danping also said:" Our company organizes a group to travel in Europe.To play, of course, the cost is completely free, auntie invite. "
" Mom, you are so great! "Han Bing said excitedly, kissed Xue Danping's face, in the final analysis, he was just a ten tenThe seven -year -old boy, a series of surprises made him forget.

"Okay, kiss my mother's saliva." Xue Danping was trying to beat his son, raised his hands and laughed, and saw that their mother and son looked close, Wen Xue was a little stunned.If you also have a mother, can this be the case.

"Wen Xue ..." Lu Jin quietly pounded his roommate. Among everyone, she was the sober one. This very talented girl was keenly aware of the people present today.It didn't seem to be normal. Aunt Xue cried and laughed for a while. After a while, Han Bing couldn't find Beibei excitedly, and Xiaoxue was a little stunned. What was going on?

"Aunt Xue asked us." Lu Jin reminded, Wen Xue quickly replied: "Oh, thank you Aunt Xue, I have to go home to take care of my father, so I can't accompany you."

Han Bing on his head waved his hand: "It's okay, let Uncle Wen come together."

He didn't notice that his mother's face became difficult to look.