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I couldn't let go of the father in my hometown, so I declined...COM

Thinking of this, she wanted to justify it, but the long -term development of the character that made her lowered her head deeply and fiddled with the corner.

The atmosphere was slightly embarrassing. Lu Jin looked at Aunt Xue nervously and looked at Xiaoxue again. She wanted to say something, but she couldn't talk about it. For a while, she seemed to feel that she became an outsider.

Han Bing also noticed his mother's discomfort, and quickly explained for Wen Xue: "Mom, Xiaoxue doesn't mean that, in fact she wants to go."

Xue Danping said, "Xiao XiaoBing, you see how filial you are, you know how to play like you, and I think you should learn more from Xiaoxue.

Han Bing's mouth, how can you come again?Sister Xiaoxue, he didn't convince him, "Mom, why do you think that Xiaoxue is bigger than me?"

Xue Danping smiled slightly: "Silly child, you go to school at the age of five, classmates are certainly better than you than youIt's big. "

Han Bing said unconvinced," That may not be, Wen Xue and Lu Jin, which year are you two? "

So Wen Xue and Lu Jin putThe birthday was reported. Sure enough, they were larger than Han Bing, and the youngest Wen Xue was the oldest, and they were nearly two years older than Han Bing.

When I heard Wen Xue's birthday, Xue Danping was not surprised, but secretly rejoiced and further determined that this was her daughter. Look at the watch. It was two in the afternoon.I will not disturb your young people. The company still has a meeting. Do n’t go back at night at night. It ’s just the weekend. Everyone’ s auntie cooks for you to eat it. ”

“ Really?Great, I have n’t eaten my mother's cooking for ten years, you do n’t know, my mother can cook deliciously! "Han Bing was surprised, and the two girls were also flattered.With such a super -specified courtesy, not only did he have lunch, but also had to stay overnight. Aunt Xue was so good.

Where do they know, Xue Danping now compensates her daughter, where can she show any cooking skills, but she wants to let the children who are not mother tasted the dishes made by their own hands.

As for the meeting in the afternoon, it was even more virtual. Xue Danping was afraid that he would continue to talk about it, and he would be more disappointed and causing doubts about others, so he just hid for a reason.

Farewell to his son and two girls with a smile. Xue Danping did not take the driver and drove away in person. Looking at the car away, Han Bing said happily: "Wen Xue, I really did n’t expect that my mother liked it so much soYou.

Wen Xue smiled, and she also felt that Aunt Xue had an inexplicable goodwill about herself, completely beyond the attitude of her classmates and mother, and Lu Jin was another idea. She felt thatAunt Xue should be the image of a strong woman who is not shaped. Even the daughter -in -law who likes the future cannot be so obvious. This matter is weird. Maybe Xiaoxue is too painful.This explanation can be said.

Just when they thought about it, Xue Danping was flying on the highway. Whether it was home or office, she was the focus of everyone. It was impossible to cry so unscrupulously.With your own space, you can vent your distress.

For women, tears are the best negative emotional venting channels. After tears all the way, Xue Danping's emotions gradually stabilized. Thinking of the long -lost daughter, she smiled happily, GodAt eyes, her daughter not only fell like a beautiful and beautiful snow lotus, but also her academic performance was quite excellent. It was the science college entrance examination champion in Jiangdong Province. Thinking of it, she was tight in her heart.How much effort does this have to be made? This child is really big in bitter water.

Although the ex -husband's IQ is extremely high, it is not good to take the camp, and it must be mixed in the unit. Coupled with the disease, there is no condition to provide more things for the daughter.After entering the safe, it was just just on the edge of the society. This society was more complicated and sinister than when Xue Danping was younger, especially for a beautiful girl. Beauty was sometimes a kind of original sin. Xiaoxue encountered in the high school stage.Things can explain this.

But now it's different. Xiaoxue has met her biological mother. From then on, the trajectory of life will be completely changed. Xue Danping will do his best, a hundred times, thousands of times to compensate his daughter.

As for the incident between the son and the daughter, Xue Danping is not worried at all. She is the chief of the group who read countless people.There is no meaning in that aspect at all, the silly son is just shaving his head and picking his head.

She knows very well that the two children like each other, and they are completely affectionate in the blood. This feeling is far from being transformed into an unforgettable love.Okay, there will be no so -called ethical tragedy.

As for when it is clear, she is a little hesitant. She is very clear about her son's personality. Because she was born in a family of wealthy family, she had more contacts from a young age, and her father died early.Relatively speaking, the ability to withstand stress is relatively high.

As for her daughter, she did not have much confidence, because Xiaoxue grew up with Wen Junwei since she was a child, and she naturally followed her father. She was very clear.No sand, she often responds to things when encountering things, so she should consider whether she should give Xiaoxue a period of adaptation to let her familiarize themselves with herself, accept herself, and then slowly open the truth.

Thinking of this, she suddenly remembered the meal at night, inexplicably a little panicked, as the son said, she has never taken a pot shovel for ten years.There is a nanny for cooking, driving drivers, headache and brain fever with health care doctors. Even active soldiers standing at the entrance of the courtyard.Essence

When buying vegetables, you can arrange a call, but Xue Danping went to Metro to buy ingredients in person. The meat must use the best imported meat.That kind of chopsticks used by her daughter, she has to choose the most suitable one.

Just as Xue Danping picked chopsticks, a couple passed by next to him, and couldn't help whispering: "This person is really like Mr. Xue.?"

The chairman of the board of directors, general employees can only see her true appearance on TV and albums. Where can I get it in the supermarket? In the past, Xue Danping nodded at most, but today I was in a good mood, and I even got up.Gels: "Hello, what about buying food?"

The little couples are employees of Huaxia Mining. It is already excited to meet the chairman of the board of directors in the supermarket.Unexpectedly, Master Chairman actually took the initiative to talk to himself, and suddenly he said excitedly: "Hello, Mr. Xue, we ... yes, buy food."
"Just right, you can help me see it to see me.Look, so much chopsticks, I have raised their eyes. "President Xue said with a smile, as kind as the eldest sister next door.

The couple calmly calmly calmed down, and helped President Xue to choose chopsticks.

The man said, "President Xue, is it used in your home?"

Xue Danping replied: "Girls are used."

Women picked up a oneBamboo chopsticks with cartoon patterns said: "This brand is very good, environmentally friendly is low -carbon, and the price is not expensive. We use it when we go to college."

Xue Danping said happily: "Okay,Just buy this, take two more pairs. "

The woman quickly helped President Xue get a few pairs of chopsticks to help President Xue choose chopsticks.

The man saw that Xue Danping's cart was full of food raw materials, and surprised: "President Xue, you bought a lot of dishes!"
Obviously President XueI said happily: "My son's classmates come home as a guest. I want to entertain my mother. No, buy food for them for dinner."

Xiao couple quickly praised: "Oh, President XueYou are really a good mother. "

Xue Danping smiled brightly and said," You are busy, I should go back to cook, the child is waiting for it. "

Can let go of such a good opportunity, the man quickly took over the shopping cart and said, "Just happen to be going out, let me help you push, so heavy."

Xue Danping, who knows the way of leadership, knows the way of leadership.Naturally, he was happy to help his subordinates. He talked about home, and asked the names and departments of the two people by the way. Soon they arrived outside the door.After leaving the car, I put down the hand and waved for a long time, and said, "I didn't expect that President Xue was so approachable.Let the aunt move all the ingredients in the car to the kitchen, enter the house and change the slippers, and shouted loudly, "Xiao Bing, Xiaoxue, Xiaolu, see what I bought back."

In the living roomQuietly, the Philippine maid came over and said, "Mrs., young master and classmates went back to school."

Xue Danping stunned, and then took out his mobile phone to dial his son's number: "Xiaobing, not to stay stayed in stay, not to stay stayingDo classmates eat at home? "

Han Bing replied:" Wen Xue and they said they were not used to spending overnight outside, and I came back with them. We eat outside. Mom, you eat it yourself.. "

A busy sound came from the earpiece. Xue Danping put down his mobile phone and stood in the fellow. The Filipino maid didn't know what happened to his wife.

"Oh" Xue Danping returned to God, smiled strongly, went upstairs to change his clothes to the kitchen, took a green onion and peeled, the chef at home was stunned, and hurriedly: "Mrs.,Come on. "

" It's okay, I'm here, you all go out. "Xue Danping said indifferently, the chef and nanny looked at each other, but they went out obediently.

Xue Danping stripped the shallots mechanically, and his eyes were a little dull: "Girl, mother wants to make a meal for you, there is no chance."


This is here.At that time, Han Bing, Wen Xue, and Lu Jin just finished eating the superficial chicken wings, and went to the school with elastic way. Han Bing walked while asking, "Wen Xue, the uncle you said, is it really so powerful?"

"Well" Wen Xue nodded and said proudly: "He is the second love in the world."

Han Bing's heart pulled a little, his lips were dry,But he didn't give up, and asked, "Who is your first love?"

"Of course my father." Wen Xue replied without hesitation.