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It also made Han Bing faintly unhappy, because he felt sharply that this love would evolve into another kind of love at any time.

Wen Xue is an introverted girl, but she is a very simple girl. In front of a confidant friend, there is no line of defense at all. Lu Jin is her roommate and a confidant.The male classmate who said the words and the only thing that the wild cat's confidant and said, in front of the two, she did not hide her past. The experience of suffering was talked about by her.Rare experience.

In fact, from the afternoon to the evening, they are talking about the so -called "Uncle Liu". Due to the different positions, it is obvious that Lu Jin is more interested in this uncle Liu.Asked Dong asks and west, and Han Bing was just a loyal listener aside. After listening to many legendary stories about Uncle Liu, he gave the man a conclusion: Hero Hero.Test text watermark 2.

Although they are heroes, they can't hide their reckless atmosphere. After all, they can't get on the table. At best, the two -tier cities are black and white.This kind of person really did not enter the flow. Han Bing secretly made up his mind. At the right time, he would help this uncle Liu to thank him for his care for Xiaoxue.

Unconsciously, he has taken care of Xiaoxue as his own position.

The campus of Beiqing University is very large. Han Bing's house and Xiaoxue's girls' dormitory are far away. After the three people, Han Bing returned to his senior apartment and opened up the computer to the Internet.Going to the school forum a glance, it doesn't matter if you look at it.Test text watermark 4.

In the forum, the topic of the top post on the top is: the unknown side of the first pure girl in Beiqing, the poster is a newly registered ID.

The girl in the article did not mention the real name, but instead of using W, but the eye -catching person knew that it was Wen Xue at a glance.To make sense, what happened with a pile of piles to expose the true face of the so -called first pure girl in Beiqing University.

W is a freshman from a second -tier city. It is famous for its pure loneliness and cold. Numerous Beiqing boys have dumped.Under her pomegranate skirt, she was called a minister. Her family was poor, and she was diligent and frugal. She was born with beauty, and she was alone, but the real situation was that when she was in high school in her hometown, she was raised by a local boss!

And just the day before yesterday, the boss drove a luxury car to Beiqing University to pick up W to eat and shop. Many students witnessed the matter.Test text watermark 6.

Han Bing endured his anger and continued to look down. The quality of Beiqing students was really high. This kind of no -level rumor basically ignored it.And this time it broke out, claiming that the so -called W was once involved in a murder case locally, and directly gave the external chain, linking to the Jiangbei Morning News website on the Jinxiu Jiangnan murder case.Test text watermark 7.

There are several familiar IDs in succession, standing up to prove that I saw W to sit in an Audi car the day before yesterday. The time and place are very corresponding.Get up, everyone has launched human flesh search. All stories in High School have been turned out, including hundreds of mixed -blocking school gates, princess incidents, the source of kidney -changing funds, and the disabled of the local gang boss's son.When the material was fierce, it burst out.

The rumor is very clever, and basically the fact that it can withstand the verification facts.The post has covered more than 600 floors in just one day. From the beginning of the soy sauce, to the continuous breaking news in the mid -term, and then to the various thoughtful comments, the society, family, ethics, ethics, ethics, ethics, ethics, ethics, ethics, ethics, ethics, ethics, ethics, ethics, ethics, ethics, ethics, ethics, ethics, and ethics.Value view view, the level of students at Beiqing University is high. Although everyone knows W refers to the Wenxue of the Department of Mathematics, there is no one mentioning Wen Xue's name, and no one jokes that she has been centered "facts.

Han Bing lost the mouse and was irritable. The rumor -making person was too abominable. Xiao Shi means such a great problem to Wen Xue.Rong Ping's loved girl was hurt. After thinking about it, Han Bing picked up the phone and gave the official organizer of the forum, that is, the student would call, asked to delete posts, and apologize.Test text watermark 5.

Although Han Bing has a prominent background, not everyone buys his account, especially in an environment of openness, democracy and freedom in Beiqing University, the cadres of the student union will not ignore a freshman freshman.For non -scoring requirements, the posts of the forum have no illegal discipline, but they have not slandered others, and they have just exploded some public news in society. Why delete posts?

After eating the other side of a soft nail, Han Bing's language was stuffed.The injured person.Test text watermark 9.

At the same time, Lu Jin, who had just returned to the dormitory, also turned on the computer. The habitual attending school forum was taken to see, because there are not only various gossip news, but also some idle items replacement, carpooling cards, patchwork cards, patchwork cardsPractical information such as such as Beiqing University likes to visit.Test text watermark 8.

"Yeah, Wen Xue, look at this!" Lu Jin's face became serious and greeted Wen Xue, who was scrubbing his face, and Wang Yueqi and Ning Xin'er looked at it.Close the computer and lay on the bed to listen to English.

Wen Xue walked over with a warm bottle with a warm bottle, and looked at Lu Jin's computer for a while. Her face was still calm. She said lightly, "Let them say it, I don't care.">
"But ..." Lu Jin's face flushed.

"They all said that all of them were reality. Dad's money for changing kidneys was paid by Uncle Liu. My tuition fees were sponsored by neighbors and teachers.After that, Wen Xue went out to open the water, and there was no strange move.Test text watermark 9.

Wang Yueqi and Ning Xin'er on the bed exchanged their eyes again. Some were unbelievable. It stands to reason that a fragile girl like Xiaoxue saw these unbearable destinations.No.

Where do these two starters know? Although Wen Xue is a weak girl, it is not easy to experience at all. On the night of the Jiangnan case, it almost fell into Nie Wenfu's wolf mouth.He pierced Nie Wenfu's knife to death, and later entered the police station. He experienced the punishment of clip fingers and entered the detention center and psychiatric hospital.It was the scene where Zhu Yufeng set up more than 10,000 white roses in public in public, and Wen Xue was also lighter, and it was not serious.Test text watermark 3.

suffering can defeat a person, and it can also make people extremely powerful. Wen Xue is obviously the latter.

But Lu Jin didn't think so. She felt that as a insider, she must not allow others to pour dirty water on Xiaoxue, so she picked up her laptop and climbed into the bed, slammed the keyboard.

As a forum veteran, Lu Jin did not start a counterattack in that post, but re -opened the new battlefield.Flower season.

At the same time, Han Bing is still fighting with a group of people in the old post. The quality of these IDs is extremely low. It should be seen that the IP address should be the person in the teaching institute. At first, the two sides just sprayed each other.It turned into a direct greeting to the family of women, and finally became a battle and duel!

Han Bing looked at the clock on the wall, it was already two o'clock in the middle of the night. He closed the computer quietly, opened the closet and took out a light and strong baseball stick.When I entered the restaurant, I took the fruit knife of Shuangli people in the waist and changed the sportswear and sneakers before going downstairs.Test text watermark 9.

When you come to the small woods by the school playground, a group of people have gathered here, about seven or eight people, squatting there to smoke, and saw Han Bing who came alone.Fuck, there is a kind of fuck, there is a single sword, and the single -handed meeting is here. "

Zhu Yufeng's younger brother Awu, which said this post, can get half of his credit.It was Awu who was on the back of the fire. He could return to the way for the wind and lacked a lot of effort. He collected Wen Xue's information on a lot of effort. I did not expect to succeed in one fell swoop. When I was appreciating his own results, a strange ID appeared.It was a fierce attack on them. Both sides came and me, so you agreed to the real people PK of the night.

Although Han Bing was a single horse, he was not stunned at all. He was spoiled from a young age, and middle school education was conducted in the British noble atmosphere of Eaton Gongxue.Seven or eight little bitch is probably not shrinking in the face of thousands of troops. This is the pride of the red nobles.

Awu is not a good bird. A group of teenagers who have become mixed academic academic academies are no stranger to fighting. Since the other party is so powerful, they will not talk about the rules of the rivers and lakes.With the wooden stick, I embraced it ...

At three o'clock in the middle of the night, Xue Danping woke up from the nightmare, and his head was cold. She panting her mouth, and the bell let the nanny send a glass of milk in. She dreamed of her daughter just now.Chu Chu's poor little snow was wearing thin clothes, running helplessly in the jungle full of thorns, and behind it was a group of evil wolves with saliva flashed with saliva.

Suddenly the phone on the bedside table rang, Xue Danping sank, picked up the handset and said, "What is it?"

"Sister, something happened, Xiao Bing him ..." Is a bodyguard ... "The call from the call, the bodyguard named Xue was a special soldier. Xue Danping's old family was responsible for protecting Han Bing. I did not expect that something happened.

Xue Danping hurriedly lifted the blanket and sat up. He pressed his emotions and asked, "Is it serious, where is a man?"
"Sister, you have a psychological preparation ..." <"BR>
The "pop" earpiece fell to the ground, Xue Danping collapsed on the bed weakly, and the nanny who gave the milk just came in...