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Xue Danping is the chairman of the board of directors of the multinational company. Naturally, the service staff is indispensable. There are four nanny. There are even more than the driver, chef, gardener, health nurse, etc., but there is no housekeeper.President Xue's faint, everyone had no opinion. A group of people made a mess, or the health nurse had a clever movement. Among the people who stepped forward, President Xue, ten seconds later, President Xue finally woke up.

The microphone on the ground is still coming out of the sound of anxious "Hey, HeyThe son is gone. Is he really so hard and be destined to have only one child.9.

"Say, scholarly." Xue Danping took a deep breath.

I probably realize that I said something wrong. There was a rapid explanation over there: "Sister, don't think about it, Xiaobing people are okay, just hang some lottery and hurt your face."

"Oh" Xue Danping took a long breath, and the heart of the mention finally put it back. She settled and asked, "What is going on, which hospital is now, I will pass immediately."

"I also learned from the school's security office. It is said that we were fighting with our classmates. Now we are all in the hospital hospital. We are going to the orthopedic department of the Beiqing Affiliated Hospital immediately."

"What?Surprove Bone? "Xue Danping was shocked again.

"It is someone else, I was fractured by Xiaobing with a baseball stick. Sister, you have to make some preparations.

" To Xiaobing, I talk to himEssence"Xue Danping.

" I'm afraid it won't work now. The doctor is sewing. After a while, I will give you.The bodyguard replied.

Xue Danping put down the phone and immediately ordered the driver to prepare the car. At the same time, a few nanny were also busy and helped his wife change clothes and wear shoes.The telephone book is contacted.

First of all, a friend who gave it to her, let her prepare the ward, the son must enjoy the best medical conditions., Young people fighting is not a big deal, but it is already hurting the bones, and the capital is a place where the dragon and the dragon and tiger. If the other party has a great history, it is not impossible for the crime of intentional injury.The head of the Ministry of Security asked him to take people to the Attached Hospital of Beiqing quickly. In case of on -the -spot, there was a preparation. The last phone was to call Han Bing's grandma. Although it was not a dear grandma, Han Bing after all, after all, Han Bing after allIt is a member of the family. It is not a word to say such a big thing. 5.

Although he knows that his son is not in danger, Xue Danping still can't let it go.Click, President Xue’s full -time driver is a veteran carman, and the car skills are quite good, but President Xue always pays attention to the level and stability. Even on the highway, only 120 kilometers per hour can be allowed.If you arending, you finally have to wait until the opportunity to show yourself, so you don't have to show it.

"Mr. Xue, you are sitting firmly!As soon as the young man stepped on the accelerator, Xue Danping felt a strong sense of pushing back, just like the jet aircraft slipped on the runway and ran out of the twelve cylinder of the Audi A8.Coupled with the superb driving technology of the driver, this experience is what President Xue has never experienced. She only feels that she is not sitting in a car, but in a rocket flying ground. 5.

BR> The highway late at night was originally scarce in vehicles. The Audi A8 flew across it and was recorded by the speed monitor of the roadside. However, this will not bring any distress to President Xue.It is equivalent to deputy provincial cadres. If this small matter is not plain, it will live in vain.

After the car enters the urban area, it still bumps into a double flash, and it will not slow down.Red lamps, even if there is a traffic policeman on duty, do not chase after seeing it. The capital of the capital, the cars with backgrounds are daring to walk, and the Audi itself is a government car.For official duties, who dares to stop when you are full. 5.

When Xue Danping arrived at the Beiqing Affiliated Hospital, the door of the emergency room was already full of people.There is also a group of people with foreign accents, probably the other parents who called the other parents to help out.

Awu's fracture is Awu. Since the beginning of the junior high school, he has been a problem student.When the person who scolded the forum was the rival of the wind, he decided to repair the son, but he did not expect that Han Bing's bravery and his weak temperament did not match the world. A baseball stickThe dance is the tiger and tiger, and one person does not fall into the wind. 2.

Awu suffered a losing loss of the enemy, with a stick on the calf, and the fracture was fractured. Of course, Han Bing did not suffer less.The other party was scarred all over the body, and there was a knife on his face. Fortunately, the patrol staff of the school's defense office arrived in time and grabbed them all.It was all available. To focus on protection, he immediately informed Han Bing's bodyguard Xiao Xue. Awu was not a flattener. His father did a lot.People, when they heard the news, they all rushed over. Zhu Yufeng learned that his brother had an accident and hurriedly came. There was a bunch of people under the door of the emergency room of the Affiliated Hospital.Smoking cigarettes, waiting for the people in the Han family to appear, please ask for a saying. 5.

The arrival of the Audi A8 calms down the restless crowd.The license plates of the special section and the National People's Congress of the National People's Congress under the windshield all show the identity of the owner. Although the Awu family has some strength, it is a businessman after all.

The appearance of Xue Danping surprised everyone. Women with a good atmosphere, not angry, the powerful of the aura, is very fearless, and no one can guess her identity, but she can't guess her identity, but she cannot guess her identity, butI knew that this person couldn't afford it.

President Xue did not look at these people. He walked straight into the hospital. Xiao Xue Shou was at the door of the ward and saw that President Xue came forward to explain: "President Xue ... I ..."

Xue Danping nodded at him, without blame, he pushed the door into the house, saw a shocking son, shook his head and walked over. Xiao Xue quickly moved over the chair to ask President Xue to sit.3.

"Xiaobing, what's going on, tell his mother." Xue Danping touched his son's face in distress, and his face was drawn on his face, and his handsome face was destroyed, but now the technology is developed, as long as he is willing to spendMoney should not be able to leave scars.

"They slandered Wen Xue, but I was so angry that they asked them to duel." Han Binglianzhu said, which touched the wound on his face, and hiss inhaled cold.

"Xiaobing is a brave child, knows to protect the girl, mother doesn't blame you." Xue Danping said with a smile, gently stroking the gauze on his son's face: "Does it hurt?"

Br> "Don't hurt, mother, you are really not angry. You are not the most opposed to violence.After being pumped with a belt, if it wasn't for my father, I am afraid it would be rotten.

"Sometimes, you must make violence with violence.Scars are the best scars of men, good sons, take a good rest, don't think about anything, mother comes to be good."Xue Danping Mo Yan's hair, got up and went out. The leader and the Director of the Dating of the police station had waited at the door. When he saw Mr. Xue came out and said," President Xue, some cases report with you."

Xue Danping said coldly:" Don't report to me. You have your own leadership.Talking about the injury.

He is the level of Mr. Xue, the words are not revealed, and the matter is left to you to deal with it.However, the resources that President Xue can use is no less than the provincial and ministerial officials.


The next day, the school police quickly intervened in the matter. A Wu and other eight people were punished for severe punishment and expelled from school status.He said that if his father did not come forward to help, he would not be able to drop out of school.

Lao Zhu also had some connections in the capital. He immediately contacted his old friends to dredge it. The power circle of the capital was so big. He went to the background of Han Bing, and was shocked to call his son:"Mix the book, let you go to college or pick up girls! The capital is not our family, you can do it, it is someone else’s site! Don't care about your friend's affairs, people are in loveThree or five years before entering, this life will be destroyed. "

Putting down the phone, Zhu Yufeng sighed, holding his hair fiercely, and tangled in his heart. He knew that Awu was for his own good, but he slandered Wen XueThe incident also made him difficult to tolerate himself, but Han Bing's behavior was unexpected. A person dared to pick eight. It seems that he really wants to look at him.

The school's intervention is more than that, which has caused the forum to be closed and rectified. When re -opening, the post on "w" has been deleted, but things cannot be covered.Zhu Yufeng started the war and fighting on campus late at night, which eventually caused several people to be hospitalized. Several people were expelled from school status.

The reason is that Lu Jin's signature article is different from those who make rumors. Lu Jin is a real -name post. As a roommate and girlfriend of Wen Xue, and those who have seen Uncle Liu in person, she is undoubtedly her.It is the person who has the most right to speak.

In addition to Lu Jin's article, there is also a comic fluttering astronomy sales champion. College students have the ability to think about, and they are good at discovering the truth of things.The character, her suffering experience and strong perseverance, moved every student to tears.

These are what the creators Wang Yueqi and Ning Xin'er dreamed of dreaming.