Chapter 1 The ancestral Court comes

Xiao Yan's consciousness gradually blurred, and his heart sighed secretly: "After all, his merits were defeated. After struggling in hell for so many years, he was prepared for today.A little bit, you can get that thing a little bit, and then turn around to make up for all the regrets. "

Although he is unwilling, the weak feeling is getting stronger and stronger.I just feel so tired at this moment.In confusion, it seems that there is a voicing voice that is calling his name. The voice he has already existed in his memory and is very familiar, but the memory of this sound has been long for a long time. As the consciousness is getting blurred, the voice is the sound, but the voice isClear and clearer.

"Xiao Yan, wake up, Mr. Lin is here, watching you."

I feel that someone is pushing himself, almost instinct, Xiao Yan opened his eyes.

Ah?IntersectionWei Hong?

His best buddy, isn't he dead?Xiao Yan saw that he was torn in two halves by a powerful monster. The bloody scene made him angry with pain, but he was unforgettable, but now he is standing in front of himself.

What is going on?Didn't I die just now?

"I said brother, what do you always look at me? President Lin ... President Lin is here ..." Wei Hong said with a boldness, squeezing his eyebrows to show him to see.

Xiao Yan's head was chaotic, and he looked at the side stupidly. The whole person was

Xiao Yan's head was chaotic, and he looked at the side stupidly. The whole person was dumb again, and then he rushed out of the eyes from the bottom of his eyes.The seat stepped forward and hugged the figure wearing elegant and generous, standing in front of him, and a kind of unspeakable satisfaction that made him kiss on the smooth and delicate forehead, and then tightly tightly tightly.Holding in his arms, like holding a treasure.

"Amazing, I thought that after failure, I could never see you in this life. You are okay, it's really good." Xiao Yan said in hesitant to say in Sen Han's tone: "Those fewThose who framed you, I peeled their lives and hung them on the tree for three days and three nights before they died. The soul did not let go.> 'Chanren' is his nickname to his wife, which belongs to him only. Her name is Lin Yike, a person who makes him dream.

"What are you ... what are you doing? Let go ..." The man in his arms looked at him dumbly, and his body was very stiff because of surprise. After the response came, his face seemed to have a fever and became a fever.The red, moisturizing eyes revealed the anger. She did not expect that someone would be so bold, and when I went to work to go to work, I didn't say it. She was seen by herself.Without something, he wanted to reach out and slap him, but found that his hands were held firmly, and he did not break free after struggling a few times.

"Xiao Yan, what are you doing? Let go of Yi Ke? Believe it or not now I will fired you now." A jealousy with boundless jealousy, approximately hysterical roar sounded, a man rushed up and came up when he rushed up.To pull Xiao Yan's hand, he was blocked by him sideways. The face that could be seen in the past was as if to bite Xiao Yan.

"Well? Mo Dongdong?" Xiao Yan discovered at this time that everything here is so familiar, which is clearly in the office of the company's department that I once worked, and all colleagues have grown upLooking at him with a big mouth, Wei Hong was looking at him with a faithful expression that he was almost kneeling and worshiped with a kind of admiration.Without a rest, he lay on the desk to sleep and nourished his wife. At that time, Lin always scolded a dog blood.

Xiao Yan's gaze passed through the familiar face. The young woman of Hua believers, Pei Xiangyue, middle -aged honest person Zhang Yude, and frivolous and old -fashioned love.The second generation of hidden rich Hu Xi, his good brothers Wei Hong, Wenwen quietly and unwilling girl Yue Ping ... These people are standing in front of themselves alive. At this time, they looked at him in surprise. ObviouslyIt was shocked by his sudden move.

A crow is silent in the office!

Xiao Yan glanced at the clock on the wall. At 10.25 noon on January 20, 2012, the first day of work after work after the holidays is an unforgettable day.Because the development of human beings is deviated from the orbit set by the mysterious organization 'ancestral court', it has come to all people over the age of twelve years old and 50 years old.The smoke disappears. There are only two main theme of people, that is, to become stronger and live.

"I turned back to 2012, is this God's compassion, let me come back once?" Xiao Yan didn't doubt whether what he had experienced was a dream, because he knew it very well that he remembered that he had happened to happen.Those who are real, and they will happen soon."Damn, you can't reborn a little more? Let me prepare some preparations!"

Ten:30 ancestors will come, only five minutesTime is not enough to prepare.

"Are you holding enough? Let it go if you hold enough!"Calling the coldness hidden in it.

Xiao Yan suddenly realized that he had done a very stupid thing. Lin Yi could be his wife in the future.The general manager, the only daughter of the boss, but he is just an ordinary small staff member. Both of them have limited words. His current move is tantamount to ... blasphemy?sexual harassment?

But I have done everything. Since this situation is already, let go of this girl directly, and I may be more annoying in the future. It is better to do it ...

"The waist is very thin, just a little thinner, just a bit plump." Xiao Yan smiled suddenly, not only did he not relax, but he also tightly tightly tightly tightly tightly tightly tightly tightened his arms in his arms.After tightness, I went to Lin Yi in Lin Yike's ears and said a word with only the voice she could hear, and then loosened her hands, but held her waist.

Actions are intimate, ears are grinding, as if they are kissing, even more that Lin Yike is shocked by what he said, so that all the red Xia Xiasa was dyed on her face and pink neck.Cai, a pair of moisturizing beautiful eyes stared, looking at Xiao Yan with an unbelievable eyes.


"You bastard!" No one knew how much he was Lin Yike at this time. When Xiao Yan said that sentence, she just felt a buzzing of the two ears, almostSlowing down, my heart was like a wave of waves.

“那么私密的事情,他是怎么知道的?难道这个家伙是个猥琐的色狼,在厕所里面安装了……不可能,自己用的是办公室内的洗手间,除了助理和自己,It is impossible for others to do such a thing at the circumstances that they are no longer ... What can I do? How do he know? "

Lin Yike is ashamed and angry, the square is chaotic, my mind in my mindI was chaotic, stood there with a lost man, and Xiao Yan was so ambiguous and did not notice it.

"Did you hear it? Tell you to let go." Mo Dongdong was jealous and burned. Lin Yi was always chasing a woman who did not chase his hands, but now he was hugged by such a small staff memberHow could he stand so intimate in his arms?The moment is a punch.

"I don't ask you to bother you, you dare to provoke me? It's just looking for death." Xiao Yan's eyes were cold, and Lin could cover him behind him, kicking out with a thunderbolt., Directly kicked on Mo Dongdong's chest.

In the previous life, after this guy and Lin Yike were good, the yin was killed and injured.In the bone, this foot was completely exhausted, and Mo Dongdong's body that was emptied by the wine could bear his foot.

"Bang! ~" Mo Dongdong was kicked by this full -force kick for one or two meters away, fell on the ground and spit a bite of blood, looking at Xiao Yan with an unbelievable eyes, heI did not expect that a small employee was spicy to his company's deputy president.

"Ah! ~" Everyone was shocked by this scene, and Wei Hong murmured with her eyes widened: "When did this boy become so good?"

> "Xiao Yan, you waited for me, calling the police ... Call the police to the police, this boy intends to murder, I want to send this king's egg into the cell, I want to let him die in it ..." After shocked, Mo Mo, Mo Mo, Mo MoDongdong roared horses, and his blood -stained face looked particularly embarrassed.

"<." A office chair smashed.

The collective louder in the office!

Everyone's heart jumped like a lightning strike!

Xiao Yan slowly raised his chair from Mo Dongdong's head, his complexion was bland: "As you wish, but not intention, but murder."

Mo Dongdong's throatThe sound of rolling the air flow, Xiao Yan's chair's chair's feet almost caught his forehead, and his eyes were full of eyes. He seemed to dream that Xiao Yan really dared to kill himself.After all, there was no sound. In the Qiqiao, the land of Blea bleeds, the head was crooked, and no matter how silent.

"President Lin ... we heard someone shouting, what came here ... Ah ..." At this time, a few security guards rushed in, and before the words were finished, we saw Mo Dongdong on the ground.EssenceHow can this be possible?How could anyone kill someone in the company in the daylight, and the murderer is the company's vice president?

"You ... you killed him ... you are killed ..." Lin Yi looked at Xiao Yan unbelievably, and his eyes were just watching a demon, a lunatic, and even for such a little bit of such a little bit.The matter was killed, and even Wei Hong, who was like Xiao Yan like his brother, did not believe it. He looked at him with a strange look, just like doubting whether this person was his brother.

"Report ... alarm ..." Out of life, this is the common idea of everyone.

The three security guards also reflected, pulled out their own weapons, and surrounded Xiao Yan in the middle. The three of them were ordinary veterans, but they had never seen their lives!For a while, I dare not step forward.

Just then, the sky was suddenly dark, as if there was solar eclipse, the whole world became dark, and an extremely depressed feeling appeared on the earth.A person.

"Start." Xiao Yan murmured in the sky.

There, a large black hole appeared in the sky, just like the space was broken. A huge black palace slowly moved from the large cave in the sky.It was covered by it. Xiao Yan knew that this was the ancestral court, and it was just the corner of the iceberg of the ancestral court. People who had not really seen the ancestors never knew what kind of language could not describe how big it was.Essence

"All humans listen, the earth will be re -incorporated into the ancestral court, bloody trials are about to start, all people over the age of twelve years old and over 50 years of age are prepared for trial transmission." The skyAbove, an old and majestic sound sounded.

The crowd only felt that the darkness would cover themselves, and then turned around for a while.