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Goodbye next time. "

" Where is the next day? "Xiao Cheng asked seriously.

A embarrassing silence, Li Yan pulled his son's hand: "Okay, it's time to go, say goodbye to your uncle."
"Goodbye."Swing up, followed my mother and turned away,

"Goodbye." Liu Ziguang's heart had a small heart, watching the two of their mother -in -law, and wrapped the trench coat and left the small park.

Li Yan still lives in his parents' house for the time being. Although Li Tianxiong's level is not high, because of the special nature of the work, a large house is assigned to the organization, four rooms and two halls, which is enough for a family to live, andThe environment of the community is very good.

Passing the car downstairs, Li Yan took his son upstairs, and he smelled a vegetable fragrance as soon as he opened the door.

"What is delicious today?" Li Yan asked while changing his shoes, and suddenly found that a pair of men's shoes were on the shoe cabinet. The size was about 43rd. Obviously it was not his father's shoes.

"You come just right, take out my bottle of old Wuliangye, I don't know where to be hidden by your mother." Li Tianxiong sitting on the sofa put down the newspaper and said excitedly.

Li Yan changed his slippers and walked over. He blame: "Dad, your blood pressure is so high, you can't drink anymore, Mom is also for you."
Li Tianxiong laughed and hugged the rush over.The grandson, pointed at the kitchen direction and said, "Isn't it a guest today? There is no drink without wine. You ca n’t use drinks to entertain others."

Li Yan sighed: "Dad, I said that I do n’t use my business.You are worried. "

Li Tianxiong said," Hey, you are not too small, your personal problems can no longer be dragged down like this.Try to get along first. "

Li Yan said:" The company's headquarters just moved, there are many, how can I have this energy. "

The man in the apron came out of the kitchen, with a plate of hot air in his hand: "Sweet and sour catfish is here."

Li Yan quickly got up to pick up the plate, but the man said, "Don't don'tMove, be careful. "Saying the plate on the dining table and said with a smile," You are Li Yan, my name is Yang Shaonan, and Teacher Li is forgotten the year. "

" Mr. Yang, fortunate. "Li Yan reached out and held Yang Shaonan.

"Shao Nan, sit down, take root and rest." Li Tianxiong greeted enthusiastically.

"Okay." Yang Shaonan took the cigarettes handed over by Li Tianxiong, first ignited it, and then ignited himself, sitting on the sofa, and made a ghostly face.

"<,, let me introduce you, Yang Shaonan, graduated from Harvard School of Law School, the youngest professor of the University of Political Science and Law." Li Tianxiong said proudly.

"Oh, it's a teachings." Yang Shaonan said self -confidence.

Li Yan smiled lightly and said nothing.

The shout of Li Tianxiong's wife came from the kitchen: "Shao Nan, come, come, shouldn't this dish put on?"

Yang Shaonan quickly stood up: "You talk, I am missing, I am missing"

" Haha, your aunt can be considered a gang kitchen. "Li Tianxiong smiled happily, and when Yang Shaonan entered the kitchen, he lowered his voice and asked his daughter:" How about, a talent, old, oldDad, I checked his bottom in detail. The southerners lived in the United States for many years. The wife died in a car accident seven years ago. She has not married so far. This person is safe and reliable, and her personality is also cheerful.You have a common language. "

" Dad, thank you for your hard work, I really don't want to consider this problem for the time being. "Li Yan pushed away, in fact, she didn't look at Yang Shaonan.It was Liu Ziguang's shadow. When she turned around just now, how much she hoped that Liu Ziguang would stop herself, but this iron -hearted man never spoke ...
"纨, Dad knows what you are thinking, in factDad also appreciates Liu Ziguang very much, but his world is completely different from you. This kind of man is destined to live at the cusp of the wind, and there will be no good results with his woman. Dad is an overwhelming person, so clear this. "Li Tianxiong sighedEssence

The father and daughter were relatively speechless. Suddenly the kitchen door opened. Mom and Yang Shaonan came out with several plates. The name of the dish was sang in her mouth.Okay, Mother Li took out a bottle of wine from the back behind the sofa, "Look at Shao Nan's face today and allow you to drink a cup."

"A cup is too little, five cups." Li Tianxiong bargainstand up.

"No, two cups."

"So disrespect to guests, four cups."

Otherwise, don't want to drink a drop. "

There was a laughter at home. After some efforts, the old guy finally got the bottle and was about to pour the guests. Yang Shaonan hurriedly grabbed the bottle to Li TianxiongAfter half a cup: "Teacher Li, I don't have a drink, let's drink less."

Mother Li glanced at her daughter with a nourishment, which means that you see that Xiao Yang is sensible.

Li Yan did not match, but silently helped everyone to hold rice.

Suddenly the doorbell rang, Li Yan hurriedly opened the door, and it was Wei Ziyi standing outside.

"President Li, this is a supplementary agreement from Sadhama's fax. I just received it, and I quickly sent it to you, and I will sign it back immediately."

br> Li Yan took the contract and said, "Zi Yan comes in to eat together, the contract is not busy first."

Wei Ziyi looked inside and hesitated: "There are guests at home.">
Li Yan made his eyes fierce: "Let's talk about it."

Wei Ziyi seemed to understand it, but he changed his slippers to come in. When she first came to Beijing, she lived in Li Yan for three months.The old couple with Li Tianxiong seemed to be familiar with the family, and there was no strangeness at all.

"Zi Xun came just right, go with double chopsticks and eat together." Li Tianxiong greeted.

"Oh, there are so many good dishes today, and there are oil and shrimp." Wei Ziyi was not polite at all, he took the chopsticks with a smile and added rice. He sat at the table and looked at it.Yang Shaonan: "This is this?"

"Yang Shaonan, work at the University of Political Science and Law." Professor Yang introduced himself.

"Oh, great, our company is needed to be proficient in the law. Otherwise, Professor Yang went to us to work part -time." Wei Ziyi glanced at Li Yan, and naturally took over.

Li Yan laughed without saying a word, only to supervise Xiaocheng to eat.

This meal was very happy. Professor Yang and Wei Ziyi talked very speculative. After eating the meal, the two also washed the dishes in the kitchen together.好, Xiao Yang is not good, proficient in foreign languages, gentle and elegant, one meter eight, senior intellectuals, and can do housework. There are not many such good men. "

Li Yan said with a smile:"Mom, I know, because of good, I match him and Zi Yan. "

Mother Li said in a righteousness:" Well, are you still thinking about him?You are not too young. You should have passed the age of admiration heroes. Find a suitable person to marry early. Xiaocheng also needs a dad. I think Shao Nan is very suitable. He also likes Xiao Cheng very much.. "

Li Yan silently.

Mother Li continued: "Your dad's virtue, let his mother be afraid of it for a lifetime. Anyway, he still works for the country. Liu Ziguang's identity is much more complicated than your dad. Who knows which one he is from?? Even if you don't think about yourself, you have to consider Xiaocheng. This child has no biological father since he was a child ... "
" Mom, I'm not a child anymore, I understand these, I am watching here, I am watching hereThe document is about tens of millions of dollars. "Li Yan interrupted her mother's bitter advice and shook the fax in her hand. Mother Li was helpless and had to take Xiaocheng to play in the living room.

A happy laughter came from time to time in the kitchen. After a while, Yang Shaonan and Wei Ziyi came out.

Li Yan came out of the study, and when he saw Yang Shaonan's expression, he knew that Wei Ziyi had done it, and said with a smile, "Let Professor Yang send you, and introduce him the situation of our group by the way."

Yang Shaonan reached out to get his jacket:" Okay, I will send Ziyu to the company. "

Li Tianxiong watched the blind date arranged by the daughter to give others cheaply, and gave it to others, and his mouth was on his mouth.It ’s hard to say anything. When Yang Shaonan and Wei Ziyi left, the two sighed together. Li Yan shrugged and ignored them. He went straight into the study room and continued to read her documents.


In Yang Shaonan's car, Wei Ziyi suddenly was silent, as if it became a personal.

"It is better to find a quiet place to drink a glass of tea." Yang Shaonan suggested that he thought that what Wei Ziyi said was just a excuse to leave the Li family.

"Thank you, I really have business, and I have to go to Africa to travel on a business trip the day after tomorrow. Many preparations have not been done." Wei Ziyi refused very straightforwardly.

"Okay, when will we see it next time?" Professor Yang didn't give up.

"I have to stay in Africa for a while, let's talk about it." Wei Ziyi looked out of the window with his head, his expression was extremely indifferent, and the person who had just laughed in the kitchen could not contact the person who just laughed in the kitchen.go.

Yang Shaonan shrugged, drove Wei Ziyi to the new office of Chengcheng Group. The very gentleman wanted to send her upstairs and was thanked by Wei Ziyi again.

"Then be careful, goodbye." Yang Shaonan left the car, thinking of Wei Ziyi's attitude towards himself, and could not help but outline a curved corner of his mouth: "Cute girl, she will still want to escape the causeWhat? "

Chengcheng Group rented a floor in an office building for office. Now it is already off work. The floor is quiet.It seemed to have a personal movie in the darkness, and she alertly drank: "Who!" At the same time, she found out her mobile phone and prepared to play 110.

"Don't be afraid, it's me." The low voice is so familiar, how many times the soul is dreaming, and this moment finally became a reality.

Wei Ziyi stayed, and the bags and mobile phones fell on the ground. Three steps rushed to the black shadow in three steps, hugging him with a hand, and tears came out.

"You're okay, we are all worried about you." Wei Zixun choked.