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Time and energy are devoted to work to avoid being lonely and sad when you are alone.

I was not happy to eat tonic. Although Wei Ziyi and Yang Shaonan were sad during the dinner, it was actually sad. Li Yan's parents also knew that he introduced the object to his daughter, but his mother was no longer alive.Also busy in this distant capital, when she was in a low mood to the extreme, Liu Ziguang, the person who had always been concerned about finally appeared.

In the dark office, Wei Ziyi no longer concealed his feelings, and hugged Liu Ziguang to choke tightly. Liu Ziguang patted her back and said, "Zi Yan, I am not this.Is it good? "

Wei Ziyi felt that he was out of state, and quickly came out of Liu Ziguang's arms and said," Let's talk about it. "Lead him to his own ** office and open it to open it and open it.Lights, pulling the chair, and picked up the coffee pot and said, "I will make a cup of coffee for you."

"Zi, don't be busy, I come to find you." Liu Ziguang's eyes, staring atHe said with Wei Ziyi.


"Sincerely has recently received many construction orders from West Africa, and a number of construction workers want to go to Africa to export in Africa. Is there this thing?"

"Yes, I have been following this recently."
"I want to ask you to help me purchase a batch of materials, arrange some personnel to Africa, and in the name of workers."

Br> Wei Ziyi laughed dumbly: "Probably you forgot, the general manager of Chengcheng Overseas is you, although you have not fulfilled their duties for a day."

Liu Ziguang waved his hand: "Of course I remember, so I am, so IOnly come to you, it can be regarded as a job. "

Wei Ziyi took out the notice book:" Okay, what kind of materials do you need? "

, The manufacturer chooses the Nanchang Great Wall, which is purchased and declared in the name of a helmet; then a five hundred sets of green scratch -resistant cloth work clothes, a thousand sets of cotton underwear with khaki color.Just single; 500 liang -up sets, preferably nylon texture, fast buckle, H -shaped strap, five hundred pairs of boots, large size, canvas waist cowhide noodles, boots bottom pattern, shoe factory, shoe factory, shoe factoryKnow how to do it; one thousand pairs of socks, dark cotton, and generally buy in the textile market. "

Wei Ziqian brushes the dragon snake, brushed and brushed Liu Ziguang, and frownedAsked: "What do you want so many labor insurance products?"

Liu Ziguang smiled: "Almost forgot, there are five hundred hats, long eaves baseball caps, green, these materials are green, these materials are used for construction workers labor insuranceThe name declaration of the supplies, transport it to Sada Moia to me, I will transfer it to you. "

" What else? "

" Camp tent, high molecular kettle, Telescope, compass, portable GPS, sleeping bags, folding engineers, flashlights, infrared night vision instruments, anti -virus masks. "Enough for 500 people to be used by the camp equipment. "

Liu Ziguang said:" Yes, I haven't sorted it out for the specific material list, you know, there is no one who helps me around. "

Wei Ziyi groaned: "I think the outdoor camps should be added with compressed biscuits, water purification tablets, high -calorie cans, self -heating foods, first aid bags, intercom, electronic watches, sunglasses, gloves, rubber raincoats and other things. "

" You supplemented well, you can be a logistics staff. Let's take care of it and need to be imported. "

The light of the office has been onZiyi made a pot of coffee, Liu Ziguang smoked one after another, the ashtray was full of cigarette butt, and the two listed a long list, from the track excavator to the off -road vehicle accessories, fromMilitary helmets are included in socks underwear, and they are all included. They also searched the manufacturers online, and they went online. They were busy until the east to know, and then came to an end.

"Go, go out for breakfast." Wei Ziyi stood up to stretch a lazy waist, and his slender arm was exposed under the sleeves of the shirt, and his thin touch was shocking.

The two went downstairs to find a stall early, and asked for two pancakes. The little boss was a young man in his twenties, wearing an old military uniform, around the apron, cleanliness, and wearing it on his hand.Medical film gloves, Mandarin has a Jiangnian taste.

"Gong, are you from Jiangbei?" Liu Ziguang asked casually.

The young man smiled and exposed white teeth: "I am in X County, Shandong, eighty miles away from the north of the river."

Liu Ziguang said, "Oh, then we are fellow, how about business,? "

" Okay, you can have two or three thousand entrances a month, and you can go home to build a house to marry a daughter -in -law. "The young man said with a smile.

"Yes, used to be a soldier before?" Liu Ziguang asked the young man's old military uniform.

"Twelve troops." The young man looked at Liu Ziguang while spreading pancakes: "Big brother has also been a soldier?"
"Hehe, I was in the general assembly before the job." Liu Ziguang said this phrase. "The words are not mixed with leave, Yongchang Company is affiliated with the General Equipment Department.

"It's the head, add an egg for you, I gave it." The young man said boldly, Liu Ziguang had to give him more money, and he didn't want to say anything.

With pancakes, Liu Ziguang and Wei Ziyi walked towards the office building, and talked about: "The total amount of these materials is not as much, and the maximum more than a dozen containers will be installed.I am afraid that someone will be suspicious. After all, except for weapons, it is simply a camp equipment. "

Wei Ziyi said:" Don't get rid of things, I will deal with them.The monthly light is the supplies of instant noodles and Sichuan hot sauce. They must talk about the hair of the container. Hundreds of hard hats, hundreds of work clothes and boots are nothing.The two came downstairs, and the white -collar workers in the dresses had come to work one after another.

"President Li is coming, you don't see her?" Wei Ziyi asked.

"No, ask me to ask her well, I still have something, leave first." Liu Ziguang reached out and held Wei Zirou's bone hand, shook, and turned to leave.

Wei Ziyi saw that his back disappeared at the corner of the street before entering the office building.


Liu Ziguang walked forward along the way, and suddenly a hawker ran away with a basket flying in front of him.Color trucks parked on the side of the road, and a dozen -in -uniform urban management was on the car and carried tricycles and stoves on the car.

The young man with the pancakes just now stood on the side of the road and stood up violently, bite his teeth and bite his teeth, holding a clear dagger in his hand!

Liu Ziguang stopped immediately.

The city management did not notice the angry young man, or they dismissed such a bottom -level northern drift family, and carried the seized things to the car.

The young man wanted to rush up a few times. Liu Ziguang noticed that his hand holding his knife was trembling, and his arms were raised on his arms, but he finally did not do something irrational. After the urban management left, he quietly walked to the corner of the street corner.Faced with the wall, his shoulders kept shaking.

"The man has tears and does not bounce lightly." The young man heard someone talking behind him, turned his head and found that it was the guest who just bought the earlier earlier.Look at the joke. "

" I have a job, don't you know you are interested? "Liu Ziguang asked.

The young man's eyes lit away: "Do, I do."

"You didn't even ask any job, would you like to do it?"

When you have been a soldier, you wo n’t be pitted, and your elder brother is not like a non -beaten person. "

Liu Ziguang laughed:" You are very clever, and you are not impulsive. I have a construction site abroad.Two thousand yuan per month, if you think you can do it, fill in a form. "

The young man asked:" Okay, do I fill in the form? "

The building where I am: "Overseas of Chengcheng Group, you find a big sister named Wei Ziyi, the one who just bought pancakes with me, she will help you do the procedure."

"Thank youBrother! "The young man bowed to Liu Ziguang and ran over there, but was called by Liu Ziguang.

"You may have no money on you, this is five hundred yuan, you hold it first." Liu Ziguang took out a few banknotes and handed it over.

"Brother ..." The young man's eyes became red.

"By the way, what is your name?"

"Report! My name is Wang Yuanwen! The first twelve group Army 179 Morning Travel Investigation and Deputy Square Captain!" The young man stood up and said.

"I didn't read the right person, the soldiers of Linfen Brigade, and the weapon of the country." Liu Ziguang hammered twice on Wang Yuanwen's chest, and looked at him "Follow me well in the future!"



A few hours later, Liu Ziguang came to the Capital International Airport, passed the VIP passage, and boarded Hu Qingzhang's private jet. West Africa's political situation was unstableAlthough the high -level think tank has repeatedly guaranteed that there would be no problems, Hu Qingzheng was still worried that his investment had been drifting. Liu Ziguang and Bei Xiaoshuai just took his plane together.

Shenghu'an International Airport originally had only a runway laid in the 1980s. It has been disrepairing for a long time and cannot take off and land large jet passenger aircraft. After the Chinese engineering team comes, the first thing is to renovate the runway.Out of a backup runway that can be used, and then build an international standard airport runway, the efficiency of the Chinese is high. Now the new runway can be put into use.

Looking at the plane, there are a lot of planes parked on the airport. The terminal is holding the scaffolding. It is also under renovation. There are many cars on the parking lot.From the perspective of St. Hutan Airport, Sadhama has faintly have some shadows of African developed countries.

The commander of the Tower Control Center landed with a standard American English command aircraft. After slowly stopped, everyone got off the plane and saw a black man who was uninstalled not far away.Moving many large boxes from the plane, Italian is printed on the box, and a large number of French mineral water and German beer wrapped with heat -shrinking plastic.

Everyone went to the customs. Because they were the VIPs of the king, they could be exempt from inspection. Customs staff wearing clean white uniforms and serving them smiled, but those ordinary passengers from China were not so lucky to be so lucky anymore anymore.The customs officers opened their boxes and made a lot of trouble, but some clever passengers handed a box of cool oil or five yuan ten yuan, and the customs staff laughed and let go.

"I rely on, open bribery, no one cares about them?" Bei Xiaoshuai said angrily.

"It is impossible to want to be a developed country overnight." Hu Qingyi said.


Dongmen bragging the new book "Divine Doctor Liu Xiahui" is good. You can see the books that make me laugh. There are really a few books.