Chapter 017


Although Lu Xuyang's poor academic performance was at a low valley for a long time, his emotions have deteriorated for a long time, but he is not a kind of unreasonable species, just like all the test scores in the class are not in the class.Like the ideal classmates, he also wants to take a good university to realize his ideals, like the wishes of his family.

There is a lot of interest in one day. This may be the dream of all senior high school candidates!

So Lu Xuyang learned about his intelligence in the thought (refers to people's knowledge, understanding objective things, and using knowledge, experience and other ability to solve problems, including memory, observation, imagination, thinking, judgment, etc.After the so -called "IQ") value increased a certain space, his first idea was to accelerate the review of the previous textbooks. When the college entrance examination, he could not rely entirely on this ghost pen, because it made it because it made it was that it made it was that it made it.The standard answer to the rigid board is inaccurate. In case of a corner of the corner of the corner of the corner of the roll department, it is not easy to cope with what cat's putty.Anti -micro -Du gradually acts cautiously, and there is no need to kill him in the cradle. We must be harmonious, calm, and not adventurous. Life is blessed!

So, in the next lesson, Lu Xuyang learned the nerd "Li Xuanjun" and turned up the mathematical textbook.It has been several times stronger, and it is almost unforgettable. After turning over a page, the key knowledge in front is in mind in my mind, and this is not a process of death like Li Xuanjun.Go in related types.

At the end of the fourth class, Lu Xuyang put away the review information. When he saw that Mr. Li did not sit on the podium, he carried his schoolbag and bent his body and jumped out of the classroom.It is not uncommon for the premature behavior of "seeing the opportunity

Of course, Lu Xuyang secretly running out of the classroom is not to go to Internet cafes to play games as usual as usual.The next set Do you have to do it?

At the end of the corridor, Lu Xuyang rarely went in at the end of the corridor. Now he has the courage, and he must appear beside Zheng Xiyi before the ringtone sounds.If you can talk about the joy of life by the way.

Lu Xuyang has a little nervousness and a little longing for. Zheng MM is the secret object of "Dark Famous My Heart". It can get closer to her. The happiness in her heart can appreciate a little bit.Essence

It is quite coincidentally, Lu Xuyang stepped forward, and found that the last row of the last row of the door of the five -class door through the window was just the boy of Lin Dongjun, but he poured it in a positive posture.Snock there.

"Lin Dongjun, Lin Dongjun ..." Lu Xuyang shrank in, sitting on the empty seat next to Lin Dongjun, and shouted seven or eight times in a row,I turned around, and I went to sleep on over there.

Lu Xuyang didn't want to disturb people's dreams. Lin Dongjun drank much more in the restaurant last night than himself. He was drunk and dared to sleep for two or three days.? "

" Lu Xuyang, you, how can you be in our classroom! "Lu Xuyang was holding his neck and searching for Zheng Xiyi's position, and suddenly a familiar greeting sounded behindyes**.

** I just returned from the bathroom. He saw that Lu Xuyang was very surprised and happy, and asked, "Is there any time to play basketball after school? How about going to play basketball together?Cen Chao said that he asked a team of people to go to the real friendly match ... "

" Look at the situation. "Lu Xuyang's interest in playing basketball is really not too much, and he was dedicated to it.On Zheng Xiyi's body, if the gossip thinking is flexible enough, and the school flower of Jingyang School also goes to the show, then Lu Xuyang will definitely pat the thigh and say that you must go.

** Moving a stool from the side and talked with Lu Xuyang whispered. After his guidance, Lu Xuyang quickly mastered the situation of the five macho men in the five class.Seven or eight boys published in the class and said that they liked Zheng Xiyi, and there were countless people who secretly voted in love!

"Zheng Xiyi sent you back yesterday, do you know?" **, seeing the great changes in Lu Xuyang's look, and a little bit of the Erda Kong.Interesting to Zheng MM, how do he like to inquire about her?

Lu Xuyang nodded with a smile and said, "My mother told me. Just go to class, I'll go first."
Table, counting the time, I stood at the door of their classroom and faced Zheng Xiyi. I didn't take the initiative. Do you ask her to run to your old master?

** promised, patted Lu Xuyang's shoulder: "That's it, we are waiting for you at 5:30 in the afternoon, see it!"

Before cutting first, he can't tolerate him to answer!

"Okay, see it at that time!" Lu Xuyang did not want to sweep everyone's interest, and gave a response quickly.

"Ding Ling Ling, Ding Ling Bell ..." Sure enough, Lu Xuyang just walked out, and the electric bell rang. He ran to the front door in two steps and tilted his chest.He was driving in his mind.

Hey, if she saw me, she would hold her hug. She would be too happy. Lu Xuyang swallowed to the Harrako who was flowing to the corner of his mouth, and thieves imagined the scene that she thought about it.

"Lu Xuyang, wow, who are you waiting for?" Zheng Xiyi's shoulder was hanging a blue exquisite schoolbag, and she also saw Lu Xuyang, who was a little weird in time.The way out, retreat to the railing and speak.

Zheng Xiyi wore an unusual T -shirt today, a pair of blue and black jeans, and the feet are always the kind of white flat shoes. In Lu Xuyang's view, no matter how she dresses her, she can't hide her.The youthful and beautiful, her refreshing and purity.

"I'm waiting for you." The simple four words, Lu Xuyang used a lot of courage. If he exchanged for usual, he would definitely not have this confidence, and he did not know why.When Zheng Xiyi was in front of Zheng Xiyi, it was not so depressed. Except for a trace of excitement that was difficult to hold back, the remaining was calm, it was a very comfortable feeling.

"Let's go. What should we say on the way." Zheng Xiyi reached out and pulled his hair, and then walked forward very naturally, but his eyes were waiting for Lu Xuyang to follow up.

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