Chapter 018 Refiner plus one 2


Lu Xuyang felt a little struggling to walk next to Zheng Xiyi. She stepped as usual as usual.A bit of a shaking gesture.

Although Lu Xuyang and Zheng Xiyi had a number of interactions, the fingers were pulled only one or twice, but Lu Xuyang's understanding of her is no less than any of her friends around her.The girl, in Lu Xuyang's heart, was extremely tough.

Lu Xuyang knows that Zheng Xiyi has a talent that is not ordinary in some aspects of sports. From junior high school to high school, every running competition held in the school is among the best. After entering high school, she joined the school fields and fieldsTeam, it is said that her future professional direction is track and field movement ...

"Lu Xuyang, you should really practice, and you can't keep up." After leaving the school, Zheng Xiyi deliberately left the crowd and walked to a place in one place.In the open place, she turned and stared at Lu Xuyang, who was panting and appealing, and laughed a little playful.

Lu Xuyang ran up and said, "Are you testing my leg strength? How can I compare with you this 'Little Flying Pig'?"

"Little Flying Pig?Are you talking about me? Are you so metaphorically beautiful? "Zheng Xiyi returned to his body and slowed down.

Lu Xuyang laughed, raised the schoolbag in his hand, and said, "It's not the nickname I give you, everyone calls so. Besides, the piglet is the cutest animal, I am the most lovely animal, II have a special love for it. "

" Do you like pigs? "Zheng Xiyi looked back and glanced at Lu Xuyang, and a cunning look in the dark eyes.

"Yeah, I like it very much." Lu Xuyang almost said, you are the little pig, he suddenly found that he was very relaxed and natural with Zheng Xiyi, but there was no sense of twist, and then he was not separated. ThenHe talked about what happened yesterday: "... Thank you for sending me home. I still ... are you dirty you a skirt? Are you embarrassed. Really, I am not intentional."

YouIf it was deliberately, now I will talk to you so politely, and I will give the chestnut directly: "You are polite. Dongzi and they are more drunk than you. At that time, I knew the phone number of our junior high school class teacher,Only by contacting me to contact me, you can find out your address. Alas, by the way, Teacher Jin also asked your recent situation. "

" Oh, is it? What do you say? "ActuallyLu Xuyang still misses the three years of life in junior high school. He has not studied much pressure. Teachers and classmates live in harmony. After a day of class, climbing the mountains and playing. The taste of life is more comfortable.One of the three biggest cents in life has been college entrance examination. From then on, the carefree days can only hide in dreams to find enjoyment.

"I said you still love to go in class. At that time, Teacher Jin said that you were" Mr. Mon You "."Essence

Lu Xuyang told her the contact number of the family, he felt that the other party had regarded himself as a friend, and the friend relationship that he kept in contact with the contact: "She told Teacher Jin that I still like in class in the classroomDid she know about it? Did she have been paying attention to me secretly, but I didn't notice it? "

Thinking of this, Lu Xuyang laughed stupidly, she was really a fantasy lover.What is it worthy of a highly sought after college?

Lu Xuyang pursed his lips, and now he doesn't go around the corner. Speaking of buying a skirt to Zheng Xiyi directly: "This is what my mother meant, and it also represents my little heart. After getting up this morning,I think about it, I really shouldn't vomit you full. Zheng Xiyi, don't refuse, don't feel that it is difficult to feel for something. What do I say from my childhood to my mother? Basically ... are you free? "

"You can see it, I am empty around me. But, even if you buy a skirt, you have seen it, the kind of people who are very enthusiastic. It's okay, can you wash it if you are dirty?? If you do n’t go, do n’t come clean, you do n’t tear my skirt ... "When it comes to the words" tore You really have to accompany my skirt, then you have to spend a lot of effort. That style is brought back from Hong Kong's "Shopping Paradise". "

" Ah? Then we stillNeed to take a car to Hong Kong? Otherwise, you call your sister to bring a new one, a hundred dollars, is this less? "Lu Xuyang said that he took out the one hundred yuan that his dad stuffed him in the morningThe brand -new ticket, I want to hand it directly to Zheng Xiyi's hand, but feels a bit out of place.

"You can see that you are a good child in your mother's eyes. What she ordered you will do what you will do, but don't really worry about my skirt.Some are worn. Let's look at the pair of sneakers under your own feet. The ball is very good. There is no pair of decent sneakers.You go to buy a new pair of basketball shoes. "Zheng Xiyi suddenly stood up and stayed on Lu Xuyang's shoes.

Lu Xuyang could not help but arched his toes. Yeah, these dusty sneakers were bought a year ago, and it was a mother from the road on the side of the road.The best product comes: "This shoe is older, and it is not very good -looking. It can be three packs of quality, which is pretty good."

"Change a pair.But you ca n’t be behind. Okay, the money to buy shoes will be spent as me. If your mother asked, I said ... I said it was that I bought it for you. AnywayAre you happy? "Zheng Xiyi laughed very happy. As soon as she finished speaking, she walked up with two girls quickly. Lu Xuyang naturally did not know it. It was not until Zheng Xiyi was stunned by the two of them.Tone.

She said she gave me me, Lu Xuyang carefully pondered this sentence, the more chewing about about a taste, sweet taste, rushing to throat, he did not hesitate to go straight to the nearby family.In the supermarket, I went to the shoes counter to buy a pair of snow -white basketball shoes. The money was only one hundred. Of course, I ca n’t buy brand -name goods, but how do you think it thinks it is good.

"It was given to me by Zheng Xiyi." Lu Xuyang repeatedly turned this idea, and he had a secret love for nearly six years.Anyone will end up.

After leaving the supermarket, Lu Xuyang just wanted to quickly change it on it. These old shoes were really outdated and could not be worn again for a long time. Previously, I was unwilling to ask my parents to ask my parents to buy money.Double new shoes, but now only because Zheng Xiyi has made a new pair of new pairs, she puts on it and walked home. In this way, they will only be happy when they see and ask the situation.

Because they like Zheng Xiyi, Zheng Xiyi is the girl in her mind and their prospective daughter -in -law.

So, Lu Xuyang sat down on an empty stool on the square in front of the supermarket. Seeing no one around him, he quickly took off the old antique -level shoes, and was about to change to the newly bought.那一双,脑中登时跳出了一个比较疯狂的念头:“鞋子也应该可以升级的吧?”

对,试一试,吕旭阳好奇心顿起,他心知在游戏里,人物The most important ones are equipped with coat shoes. The key and weakness of the attributes rely on these main equipment.

When Lu Xuyang secretly held the magic weapon "Yin and Yang two sides" to observe the refining information through a new shoes, at that moment was so surprised that he couldn't speak.Watched: "A normal three -shot sneakers have disappeared. Congratulations, successful refining, you get a scattered moon silver scales to burn tear boots, refiners +1, dodge +5, additional skills stepping meteor, running speed limit limit, running speed limit+25%, the upper limit of the jump is+25%, kick the target, increase the crit damage of 200%, and you have 20%of the probability of immune targets within ten seconds ... The equipment has been binding, it cannot be traded. "
(I rarely use the essence this week, and I will use it all at once. I will make up for you next week. Thank you for those who support it. Everyone is enthusiastic, no matter what I accept, I am willingGood items creative, please tell me that skills can also be, such as "Eye of Despise" and "Blood Burning Rose".