Chapter 019


Sanyue silver scales burning tear boots. This "equipment name" feels a bit familiar. Lu Xuyang does not have to bother to delve into this point.You only need to pay attention to the special attributes that it attached to it in reality.

The basketball shoes after refining faintly exuding a burst of yellow light, which is obviously more "color" than the "white" next to the "white outfit". Lu Xuyang immediately thought of a little bit.It is explained that the refiner +1 is written. As for the "RefinerAscending to +20, the more advanced to the upper level, the corresponding attributes will increase a lot on the original basis, which is very attractive, but the refiners are gambling with their own money, which is harmful to health, so the civilian costume is generally +8 in +8about.

"The refiner plus one has such a powerful effect, is that ..." Lu Xuyang thought back, and the green eyes were set on the shoe in your hand, and then let it let it goTrying the situation at a time, maybe it will be two.

However, the results obtained made Lu Xuyang almost crazy: "The refiner failed. The equipment attributes are clear. This item is already frozen, and no form of refining bonus cannot be performed within three months ...… "

After the original items were successfully refined, there was a probability of failure during blood refining, and once it failed, it could not be tried within a certain period of time.

Lu Xuyang remembered the law of this new test. In the future, he has to be leisurely.Perverted cheating device.

The shoes became useless to treat it. Fortunately, Lu Xuyang was easily added with another refiner with another test.I just feel that the whole right leg is fluttering, and it is particularly comfortable.

"Xiao Xu, Xunzi asked you."

Lu Xuyang just stepped into the gate of the yard and heard a woman's shout. She was Wang Bing's mother,In the "Hengxing NongtangAs the earth is so big, Lu Xuyang has always had opinions on her. This person always likes to brag about the performance of her son Wang Bing in front of her parents and degrade others.

"Lin Yan, what's the matter?" Of course, Lu Xuyang didn't like to pretend to be Qing Gao to speak to the elders in the neighborhood.

The queen mother asked Wang Bing's affairs: "Xiao Xu, did Bingbing encounter something unpleasant in school? He has been unhappy from yesterday afternoon to the present, and asked him not to say anything.Answer. This child, I really worry about him. "

" No. It's good. Teacher Li just praised his grades, this time the math test is the highest score in the class. "Lu Xuyang doesn't have to think about what is going on with Wang Bing's kid. He is angry but can't figure it out. Why does someone who has always had a low grade rushed to the peak and surpassed himself from a distance.My heart is really unbalanced!

"Have you ever taken the exam? Bingbing didn't say. He used to tell us the scores after each exam." The queen's face appeared a little suspicious.

Lu Xuyang smiled and said, "If you ask him, he will know. Lin Yan, I go back to eat."
"Why did this Xiao Xu suddenly weird?... "The Queen Mother looked at Lu Xuyang's straight back, and came out for a while. In her impression, Lu Xuyang was just the kind of little Abou who couldn't lift his head on the wall from an early age!

Is this man an Abou or Thai Dou? Now he may not be able to see it. Let's wait and see.

"Mom, grandpa, I'm back!"

Lu Xuyang rushed into the door to shout loudly, and the busy Lu mother in the room looked back and glared at him with a smile,Said: "Go home and go home. Why are you happy?"

"Xiaoxu, don't you see your dad outside?"This ancient medicine book.

"No! Didn't you hit!" Lu Xuyang took a few steps, and then Mother Lu found out that the new sneakers on his feet were shocked "Hey" and put down at hand.The work said, "Xiaoxu, where did you come from the new shoes? You bought it ourselves? We didn't give you money, wouldn't you borrow it from your classmates?"

"No!" Lu Xuyang quicklyShake his head, soaring a sentence of authentic and authentic English, and when he raised the old shoes in the bag in his hand, he said, "Everyone, my dearest person is optimistic, I have beautiful new shoes to wear, I have to wear it.And this pair of unsatisfactory ground stalls! "

" Pap! "Hand pine, the shoe bags fell to the ground.

Mother Lu bent and picked up, and said, "You child, you do n’t want to buy things first. How much money is bought?
"I didn't buy it by myself, but ... she gave me. Mom, it was really she gave me. He saw that my basketball played well, but there was no decent shoes, so I thought about it.Zhaner bought a pair of pairs for me. "Lu Xuyang took off his schoolbag and showed a newly bought sports shoes. Lu Mu watched the spirit really shouting, and gradually bloomed. The girl really knew how to hurt people. In the futureIf the baby is really fortunate to walk with her, how happy it would be.

"That Xiaoxu, please ask her to come to my house for meals.This suggestion has made Lu Xuyang be ashamed, which is too anxious. I haven't started to chase her!

"Oh, that's afraid to wait until the college entrance examination, we are now busy reviewing, and you must fight in seconds. There is no free time at all! Mom, I'm hungry, have you eaten meals?"

Lu Xuyang walked towards the kitchen, but fluttered.

"I cook immediately. Your dad just called, saying that he had paid a salary today, and the whole family celebrated it.Go. I'm about to come back. "Lu Mu took out a bag of biscuits and greeted Lu Xuyang.

"Old Fang, it's not good, it's not good, your husband and others are quarreled, go and see, I'm afraid something happens!"
Lu Xuyang is lying in his ownListening to the radio in the room, I suddenly heard the screaming of the marijuana from the door outside the door.

"What happened to my dad!" Lu Xuyang rolled up, almost rushing out of the room, and Lu's mother was also running out of the marijuana.

Lu Xuyang, who came to Qingfeng Street outside the hall, learned the truth and status behind the incident, and his dad was blackmail again!

Father Lu is very angry: "... how many years have been ruled, this place in front of your Internet cafe is originally used to put the car, otherwise it is so much of so many tofu pieces to do it! Do you still use it!It's rational! Give me back my car! "

" Who said you can stop here casually! I said in front of my shop door, I ca n’t!It is deducted, you can call Director Liu, and we will be accompanied to the end, we do n’t want to take out the fifteen fines, you do n’t want to take a car! "Standing in front of Father Lu, he said loudly in front of his father.It was Zhang Jun, and Lu Xuyang recognized him. This man opened a few Internet cafes and small song ballrooms on this street. He used to be a small mixed background. It was quite high -profile in this area.Intersection

"You are obviously blackmail! Why does it mean to give you money! People are a tiger ground snake, I am not afraid of you!"The pedal tricycle.

"You let me let me go, hear it!" Zhang Junren was young and strong, and he pulled away his father's arm, and the other hand suddenly twisted the placket on his chest.If it wasn't for the noodles of so many people, this poisonous snake would definitely bite people!

"Let go of my dad!" Lu Xuyang rushed to his father's side and yelled "Oh" with his head, and his face flushed!

(Why can't you watch the bully bullying the family? Even if you fight this life, you must take a bite with his teeth.The chapter "Salvation Salva" is definitely very cool. Looking forward to it. Thank you!)