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Liu Ziguang and Dongfang Ke sleep all night, enter the computer with a photo taken with a digital camera, and then use a printer to analyze it.EssenceThe name Sop is no longer mysterious. Dongfang Ke easily found information from the senior managers in the mining industry on the Internet.

Richard.Supu, New York, USA, was born in Brooklyn District. He is 45 years old. He graduated from MIT and Harvard Business College MBA.After the President of the Asia -Pacific region of Tuotai Mineral Department, after the exposure of the Hu's spy case in 2009, Sop was affected and returned to the Australian headquarters to serve. From then on, he was unknown.Name.

"This is right. In the process of dealing with East Asians, Sop learned a cunning roundabout, and at the same time, he also had the wild and unruly personality of Americans.There is a lot of relationships in the Brooklyn District. In summary, this person is a difficult guy to deal with. "Dongfang Ke pointed at Sop's face on the computer screen and said.

Sop on the screen is a handsome white man. He has a linsee hair with a kind of affection and a tie meticulous. Liu Ziguang stared at the face and printed him deeply in his mind.

"Bobby's secretary, Thomas. Dabby is British, born in Kent Group, 31 years old, a bachelor's bachelor's bachelor's bachelor's law, once worked at the London London Law Firm, five years ago because of oneThe lawsuit and Sop know each other. From the perspective of this person's qualifications, there is no place. Soer chose him as his men, probably just for cost considerations. "

Dongfang Ke continued to introduce, ThomasThere are fewer information, only a thin page, and then John.Archives of Colonel Fochina.

"John. Fokiney, born in 1952, the former Captain of the Royal Special Electric Qin Team, participated in the Malaysia War, which is the British war.In the middle of the Northern Ireland, the Republican Army of Ireland was retired due to injury. During the Toyota War in Chadia and Libya in 1987, Fokiner worked in the Army Staff Department of the Chad.Shangfukna is only one of the participants. His colonel rank was obtained at that time. "

" After the Toyota War, Colonel Fokina became a sought -after goods in the mercenary market.He participated in several African civil war, but because this person insisted on his idealism and the outbreak of the Gulf War, Foxner, as a reserve officer, returned to the British sequence, so he temporarily left the mercenary stage, but this is also him.In the watershed in the career, after the mid -1990s, Foxner gradually faded out of the stage of mercenaries. Although he opened a defense consulting company in London, he only rely on some small orders to provide security services for celebrity concerts.Maintaining his livelihood, his biggest hobby is to drink in the small bars in London and his old comrades. Until five months ago, Sop found him. "

" Wait. "Liu Ziguang interrupted Dongfang Ke's narrativeAsked: "Why did Supu choose Colonel Foxner's head of the mission."

"I think maybe it is for cost considerations. If a regular private military contracting company is hired,The cost will be extremely huge. You must know that the monthly salary of a retired special forces will be as high as 30,000 US dollars. This is just the easiest business costs such as guards and escorting.Above the dollar. "

" I think people like Sop will not be distressed by money. He can only explain one thing in this way. "Liu Ziguang said.


"He thinks that eggs should not be placed in a basket."

During his opponent, Thomas's plane arrived at New York Kennedy International Airport, opened BlackBerry and found that there were several emails and messages. Thomas read the email while walking, and his face suddenly changed, and immediately called his boss Richard.Sop.

Richard.Sop's current identity is no longer an executive of Leito Group. Three months ago, he resigned from Le Tuo and acquired an empty shell company that has no business in the London securities trading market.During the company's registration period, the business concentrated in Petroleum and tin ores in Malaysia. Later, British forces faded from Southeast Asia. The stock price of Breman Mining fell to the bottom of the valley and became one of the uncommon hibernation companies in the securities market.

In recent months, Mr. Sop's main energy is spent on acquiring the stock of Breman mining.It caused a stir, so Sop Pu was very secretive. He acquired 75 % of the shares at the price per share at the price per share, and deliberately reported rumors in the market, saying that it was affected by a Chinese company.Entrusted, hoping to raise funds in the London Stock Exchange in the London Stock Exchange in the way of backdooring. This news dispels everyone's doubts. It seems that the outrageous thing becomes reasonable as soon as it involves the Chinese.

Supu has mastered Breman mining for his boss, and he has served as CEO of Breman Mining himself. The contract with His Royal Highness is also signed in the name of Brahman mining.The plan is like this. First of all, the mercenary overthrows the rule of Kuba. Bobbi returned to the country to govern. Once the information of the Magnetic Mine is disclosed, it will definitely shock the international iron ore market.It is not difficult to rise to two hundred pounds per share.

Then his own boss is actually the real controller of Breman mining. He will come forward as the chairman of the board of directors of the Leituo Group to acquire Breman mining in huge sums of money.The wave of stir -fry, so that, the mine has made a lot of money before the mines started.

This is Sop's Ruyi abacus, Gaoming's capital operation game. He is quite smart and self -proud. As for the bunny Chinese, Sop Sop is not in his heart. He and the Chinese peopleIt is no longer a year and a half of the deal. I know that these Asians have a serious lack of adventure spirit and perseverance. They will only be greedy for small and cheap, be stable, and they are not worthy of their opponents at all.

But when Sopp received a call from Thomas, his views on this group of Chinese finally changed. They were like cockroaches, how could they kill them.Now I ran to London to confuse His Royal Highness, and directly dug Sop's corner.

"In this way, Thomas, you immediately take the next plane to return to London to deal with these annoying yellow -skinned monkeys.Pu made a call in front of the glass curtain rooftop at a restaurant on the fifth avenue of New York and returned to the seat.

He was sitting opposite a graceful lady with a expensive Shapos shawl on his body.I want to answer a lot of phone calls. "

" Sorry, some financial business in London need to deal with it. "Sop sorted out the tie, sat down, staring at the woman who was on the opposite side complained:" Lidia,You are still so beautiful. "

" Yes, Richard, I'm not a little girl, our daughter is almost twenty years old. "The woman smiled heartily, although wearing an elegant night dress, Still failed to cover the bold character of Broadway dancer in the bones.

"By the way, when does Demi come?" Sop raised his brows and mentioned their common daughter.

"It should be coming soon, let me ask." As soon as Lidia took out the phone, a breeze figure ran into the restaurant.

"I'm sorry Mommy, I'm late, the traffic in New York is still so bad." The girl wore jeans and leather jackets, and a linseed braid dumped. She looked at Sopp, carelessGelced the hello: "Hah, Richard."

"Hello, Demi." Mr. Supu looked at his daughter with a smile, except for the color of hair and eyes like himself,The others were the same as her mother. When she was a child, her teeth had been corrected successfully, and her figure became more and more hot. The full beauty embryo, walking on the fifth avenue, can attract a star exploration.

"Demi, what do you want to eat, their truffles and caviar here are good." Sop is 45 years old, unknowingly lived in life, and his thoughts were mature than when he was young.A lot, whether it is Lydia or Demi, he owes too much, and now it is finally compensating.

"I'm really sorry, I'm afraid I can't eat with you anymore. I promised Catherine and went to her house at night."

Lidia's face sank: "Demi riceYou can't do this. "

" Please, Mommy, I don't want to lose my contract, we haven't seen it for half a year. "

" But you haven't seen your father for many years. "

Sop coughing and said, "It's okay, Demi, I bought a house in New York, and I will meet often in the future. By the way, next Friday is your birthday, I am for you for you for youI have prepared a special gift, I hope you can like it. "Said to take out a beautiful gift box and hand it over.

"Thank you." Demi casually stuffed the gift box into the bag, hugged Mr. Sopp, and kissed Lidia twice, and said goodbye, like a gust of wind,Run away.

"Richard, sorry, Demmy is this character." Lydia shrugged her shoulders.

Supu smiled gentlely: "Lidia, Demi is very similar to you, I love her very much, I have time to make up for what we have lost."

"I hope so, "Lydia said.

"Yes." Sop took out his phone and dialed his daughter's number.

At this time, Demmy just walked out of the hotel and heard the phone ring.

"Demi, you're downstairs, you can open the gift box now."
"Richard, I'm not a child anymore." Demi said impatientlyEssence

"Open, dear, don't hang up." His father's voice was still impatient.

Demi had to take out the gift box from the bag with one hand, removed the wrapped color paper and ribbon, opened the carton with the bread, and the eyes suddenly widened.

There is a folding key in the carton, and a black steed horses with an foreskin hoof on the yellow bottom version. Demi picked up the key and tried to press it.The sports car made a beep.

"Oh!" Dai Mi couldn't help screamed, rushed to the running car and turned around, his mouth was loud, and then he sat in and turned the steering wheel. He didn't know what to say.

In the restaurant, Richard played his mobile phone and listened to the sound inside. He said proudly: "It seems that Demi likes her birthday gift."