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He sat on the soft sofa and made a gesture to Liu Ziguang.

"Continue our topic just now, how do you know how you know Richard. Sop's name."

Liu Ziguang said, "In fact, I know everything, including BreyMan Mining and your inequality contracts. "

The color of the panacea is fleeting in Bobo's eyes.. "

" Please, His Royal Highness. "

Bobby entered the bedroom, closed the door, opened the drawer to check, everything was there, and the place and order of the place were not there.Changed, then he opened the safe again, looked at the notebooks and pencils inside, and returned to the living room and said, "Sir, I don’t know who you represent, but I can tell you, Mr. Sope and meThe cooperation is very pleasant. My army has overcome San Huan Airport and will immediately advance to San Juan. If you want to persuade me to make some other decisions at this time, then I can only say sorry. "

Liu Ziguang realized that Bobby was not a fool with a fat -intestinal fat, not a person who could cheat in one or two sentences. The best way to open the door to this kind of person was to see the mountains with iron.And reserved.

"His Royal Highness, I can't agree with your point of view. You just said your army, but as far as I know, the mercenary armed by the Toyota pickup and machine guns does not belong to you. They are only loyal to you.Colonel Foxner and his white officers, or they are only loyal to money, and they are not even your subjects. It is difficult for me to imagine that a king relies on the foreign team to rule his country, and this foreign team is stillTake someone else's salary. "

Sure enough, after listening to Liu Ziguang's words, Bobby's face changed, but he still said toughly:" I believe that Mr. Sop is an upright gentleman, and he believes blessing.Colonel Kina is a respectable professional soldier. If you say it, then please. "

The dialogue between the two is made in English., Especially in the last sentence, I immediately got angry: "Fighting the street, do you do it!"

"Calm." Liu Ziguang stopped the crow with his eyes, and said slowly: "His Royal Highness, I think an upright one is upright.The gentleman does not use £ 50,000 a month to pass a future king, especially the king's land also contains hundreds of billions of dollars of minerals on the land. "

Bobby’sThe pupils were immediately narrowed. At this time, the scream of electric kettle in the kitchen came out. He got up and said, "Please wait, our tea is good."

When the tea is tea, Bobby's brainWhen it turns quickly, he can't eat what Liu Ziguang knows, but it is certain that most of his words are credible, especially in the last sentence.Diamonds are copper mines. Anyway, it is a sought -after in the international capital market. Thinking of it, he was suddenly cheerful.

"My dear sir, come and taste the afternoon tea I cooked. This is the craft I learned when I was studying in London." Bobi personally brought the teapot himself, and the diligent helper people poured backwards.Tea, I glanced at the little Arthur in the corner, and said gently: "Arthur, take some refreshments for the gentlemen."

Little Arthur dragged his body scars to the cabinet and took it.A box of cookies came over and said respectfully: "Sir, please use it slowly."

Bobby said politely, picked up the box and asked Liu Ziguang to take a cookie, very casual, very casualAsked: "Mr. Liu, I noticed the pendant on your neck, it seems to have the characteristics of our Sadhama. Is it Martin for you?"

No, it was your servant, Xiao Arthur, to give me, in order to thank me twice to save his life. "Liu Ziguang did not understand how Bobi suddenly mentioned this question, but still answered the question truthfully.In the face of, especially before he didn't know what he wanted to do, honest answers were the best choice.

"Very exquisite, it seems to be a loss of craftsmanship. Ask the liberty, can I see it?" Bobi said, trying to pretend to be just because of curiosity, which made Liu Ziguang even more puzzled, but still picking it, but still picking upHe came down and handed it to Bobby, and at the same time, little Arthur also looked at Bobby inexplicably, and he didn't know what medicine he sold in the owner's gourd.(wwW.mianhuatang.la无弹窗广告)

博比翻来覆去的看着这个造型古朴的木质吊坠,似乎陷入了深深地回忆中,半晌他才问道:“阿瑟,这个Where did the things come from? "

" It's the only thing that my mother left me. "Little Arthur said timidly.

"What is your mother's name, child?" Bobby's voice trembled a little, and his eyes seemed to ignite the flame of hope.

"Hillary ..." Little Arthur replied, Liu Ziguang keenly noticed that the flame in Bobby's eyes quickly extinguished.

"This is the name they called her, but my mother told me that she was actually called Posendani." Little Arthur continued.

Bobby His Royal Highness was struck by lightning, and his hands with tea cups trembled. Fang candy rushed in the cup.Old friends, children, where is your mother now? "
" I died, I died long ago, she got sick, and she could not cure the disease. "

Waving, he said, "Child, let's take a break. My husband and I have something to talk about."

Xiao Arthur avoided it, Bobby drank tea, restored his full spirit, and continued to start just nowTopic: "Mr. Liu, you seem to mention very valuable minerals just now. Can I know the details?"

"Of course, His Royal Highness, this is a rich iron ore with a initial reserves of 3 billion tonsThe bed is in my territory. Yes, you don't have to be surprised. It is my territory. It used to be called Wood Manor. Now it belongs to me, and it is a legal purchase procedure.It belongs to His Royal Highness and me, and all the people of the Sadhama, not greedy and cunning multinational companies. "

" But ... "Bobe Momo stabbed the tea cup and seemed to be raising words.But in the end, I still pointed out very politely: "Mr. Liu forgive me to take liberty. I can't see that there is any difference between you and Mr. Sopp. You are all pictures. Moreover, just in terms of strength, you may not be obviously comparable to not comparable.Mr. Supu. "

Liu Ziguang laughed:" His Royal Highness, the difference is very large, quite large. First of all, I am protecting my private property and not being violated, not stinging others, and then IIt is a real friend of the Sadara people. Sopen only hires the mercenary to slaughter your soldiers and people, but I give them free weapons to them, and armed you to be a complete loyalty to you from the Kaye people.In the end, I think His Royal Highness must know who the richest people in the world are, not Americans, nor Japanese, but Chinese, so you don't have to worry about your strength. "

There was a picture of Bobe's brain. The scene where the Chinese wife group swept the streets on the streets of London.Paying with cash, never loan, the only one who can match them, I am afraid that only the bunch of oil princes.

"You are right, but I need to consider, this is not a simple matter, right?" Bobby still didn't say to death.It is not a good thing. The most wonderful way is to walk between two or even multiple people and strive for the greatest benefits.

"Of course, you really need to think about it. Well, we should leave. By the way, Little Arthur is a good child, I hope His Royal Highness will not hit him again.

BR> Bobbi frowned, and said with a provocative way: "Is this one of the conditions for our cooperation?"

Liu Ziguang stared at Bobby's eyes, silent for a few seconds, and replied, "YesWell, I'm sure. "

What I didn't expect was that Bobby even stretched out his hand:" Sir, you are the real gentleman, I will consider cooperating with you carefully. "

br> Liu Ziguang understood that Bobe was really tempted this time.

After they resigned, Bobi immediately picked up the phone to find his private doctor, took medicine for Xiao Arthur, took a little blood, and then His Royal himself took a tube of blood and gave it to it.The doctor took it away.

After doing these things, it is already late at night. His Royal Highness put on a nesting robe and took a cup of fragrant coffee in front of the little Arthur bed, looked at his little face, and watched it for a long time.I returned to the room and looked at my old face in the mirror.

His Royal Highness in the mirror kept the beard, describing the embarrassment, sluggishness, and big belly and bags under the eyes, but this face was slowly changing, and it gradually lost weight and stood up.The beard disappeared, the belly was gone, and the robe became a man -made military uniform.

That's ten years ago. Bobbi just returned from studying in the UK. Young he was young. He didn't like the atmosphere of the palace. InsteadFenny's dancer attracted him, and the young prince and beautiful girl fell in love and were out of control.

The king knew about this, but did not blame his son, but a paper command to send him to the Sancale Military Academy in France to study for further studies., Peshafani is gone, and the photos taken by the two are also torch. Bobbi is looking for a beloved woman like a crazy world, but under the strict order of the king, no one dares to help him.He can only choose to compromise. In the face of inheritance, he has no resistance.

After ten years, the pendant he gave to Posenney to reproduce the world at that time. You must know that this is not an ordinary ornament, but a symbol of the royal identity carved by precious green sandalwood.Most people can imitate and wear, so when Bobbi saw this thing on Liu Ziguang's neck, he immediately opened the topic to ask about the calendar.

Over the years, Bobbi has been a crown prince, but has shown waves and abandoned himself, so that people who are nearly forty years old have not yet had a son -in -law. At this moment, he suddenly jumped out of such a big son.numb.

Of course, in order to stabilize, parent -child identification must be done. Bobbi made up his mind. If Little Arthur is really his own flesh, then calm down to Liu Ziguang's cooperation.He tilted slightly, because he noticed that this compassionate Asian also seemed to care about little Arthur, and he could make some articles on it.

After all, he is not only a father, but also a future king. It is impossible to ignore the interests of the country.