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It is not easy to be tracked radio intercom.

After receiving the warning message, Liu Ziguang quickly looked at the watch, got out of Bobby to get into the room, plus the time of the elevator, about three minutes, 40 seconds to four minutes and twenty seconds.This time is calculated and will not make mistakes.

The safe is an advanced electronic -style password lock. It has long been able to use the canal and other means.One group is still wrong. His hands and seconds are dripping. His Royal Highness and his bodyguard are already in the elevator at this time. After two minutes, you will arrive in the room.We must know that Bobby's two bodyguards are special police officers hired by professional security consultants. Not only are they good at their skills, they also have legally held firearms. It is not a pleasant thing to face them.

A low and anxious warning from the headset came again: "They have been out of the elevator."

Liu Ziguang didn't care, his brain thought quickly, and suddenly thought of His Royal Highness Put in the drawer in the drawer.The passport inside, he moved the password according to the birthday on the passport. Sure enough, the safe opened, and there were some cash and jewelry, as well as a stack of documents.

Liu Ziguang put the document into his arms in a hurry. At this time, there was a sound of swiping the door card outside the door, but this is a luxury suite.Not to him.

The sound of Bobby's coat came from the outside. Little Arthur's obediently hung the trench coat and umbrella on the shelf.They hired them mainly to prevent General Kuba's assassination of Bobo, but the ** of West Africa's small country obviously has not yet been sent to London to assassinate opponents, so these two bodyguards are basically nothing to do.The heart gradually relaxed.

After the bodyguard left, Bobby sat down on the sofa and began to scold the insidious and cunning Richard.Supu and his accomplice Thomas, His Royal Highness Crown Prince, who was stimulated by multiple stimuli, was mixed with the Kaye's native language.The door, covering the oil frame, thought about it and took out another big button, put it under the bedside telephone, then jumped onto the window sill, disappeared outside the window.Window.

Bobo scolded for a while, and did not reduce the depression in his heart. Instead, his anger was even more angry.It was trembling and opened the bedroom door and walked in.

The routine tragedy is about to be performed again. His Royal Highness walked into the bedroom, kicked Little Arthur on the carpet, and began to be beaten inhuman.Face, there will be no scars outside or any trouble.

In the room next door, Liu Ziguang first photographed this lengthy contract with a camera, and then started reading. The contract was written in rigorous French, involving many cold legal terms.Let the crow call Dongfang over, but the crow took off his headphones and said in surprise: "They are fighting in the house."

Liu Ziguang took the headphones for a while, and it was confirmed that Bobe was beating Little Arthur., Angry in my heart, but still held back.

Not a lot of time, Dongfang came to, he picked up the contract to browse, sweat beads on his forehead, Liu Ziguang asked, "Why, don't understand?"

"Legal documents are not my strengths, and it looks obscure, but I notice a little, maybe useful." Dongfang answered.

"You say."

"This is a letter of intent for His Royal His Royal His Royal Highness to represent the government of the Kingdom of Sadham and a company named Breman Mining, agreed to the Blaman mining capital to assist Boshi Bo Bo Bo Bo Bo Bo BoIn the great cause of comparison, 60 % of the country's mineral resources returned to Breman and 40 % of the government. "

" Four or six open, um, it seems fair, then. "
"But the requirements for the effectiveness of the contract is that after Bobbi was in the throne in San Juan, I think if he can't log in, this intent will be abolished.Saying cunning eyes.

"You take a closer look, are there any other supplementary clauses? We face the abnormal cunning opponent, and it is impossible to leave a loophole."
"Speaking of this, the contract is always the contract, the contract is always the same,It is necessary to recognize both parties. I think this condition should be added by Bobby. "

Liu Ziguang nodded and had to admit that this possibility was likeLike the gunman, the contract will write a certain two -line silver in the new subject. It seems that the His Royal Highness is not as stupid as imagined.

"Bobbi is so angry, I'm afraid I am not satisfied with the terms of the contract. I read his bills, and it seems that I have not been very affectionate recently." Liu Ziguang said.

Dongfang Ke added: "Here, Mr. Supu will pay £ 50,000 per month as His Royal His Royal His Royal Integration of activities in London.The living standards of ordinary wealthy businessmen are one level worse than the real noble living standards, and even the horse racing club is not qualified to enter. "

" This is, it seems that this Sop is what we are looking forThe culprit is the first. "As soon as Liu Ziguang finished speaking, the crow, who was in charge of monitoring, scolded angrily:" This prince of the street is so heavy that he uses a whip. "

" I listen. "Liu Ziguang took it.After listening to the earphones, he handed it to Dongfang Ke again: "What are he talking about?"

Oriental Ke listened for a while, frowned: "He is scolding two people, one is called Sop, one is Tomas, one is called Thomas, one is called Thomas, and the other is called Thomas.Alas, he was hitting that child, and he seemed to be very heavy. I'm afraid that we were going to be a life. We should call the police! "

Liu Ziguang thought about it, saying:" Oriental Kazakh, you call to the front desk to complain, the crow followsI came. "Speaking of the door to the door next door, knocked on the door, and when the other party opened the door, he flew up and rushed in.I saw a vaguely familiar Asian face.

"Who, go out!" Bo Bi, who was on his head, yelled, and he raised his leather whip. It was a good -looking Hermes cowhide belt, and His Royal Highness was a whip of a penalty.

Liu Ziguang split his belt and threw it on the ground, and then curled into a ball of little Arthur. He was bruised and bruised, and his face was bruised. He opened his eyes when he heard the motion, but was surprised.I saw Liu Ziguang.

It's him!The Chinese Lambo, which is a single shot in Lake Carlos, to deal with the entire government forces. The hero who saved thousands of people in the San Juan Hotel, and saved thousands of people in the great hero.The screen heroes are as glorious and tall.

Is this true? Little Arthur looked at Liu Ziguang, who was like a god of heaven, and looked at His Royal Highness, who was stunned, and couldn't believe his eyes.

The two bodyguards heard the sound of breaking the door and quickly rushed out of the room on the opposite side. The crow reached out to block them, but was held up by the cold muzzle and slowly stepped in.

The bodyguard held the gun in both hands and walked in alertly. The raising soldiers for a thousand days was used for a while.

"Raise your hand!" A bodyguard talked sharply and walked towards Liu Ziguang, and the other person forced the crow with a pistol. Based on the experience of their bodyguards for many years, although the two people were strong, theyThere is no murderous, it should just be a disagreeable resident. Of course, His Royal Highness has nothing to like to beat the servant.It's right.

Liu Ziguang smiled and raised his hands very cooperatively, but when the bodyguard approached himself, he suddenly took the pistol and moved the pistol.Speed up and rushed to Liu Ziguang.

At the same time, the crow also quickly shot to uniform another bodyguard. A beautiful capture movement held the bodyguard's arm and took the pistol and pointed at his head.br>
Liu Ziguang did not take the power of blowing off the opponent, throwing his soft body onto the carpet, and sorting out the torn collar and said, "His Royal Highness, we meet again."> "You, you are a friend of Martin." His Royal Highness was obviously frightened, retreated to the corner.

"He is Bruce, the defenders of San Hu'an." Xiao Arthur wiped his tears and shouted excitedly.

Bobby's eyes locked on the wood ornaments around Liu Ziguang's neck, but it returned to the sedation in just one second. As soon as he spoke, a group of restaurants were poured out of the room. The indoor situation surprised them.The leader of the security guard picked up the walkie -talkie and asked the head office to call the police downstairs. Bobbi panicked. In case he was beaten by Arthur, he was going to jail, so he hurried out to explain.

Liu Ziguang saw the machine, opened the safe covering the oil painting on the wall, found the contract from his arms and put it in, closed it according to the original, squeezed his eyes and made a ghostly face.

Little Arthur smiled.

His Royal Highness said, finally let the security guards believe that this is a misunderstanding. Two bodyguards with ash face wiped nosebleeds with paper towels and nodded like garlic.He took his men and looked at His Royal Highness before leaving.

Everyone was relieved. Today, there is a relatively important meeting at the Pamani Hotel. The London Police Hall sent the police to patrol below.They are troublesome.

"Sorry." Liu Ziguang returned the pistol to the bodyguard, and the crow also returned the pistol, patting the opponent's shoulder to speak politely, and the two tall and big bodyguards were repaired.Nuo Nuo retired, and His Royal Highness recovered confidence and majesty at this time. He sat down on the sofa and raised Erlang's legs to greet the guests: "Please sit, sir, I want to know why you appear here."

" For you, His Royal Highness, Richard. Sop is a greedy and cruel villain. We need to help you get rid of his control. "Liu Ziguang said straight into a single knife.

Bobo was calm, his fingers rubbed on his chin, and suddenly asked, "How do you know Richard. The name Sop?"