Chapter 619 Analysis and Horing?

Flash Thunder arranged for the saints tomorrow to be in a large room with about 200 square meters.In the room, all kinds of items are all available, and told the light tomorrow's saints that need to be satisfied as much as possible.After arranging all this, he pulled back with unwillingness to be unwilling.

"Ji Dong, why choose to stay here?" Chen Sixuan asked Ji Shi a little puzzled.Others did not pay attention to his conversation with Yan Yue.

Tianji released his own power of his soul, and isolated everything in the room from the outside world. He said: "Ji Shi, I also think the Vice President of Flash Yue seems to have some problems.Everything in the Dark Temple has fully showed our strength. He should cooperate as much as possible. However, as soon as he arrived, he immediately put forward his own opinions. Instead, we asked us to cooperate with their actions.. This is a bit abnormal. "

Ji moved slightly, saying:" Of course, this Vice President of the flashy Yue has a problem. And the problem is not small. However, this time, it also made me seeI have cleared some backgrounds of this resistance. This so -called resistance that has existed for hundreds of years. I am afraid it is not that simple. If you are a dark sky, will you let an organization with the nine -crowns always exist?? I never believe that the control of the Dark Five Elements Continent with the Dark Sky Motors cannot find out the existence of this Vice President of Flash Yue. "

Chen Sixuan doubtedly said:" Since you think they have a problem, why are you still?Let's stay here? Isn't it as close to the Dark Temple, isn't it possible to usher in the dark machine at any time? "

Ji shook his head, and said," No, this flash of Vice President of Yue Yue andAlthough there are problems with the Anti -Tianji Alliance, they are sincere opposed to Dark Sky Machine. What I said just now means that under the Dark Sky Machine, there must be a very powerful person to be related to this resistance of the Anti -Tianji Alliance, so as to help them in the darkness in DarknessTianji covered the strength over there. Only the dark Tianji can ignore this resistance of the Apocalypse Alliance. Therefore, it must be safe to stay here.Simple, yes, we hope that the dark sky is dying, but we will never fight hard. "

Miao Miao a little admired:" Ji Shi, how long your brain is, how can you grow, how can you grow, how can you grow your mind, how can you grow, how can you grow your mind, how can you grow your mind, how can you grow your mind, how can you grow your mind, how can you grow your mind, how can you grow your mind, how can you grow your mind, how can you grow your mind, how can you grow your mind, how can you grow your mind, how can you grow your mind, how can you grow your mind, how can you grow your mind, how can you grow your mind, how can you grow your mind, how can you grow, how can you grow your brain, how can you grow, how can you grow your brain?I haven't seen these problems. It is said that my grasp of human nature is not worse than you. I really don't think this is a big problem against the Apocalypse Alliance. After all, it is impossible for them to find an ally than us.The two sides have a common goal. But listening to your analysis is also good. But, does this resistance to the Heavenly Alliance, do n’t understand that if we die in the hands of the dark sky, do they have no chance? As long as they are not fools, they will be a fool.You should understand this problem. In this case, why do they still want to push us into the fire pit? "

Ji moved:" Miao Miao, you are really modest.. You should be stronger than me. However, you always have a problem, that is, you have not considers the standpoint of the race. Yes, this resistance of the Anti -Tianji Alliance does have a common goal with us. We are also their best cooperation target., Can even be said to be the only target of their cooperation that can help. However, one thing you forget is that both of us, one from the light of the Guangming Five Elements, and the other is the indigenous of the Dark Five Elements.Questions. After all, we are not people in the Dark Five Elements Continent. Standing on the race stand, we are always their enemies."

Miao Miao said suddenly:" I understand a little.You are right, after all, they are dark, we are light.If everything is completed according to our ideas, the combat effectiveness of the dark army is greatly weakened, which is good for them for a while, but it is really harmful after the jihad.After all, they will never want us to unify the dark continent in the light."

Ji nodded, and said," That's it.and.Don't you think it's strange?As our identity and this performance in the Dark Temple.If you are the head of the Anti -Sky Alliance, will you come to meet us in person?"

Miao Miao said:" Yes, it will definitely.Whether it is to use it, it is to be a true alliance.I will definitely come forward to reflect my sincerity."

Ji moved the first:" That's right.Our performance is already good enough.Even if it was just the first to rush into the Dark Temple, it was enough to shock this anti -Sky Organization that was always suppressed.They also have enough time to let the chairman come here to meet us.Flash thunder can come from so far. What are the reasons for their president?This reminds me that the chairman of the Anti -Sky Organization is not only at the high position under the dark sky machine, but we are likely to have seen it, and his identity must be quite special.Only in this way can he explain why he did not arrive in person."

" We know?Is it inconvenient to come forward?"After listening to this analysis, the attention of the saints could not help but concentrate.

For the Dark Five Elements Continent, their cognition is only extremely simple, and those who know it even more can be described as even more.There are few and few. For a while, they really couldn't think of who Ji Shi said.

Ji Qi smiled: "Their biggest failure is to send the vice chairman of Shan Yue to come.EssenceIn fact, if Flash Thunder is pretending to be the vice president, or they send a vice chairman who repaired the weaker, I will not be so doubtful.It will even guess that flash of lightning is the real chairman of the Apocalypse Alliance.But this prediction is obviously broken because of the appearance of flash.Shan Yue is the father of Shan Lei, and he is a nine -crowned supreme strong. In such a dual identity, the identity of the Thunder cannot be above the flashes.Therefore, the vice chairman of San Yue must be real."

Chen Sixuan said:" Ji Shi, you won't you already guess who the real chairman behind this resistance is?"

Ji moved with a smile:" Although not in the middle, it is not far away.In fact, it is very simple, and Shan Yue just made two suggestions.The first suggestion is to let us directly attack the dark opportunity.We have entered the Dark Five Elements Mainland for so long, and have appeared in the Dark Temple twice. With their traitors in the Dark Temple and investigating us, we should judge our strength.Naturally, we can't kill the dark opportunity at all, even if it is good.That is, the dark sky body was severely damaged.Even if we really have any ability to kill the Dark Sky, we must pay the painful price.Think about it, if at this time, we will clean up the endgame by a powerful force and kill us who have survived the heavy innovation or survived by the hit. So, who is the biggest beneficiary?"

" After being rejected by this suggestion, Shan Yue made a second suggestion, that is, they harassed all parts of the mainland, so that we still concentrated the main attack direction in the Dark Temple.However, the situation of the Holy Evil Island was not mentioned, and it was obvious that we avoided us to attack the Dark Army on the Holy Island.This situation is abnormal, because even if the dark sky is dead, can the strength of their resistance to the heavenly machine can compete with the millions of dark army on the Holy Island?Therefore, this has only proved to me one thing, that is, the people who resisted the heavenly organization on the Holy Island, who can control the Dark Army, at least to control a part of the Dark Army who affects the entire war situation.EssenceSuch a person is even under the hands of the dark sky."

" From the above two points and my analysis just now, the chairman of the heavenly machine organization has the above characteristics.Powerful, at least nine crowns and above, and our acquaintances.It is even more of the Dark Sky, not in the Dark Temple, and can control at least some of the dark army.In this way, this person's identity is already out.I'm right?Mr. Flash Yue."

When Ji Shi said the last sentence, there was a teasing expression on his face, but the saints were shocked and stood up at the same time. In addition to being shocked, it was full of full of shock.Angry. Heaven is even more stayed. He couldn't believe that the flashy Yue could have enough ability to break through his Holy -level high -level soul.IntersectionMr. Ji Yu deserves to be the holy king tomorrow, I understand now.Why do you cause damage to the Dark Temple.This is obviously not what strength can do.Please wait for everyone, and Shan Yue came over immediately."

The sound comes from all directions from this room. Shining Yue is obviously not here, but can monitor everything here in a special way.With the doubts of your partners, he said, "It must be reasonable to have the heavenly Alliance for so many years.Tianji, you don't have to be surprised that, the flash Yue does not have the ability to break through your soul blockade.However, our voice will always spread.You only need to get a few inconspicuous small tubes in this room, and then pass to a relatively far place. In this way, you do n’t need any soul exploration to hear the spread of sound.I deliberately let him hear, otherwise, why not communicate with you directly with the soul?"

Between Ji Shi, knocking on the door outside.

" Please enter, Mr. Mountain."Ji Dong smiled slightly, and said with his chest.

The door opened, and the flash Yue walked in from the outside. When he looked at Ji Shi, his face was full of admiration.It was a lot of natural when Ji moved.

Ji Shi pointed at the sofa next to him, "Please sit.I think we can talk sincerely this time."

Sight Yue sat down at the sofa. He obviously felt that the back was a little cold and the saints were very dissatisfied at this time.If so many strong people do at the same time, he doesn't think he has the opportunity to leave here alive.

"Mr. Ji, can he confuse me first.How do you know that I am overheating your conversation.This is almost impossible!Mo'er didn't know the arrangement here, and it was impossible for you to tell you.I have treasures that block soul detection. I have been paying great attention to it just now. You did not follow me with soul detection.How did you discover it?"

Ji Shi smiled a little mysteriously, and said," If I say I guess, you don't believe it."

Shining looked at him dullly," Guess? ""

Ji moved," Actually, I can't be sure if you are overheating.As you said, I did not follow you with soul exploration, or scan your existence.The words I just said just wanted to cheat you out.Actually, I am not sure you are overheard our conversation."

" That's OK?"Whether it is just a saints just tomorrow or the vice president of the vice president of the heavenly machine organization, the eyes of Ji Shi have become weird.

Ji Shi laughed, and said," What are you doing?Look at me like this?After all, I am an individual, not God.How can it be aware of everything?But if I am Mr. Shan Yue and the relationship between the two parties is in such a subtle circumstances, I must also want to know the other party's thoughts.So this guess."Of course, Ji Shi will never tell them that he can speculate so because the two generations are human. Thinking of the existence of the eavesdropper, there is such a judgment.Frauded the flash of Yue.

Don't mention the depression of the flash of Yue, with his calm mind, it was directly deceived by such a young man in front of him.The strength of the Saint Saints in the Dark Temple Temple Tomorrow is too powerful, giving people a sense of omnipotent feelings. What's more, Ji Shi's analysis is really amazing.If Ji moves, the whole person is already cold. He never expected that he was just such a brief conversation that was not a flawed flaw at all. When he analyzed it here, nine Chengdu was in line with the truth.That sentence is even more at the time of the mouth. Even if you change others, you will be fooled in this case, unless no one is overheating at all.

deep breathLooking at Ji Shi in pain, he said, "Serving, this time I really convinced.We should really talk about it.Also invite you forgive everything before."

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