Chapter 048 【Sleeping Night 3】

Strange, when Lu Xuyang went to refine the second lollipop, he saw the information displayed on the concave surface of the yin and yang mirror: "The refining is invalid and the same items, the refining time is more than five hours apart, the magic weapon isAt a level at a level, shorten the time limit of 15 minutes ... "

So, Lu Xuyang secretly remembered the new law about the upgrade of items again.The same thing seems to be so easy. The rules in the use of magic weapons will be revealed by themselves like a mysterious veil.

Before Zheng Xiyi came out of the bathroom, Lu Xuyang found a brand new electric water bag from the boss, warm a bag of water, so as to warm her belly. I don't know if she had dysmenorrhea problems.

"No need to plug in. My stomach is much better now. I shouldn't drink such a large cup of herbal tea just now." Zheng Xiyi's face was a little white after "bleedingShe was lying on the bed, but she said it was not hindered. At this moment, she was not asleep.

Lu Xuyang saw that Zheng Xiyi's plaster was sweaty on the white forehead.Then came back and handed her to sweat.

After some sweat, Zheng Xiyi's complexion gradually recovered.

"Hey, this is a lollipop. Did you just buy it back?" Zheng Xiyi didn't wait for Lu Xuyang to answer, so he grabbed a packing paper and contained in your mouth.Sucking.

Lu Xuyang's expression was a little strange to stare at her.

Zheng Xiyi snorted and laughed: "So what to look at me? Am I talking? I like to eat this Alps, and I only have this sugar as soon as I have a classmate in school.The hard work inside. "

Lu Xuyang shook his head and said," I buy it for you.This thing.

And his heart is rising. After the lollipop is refined, the effect is not what he needs. On the contrary, he hasn't figured out whether Zheng Xiyi should eat that "The lollipop with an unforgettable "is not proper, and it will cause the other party to doubt and bored himself afterwards.

"It should not happen anything special ..." Lu Xuyang hinted so much.

Zheng Xiyi contained candy and praised the sweetness. She couldn't eat half of it, so she said that the taste of dry mouth was gone.

"Really?" Lu Xuyang breathed a sigh of relief. After Zheng Xiyi finished eating, he saw that he didn't respond very much before letting go.

Watching TV, until 11:30, Lu Xuyang repeatedly urged Zheng Xiyi, and she was too difficult to hypnotize. With sleepy, she was ready to rest.

When Zheng Xiyi packed out from the bathroom, Lu Xuyang had curled up and lay on the sofa, and he sideways in it, making a low snoring sound.

Zheng Xiyi walked from him gently with his hands, and she laughed on her mouth. She knew that Lu Xuyang was pretending to sleep. He was reminding himself that it was late.Classes will be held tomorrow, and a lot of things will be dealt with.

Zheng Xiyi climbed to the bed. She raised her hand to undress, but her eyes suddenly fell on Lu Xuyang's body. The face was red suddenly. At that moment, she was jumping.crazy.

Let's lie down with clothes. Zheng Xiyi told herself, so she slowly fell to the bed, turned around, but looked at Lu Xuyang's back with a smile.

Lu Xuyang, who made a fake appearance, listened to Zheng Xiyi quietly, and his heart became more and more confused. The day and night before, the day and night finally arrived. She deeply loved her.At this moment, I lie in a place where I have only one bed. There is no third person here. I get up and go to her. But I am rational. I am not a beast with no brains except the lower body!

After about a quarter of the bell, Lu Xuyang felt that Zheng Xiyi should also sleep into the dreamland at this time, and then quietly turned up, trying to turn off the lights, and let her have a good dream.

Who knows, Zheng Xiyi not only did not fall asleep, but there was no sleep on her face. She stared at Lu Xuyang's eyes brightly, saying, "How can the sofa hold you, and do n’t sleep for a night.It's strange to get out of the pillow. Come on the bed. Anyway, we all wear clothes, and it doesn't matter if the summer is simply overnight. "

She told me to go to her to lie down. This was what she said.Lu Xuyang couldn't help but cheer up next to her at night, at least she could hug her. When she was asleep, she secretly kissed her cheeks. The relationship between the two people also needed an opportunity.

"Then I turn off the lights first." The fool refused, and Lu Xuyang tried his best to suppress the strong joy of his heart.The white moonlight touched the bed and lay down.

The bed is too small, and the left and right shoulders of the two are tightly wiped together. Lu Xu Yang can smell the fragrance from Zheng Xiyi's body. It is familiar, but has different charm.

"You are so relieved to me? Don't you fear that you take advantage of you while you dream?" Lu Xuyang said casually.

"If I have doubts about you, I will not call you just at all. Lu Xuyang ..." Zheng Xiyi's wording has Ding Dian throughput.

"Um." Lu Xuyang agreed in the darkness, laughing, "That's too. I am definitely not the kind of person who passed people."
"Stinky! Your nature is temporarilyIt ’s a convergence. I ... I want to ask you a question.” Zheng Xiyi opened the topic and tone was right. It seemed that there was something serious about asking Lu Xuyang.

"You ask, I have to listen and listen to it, there is a question of answering questions." Lu Xuyang had a hippie smiley face in the ceiling. He didn't think about the other party what he would ask himself.

Zheng Xiyi asked straightforwardly: "Which girl are you like, do I know?"

"You know, you are with her every day, the shadow is inseparable!" Lu XuyangThe heart seemed to have been earthquakes, and at that moment, he could not help blurting out. "Zheng Xiyi, did you not find out, did that person have you? I like you for a long time, and remember that it was the winter of the second year.... "

Said, Lu Xuyang turned his face to Zheng Xiyi. She looked up. For a while, she didn't speak quietly. The sound of the leaves on the window sill could be clearly heard.

"Do you just think you like me like that?"

Zheng Xiyi's voice is a bit low.To understand, what else needs to be hidden. Like her is a kind of likes. When it comes, it is stubborn. No matter whether it is good or bad, you must strive for the same effort.

"Hmm! Determine. Do you really can't see it?" Lu Xuyang's eyes shone with an anxious look. He was afraid of refusing, and he was afraid that the other party didn't matter.

Zheng Xiyi said: "Fools don't know. But you just told me ..."
"I thought you were the big fool." Lu Xuyang heard Zheng Xiyi so simple and madeThe response of the people's feelings of Liu Dianming was relieved unknowingly. In other words, it can be seen that the other party still cares about herself, and she also looks forward to her confession.

"I am not a fool. I can feel you feel about me ..." Zheng Xiyi suddenly turned around, reaching out and gently holding Lu Xuyang's body.

Lu Xuyang only felt a group of lightness. Like dreaming, he was getting closer to Zheng Xiyi, the shadow was very strong, and he took off his glasses. He couldn't see the expression of the other party at this moment.

"Sleep. Good night." Lu Xuyang murmured in Zheng Xiyi's ear. She heard it and "um".

Tonight is so long. Lu Xuyang's eyes were slightly closed, but he couldn't enter the state of sleep. He noticed that he was holding Zheng Xiyi's body hot, and his blood in his heart was flowing.

He suddenly tightened Zheng Xiyi regardless of everything, and couldn't help but kiss her. At that moment, he was confused in his head.

I wonder if Zheng Xiyi slept, she had no evasion, and let Lu Xuyang's hot lips rubbing on her face.

Lu Xuyang's stupid legs ** Zheng Xiyi's buttocks are rubbing hard, and I don't know what kind of psychological effect is, Zheng Xiyi's lower body is also moving, but it seems under Lu Xuyang's body.Slender and weak.

Maybe it is a very natural response between men and women!

Lu Xuyang has been proactive from the beginning. He took the initiative to kiss Zheng Xiyi, took the initiative to pinch her with her legs, a lot of active behaviors, and finally went to pull the zipper on the opponent's jeans ...

> No matter, it's too much, Zheng Xiyi's legs scrambled, and the moaning sound stopped suddenly. She blocked her key places with both hands and said, "Sleep. Don't think about it."

(Running naked! Wandering on the street for tickets, everyone gives some support!)