Chapter 049

. Lu Xuyang couldn't remember. How did he survive last night? After the sober, the first feeling was that the underwear was dirty and needed to be processed in time.

When I turned around, I found that the bed was empty, and Zheng Xiyi's figure was not seen in the room. Lu Xuyang hurriedly turned to a "dumplings

It wasn't until the discovery of Zheng Xiyi's close -fitting small shoulder bag was still resting on the sofa, and Lu Xuyang was relieved for a long time. It was certain that she hadn't left yet, and she might go out.Drive people's dreams.

Sure enough, after a long while, Zheng Xiyi "hit the way back to the house

"I bought two dollars of bread. I ate three breakfast for one person."
"Well. I'm hungry." Lu Xuyang wanted to get Zheng Xiyi's handBun, but she was shot away by her palm.

"I didn't brush my teeth, and I didn't wash my hands. Think about it, what did you do last night?"

Lu Xuyang laughed and laughed.He took the hot bread from Zheng Xiyi, and bit his mouth, and said, "My hands are all on you, not dirty at all."

"Thinking of the scene of sleeping in the same bed last night, a heart jumped constantly, and there was a red cloud on the cheeks. At this time, it seemed that there was something that was determined.

Lu Xuyang wiped his face, and then walked out of the hotel with Zheng Xiyi. The two walked on the street together, facing the sun, and did not say a word for a long time.

"Why not speak?" Lu Xuyang leaned against Zheng Xiyi, turned his head and asked with a smile.

"Waiting for you to say."

It is completely different. The two people's hands stretched out each other, and Lu Xuyang greeted it gently. Zheng Xiyi's little hand was as gentle as jade,Suddenly, he only felt a warmth of "flowing clouds and flowing water" into his heart.

Zheng Xiyi also don't face his face, laugh at Lu Xuyang, and he has a heart.

For the first time, holding hands with her beloved girl was such a taste. Lu Xuyang stared at Zheng Xiyi with a smile on his face.Suddenly, his sincerity hoped for his sincerity to wait until the result of flowering!

"I will never let go!"

This is Lu Xuyang's promise to himself. He gritted his teeth and he must cherish the hard -to -come affection.At the ups and downs, he always stood up in front of Zheng Xiyi.

The two walked forward with their hands, and the sun gradually climbed up. The golden light sprinkled on their vibrant faces. Through their shiny eyes, they could see that they were ideal for ideals.Tomorrow, a good vision of a happy future.

"Zheng Xiyi, forget it, I can't keep up with today's class. I will send you home first don't worry your parents." Lu Xuyang suddenly stood up and proposed.

Zheng Xiyi shook her head resolutely. She said that she would neither go to school nor home, but to go to Lu Xuyang's house.

Lu Xuyang did not understand what she thought, why did he choose to go to his home, but he did not ask about the source of his origin, and he wanted to go to my father and mother and the old man.Essence

"Where is there a vegetable market here?" On the way towards Lu Xuyang's house, Zheng Xiyi suddenly asked such a sentence.

"Why are you looking for the vegetable market?" Although Lu Xuyang was puzzled, he also told Zheng Xiyi's family of her mother often gone.

"Go, go and know." Zheng Xiyi pulled Lu Xuyang all the way along the direction he was pointed. After arriving at the vegetable market, she carefully selected some fresh tomatoes and eggs.

Lu Xuyang only saw that Dare to love Zheng Xiyi to go to her house to show one hand, showing that she was a superb cooking skill in her daughter -in -law. He had no opinion. The other party performed like this.

Zheng Xiyi came to the Lu family with Lu Xuyang, and Lu Mu, who was picking up the room in the room, was overwhelmed. Last night, they worried about it all night.What a fool that can't be recovered.

Zheng Xiyi respected in front of Lu's mother. A sweet mouth was as sweet as honey, and the left sentence was also called an aunt. I only heard this mother's heart.Handle.

"Xiaoxu, how did the Girl Girl, who was sleeping in a outside hotel yesterday, how did the Girls who slept in the outside of the hotel recovered? Did she notify the people in her house?" Lu Mu quietly quietly put Lu XuyangPull on one side and break the casserole.

Lu Xuyang's head was like a wave drum. He knew that his mother was an acute child. Never reveal that Zheng Xiyi didn't want to go home in her ear, otherwise she would be restless again.

As soon as Lu Xuyang was liberated, he slipped into his room and quickly took off his pants and changed into the pants. This was wet and dirty, wrapped in the sensitive part.

After finally turning out a pair of dark blue four -corner panties from the wardrobe, Lu Xuyang looked at it and couldn't help but smile, and a narrow black patch was hit on his trousers."Copy" for herself, the mother's broom's own psychology is very high. She just left this antique goods and left it to herself. According to her old master's words: "If you can use it, save one."

Before putting on that patch panties, Lu Xuyang suddenly wondered. He wanted to upgrade the four -corner bottom pants that may open the crotch at any time to see if you can refine what super items and protect them.The younger brother who is used below.

So, Lu Xuyang took the schoolbag, reached out and pulled out the "Yin Yang two sides... Congratulations, successful refining, you get a printed patch God Xianchi swimsuit, increased+52%, the vacuum effect is 100%, the invasion of all bacterial viruses is immune ...Skin respiratory function, lasting eight hours. This item is a specific equipment, permanent binding, and cannot be destroyed. "

Khan, Lu Xuyang watched the information displayed on the bump mirror.In the future, you can put on this panties to break through the rivers and lakes. Even if you find a lady outside, you won't be stained with syphilis, and you don't have to be afraid to be drowned by water. It is more than enough to be a diving expert!

What makes Lu Xuyang's eyes shine is that the previously humble patch underwear was refreshing, and the blue light only stabbed people's eyes itching, and let my mother use a needle to make up for it.The place has been replaced by a colorful embroidery in shape. No wonder it is called "print patch"!

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