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"Liang Sir, pear is moisturizing, eating more is good for your injuries." The girl handed the cut pear to Liang Xiao and pumped a napkin paper for him.

"Amei, I really don't know how to thank you." Liang Xiao ate a pear and said happily.

The girl smiled: "Nothing, yes, what do you want to eat, I'll do it for you."
"Well ... I want to eat chili fried small fish, I don’t know youWill you make it? "

" Chili, small fish? Where is this dish, oh, I know, it must be your hometown cuisine, I will go back and try, but this spicy dishEat less, I will make some soup for you to make up for you. If you don't talk about it, you take a break, I should go to work. "

Amei picked up the thermal insulation barrel, paid the beamXiao worshiped, and went out of the ward to the elevator.

At the end of the corridor, the elevator door was opened, and the four men came out, holding a long strip -shaped carton in the hands of the first person, wearing sunglasses on the face, high -waisted military boots stepped onOn the ground on the smooth water millstone, a squeak sound was made, and Amei opened his mouth horriblely, and subconsciously reached out to touch his waist, but she was just an ordinary military police officer.Well, she could only watch the four killer walking towards Liang Xiao's ward.

Amei's heart is fighting fiercely. His hands holding the insulation barrel are trembling.He was seriously injured, but he still insisted on the end and killed several bandits. Now the enemy came to the door. He was lying on the bed without resistance. If he did not shot himself, no one could save him.

The moment when the man who took the flowers reached out to turn the door handle, the heroic spirit of the young girl suddenly broke out, and took out the documents and drank it loudly: "Police! Stop it.

In fact, sheThis is just to give Liang Xiao for the time to escape. There is also a corridor in the direction of the ward by the balcony, which can lead to the fireworks. As long as you delay them for more than ten seconds, Liang Xiao's wit will escape safely.

The movements of the four men instantly fixed, and then turned their heads to look at it, slowly opened the box for the head, a bunch of flowers exposed, Ahun's mouth was tightened, and Arnold in "Future Warrior 2" Arnold.The scene where Shu Huaxinlia took out Wimple in the flower box appeared in her mind. She suddenly smashed the insulation barrel to the other person, and shouted with all the best: "Liang Sir, run quickly!"

The thriller did not appear. The throwing insulation barrel was caught by the other party.Friends.

The door of the room suddenly opened, Liang Xiao rushed out holding the GLOCK19 pistol, and saw the hands of flowers, and suddenly surprised: "Guangge!"

Liu Ziguang cameAnd his friends.

It turned out to be an oolong, and Amei was embarrassed to rush the hospital's hospital security guard: "It's okay, it's okay." The security guards were unknown and shrugged away.

Everyone returned to the ward. Liang Xiao introduced: "This is the official Liu of the mainland. This is my sister, Amei."

Everyone asked each other, AhSeeing the eyebrows was really okay, and blushed to ask Zhang Baiqiang to recover his insulation barrel, and said goodbye to everyone to go to work.

"This girl is good. At the critical moment, you have to protect you even if you don't care about it. Don't let her live up to her." Liu Ziguang said.

"Saying laughter, we are very pure." Liang Xiao argued in vain, but the happy smile on his face had already betrayed him.

"Go, take you out to look like something." Liu Ziguang slammed his fingers, the fangs wolf pushed out the wheelchair from the corner, Zhang Baiqiang and Chu Xiangdong helped Liang Xiao to sit down on the wheelchair.In the field, a brand new black Mercedes -Benz GL450SUV was displayed in front of him. Xiao Yu didn't know when it had stopped, the ground was wet, and the air was extremely fresh.

"Wow, so beautiful car." Liang Xiao couldn't help standing up and slowly walked over to touch the body.

"Then!" Liu Ziguang threw a thing, and Liang Xiao's eyes caught up quickly, and it turned out to be a folding key in the Mercedes -Benz car.

Liang Xiao opened the door and climbed up, touched the steering wheel, stepped on the accelerator and brake, and suddenly realized something, "Is this?"

"YesIt was for you, and the car that involved your car was scrapped as a scrap iron. This Mercedes -Benz had the right to compensate. "Liu Ziguang said.

"Brother, you don't want me, you think it is your mainland, millions of cars say you send it, as long as I dare to ask, ICAC will check me tomorrow." Liang Xiao said with a bitter face and saidEssence

Liu Ziguang said: "Rest assured, the car was bought in the name of Ruifeng Commercial News Agency, but it was lent to you, and the ICAC would not say anything."

Liang Xiao barely accepted it.: "Okay, let me open a few days first, right, these friends?"

"Oh, this one you have seen, mixed oil spike area, the wolf, used to be a military fire before,Buying and selling, now I wash my hands and do it. These two are my good brothers, A Qiang and A Dong, you are also known to meet each other. They have just returned from other places and want to do small sales in Hong Kong.What, you will rely on you all in the future. "

Liang Xiandao:" I will not be in the West Kowloon Terminal in the future., I have risen all the way, in the Security Section, I can get in touch with a higher level, and there are many opportunities for promotion. Congratulations, Chiefs Liang. "Liu Ziguang smiled and gently stunned in Liang Xiao's chest, and he grinned with his teeth.

"I'm sorry, forget that you are injured. By the way, do you know which Japanese people are in?" Liu Ziguang asked.

"You are talking about Araki Naoki. The vitality of this guy is really tenacious. Originally, the doctor had announced that he had died and later found that he was still alive, but it was no different from death."

br> "Plants?"

"Miserable than that, the spine is interrupted, high paraplegia, intestinal necrosis and inflammation, pancreatic damage, you can only eat liquid in the future, it is better to die, you want to see itHe is a bit difficult, he has returned to Tokyo. "

" Oh, it's okay, I just want to disaster and disaster, just understand you. "

"When will I go back? "

" Go in the afternoon. "

A while, Liang Xiao stretched out his hand:" If you have a chance, come to Hong Kong if you have a chance. "

When you get married, I will be present. "

The two of them shook hands, and in the distance Zhang Baiqiang, Chu Xiangdong, and the teeth wolf standing suddenly, the Hong Kong sky after the rain was high.


Jiangbei City is still the season of spring and cold. Hu Rong drove her aimlessly on the street.There was no surface. It was the time when the lanterns were at the beginning of the lanterns. The colleagues duty on duty, and went home for dinner. Only she was alone and did not know where to go.

A video suddenly appeared on the Internet recently. It is said that it was the late night dialogue between Secretary Qin Song and his stepmother Lu Hong. How did the content of the dialogue give their two illegitimate sons Qin Aotian?Songhe's young stepmother is dyed, but coupled with the gimmicks of Qin Aotian-killing female classmates and the family members of the victims, they almost blown up a residential building. This video quickly became popular.Urgent context requires rumors and strictly investigate the source, but still curb the spread of rumors. Secretary Qin, who is in the Provincial Party School School School, is also very passive. According to the sources, his secretary's hat must be taken.

These are all Hu Rong listened to his colleagues. From his father, she has also been indirectly confirmed. Mayor Hu has recently glowed and has a hundred times more spirit.After fulfilling its powers, everyone knows that after Qin Song stepped down, Hu Yuejin was the new municipal party secretary of Jiangbei.

There are fewer and less exchanges with my father. Each meal of Hu Rong is solved in the office or restaurant. Before, she was the number one police flower in the bureau.Those who pursue her are like crossing the river. Now several years have passed. Hu Rong has grown from an internship police officer from the police station to the captain of the Interpol.The higher the official position, the greater the father's position, but the pursuit gradually disappeared.

Unconsciously, Grand Cherokee opened the scene of the murder of the murder seven days ago. Hu Rong stopped the car, unbuttoned the seat belt, and walked downstairs in Lu Hong's house. Today is the day of Luhongtou 7, but downstairs, but downstairs, but downstairs, but downstairsNo one burned paper.

Speaking of desolate, the family of Lu family is not prosperous. Lu Yonglu Hong's brothers and sisters sanned the world one after another, leaving only Qin Aotian, a hard -working child struggling in the hospital, and even the mother of the mother at the endI can't see it.

Lu Yong's funeral was arranged by Xuanwu Group. Many friends in society came up at the memorial service. The wreath pulled a few trucks, and it was quite decent.The company had made several games.

Hu Rong went upstairs and was brushed new in the corridor, but I do n’t know why she still felt a strong blood.

The corridor was quiet. No one passed. Hu Rong stood at the door of Lu Hong's house for a while. Suddenly, she felt cold on her body. She couldn't help but hold her arms downstairs.

I went downstairs, and suddenly saw a thin figure in the distance, squatting in the corner to lit a bunch of paper money, what was thinking about what Hu Rong wondered that Lu Hong's family had no relatives?At first glance, it turned out to be Wang Zhaogang's wife Li Yan.

"Sister Li, it's you." Hu Rong greeted.

Li Yan raised his head and wiped his tears: "Yeah, Police Officer Hu, today's first seven, come to burn the paper to let the Pharaoh home."
Hu Rong stood silently,Wait for the paper money to turn into ashes, and said, "Sister Li, you live far, let me send you back."

"No, I am riding." Li Yan smiled slightly,Walking to the side bending and unlocking, riding on an electric car, the thin figure was getting farther and farther, and gradually disappeared at the end of the street.

Somehow, Hu Rong feels stuffy, his eyes are sour, and street people come and go, and who can tell who can tell whose heart.

Suddenly the phone rang, it is a strange number, press the answer button, a familiar voice comes: "I'm back."