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The air head wheat, the tone suit pants tube shake in the wind, and when they look at the temperament, they know that they are all soldiers.

The cabin door opened, a agent got off the plane first, and then Zhao Hui, who was handcuffed at the door of the cabin, glanced at Beijing's gray sky and stretched a lazy waist for a long time: "Ah, I am againCome back. "

The agent behind him pushed him and motioned him to hurry up. Zhao Hui shrugged his shoulders and stepped down the rail.Double flashes galloping from the distance with the police lamp.

It is the car from the General Police Bureau. This can be seen from their Beijing V licenes. After the vehicle stops, a team of soldiers wearing a steel helmet with a backing helmet and tie the team will lead the team to lead the team.A colonel, he took out a paper document to show the men in black, and there was a signature of the chief of staff.

The men in black are sent by Minister Chi. The license plate of Jun A is only the number of the secondary ministry of the general participant.On the authority of the military orders, they just worshiped the mouth of Minister Chi, but they got the general command of the chief. When they were martial arts, they would not even think about it. No one can afford this responsibility at the Capital Airport.

Colonel put away the document, waved and waved sharply, the soldiers of the Guard Station stepped forward and resolutely took over Zhao Hui, took off the handcuffs and threw it to the Minister Chi, and then gave Zhao Hui.Going to a new handcuffs, he got into the car and went away.

The men in black called Minister Chi to report the situation and left the situation. There were only Shangguan Jin and those agents who had escorted her back to the empty apron.


After receiving a report from his men, Minister Chi hurriedly called Director Tan.No, the chief executive could not turn the case in the case. Have you forgotten that the case of Guanye last time? There is a limit in everything.You have to get rid of military uniforms. You can rest assured. This time, the old horse's family is also anxious. The son of the three generations of single transmission almost can't come back. Do you say they can give up? "

Tan Zhihai said, the Minister Chi, one,The heart was put into the stomach.

He is assured, but Tan Zhihai's heart mentioned in the air. Who is Zhao Hui?The old part of the family was all over the world, and he would never sit at the juniors. Zhao Hui dared to return to China and explained that he had a card in his hands. What kind of card he was? I am afraid that only one person knew.

Director Tan asked the call device and asked: "Why haven't the little king arrived yet?"

Secretary replied: "The news just received, Xiao Wang was taken away by the people of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection.It is said that there is something to assist in the investigation. "

" I know. "Director Tan sat for a while, took out the handkerchief and wiped the cold sweat on the forehead.The leader went to the phone one by one, as if he had received some winds, and everyone didn't answer Tan Zhihai's call, or he ordered the secretary or family to perfunctory a few words, saying that he was busy meeting.

Tan Zhihai finally realized the seriousness of the situation. The Ye family moved quickly. I was afraid that it would be on the sky. He stood up and paced back and forth in the spacious office.The phone number rang, and he hurriedly rushed over the microphone and said anxiously: "Hello! Who is looking for me?"

The voice of the secretary came from the handset: "Director Tan, Zou of Huaxia Mining IndustryI always want to see you. "

" Please come in. "

Three minutes later, Zou Wen entered the office. Tan Zhihai had recovered the gesture of the past, sitting at the desk, sitting at the deskLater, the dragon snake's review document, and looked up slightly: "The text is heavy, you sit first, wait a moment."

Zou Wenzhong squeezed a smile and sat down on the sofa.

Director Tan criticized several documents and asked the secretary to come in and take it away.It's not so smooth. "

" More than not to go well, they almost sent their lives. "Zou Wen smiled hard.

"I have already understood the specific situation, you can rest assured, everything is under control." Tan Zhihai said.

Zou Wenzhong looked around and asked in a low voice: "Is talking safe here?"

"Safe." The smile on Tan Zhihai's face slowly stiffened.

"I didn't even bring my mobile phone, I was afraid of being monitored. This was the case. I just returned. The old Li in the group team was the disciplinary inspection member of the China Discipline Inspection Commission stationed in Huaxia Mining.The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection reported the work, and then the working group of the Audit Office was stationed in the group, which made me be caught off guard. "

" Don't worry, the text is heavy, the more you can't mess with it.How long is they found out. "Tan Zhihai comforted.

"I know, the accounts on the group are naturally fine. I'm afraid they will find the four gold companies."

Tan Zhihai is silent, the gold and silver, copper and iron mining company operatesThe product that is made is difficult to say, Sijin is lying on the huge dinosaur of Huaxia Mining, an anthraer with blood -sucking on his body. Every year, you can make a profit of tens of millions. Of courseThe expenses are not enough. Tan Zhihai sees a large project such as Wood Iron Mine. If it is good, it is tens of billions of profits, or the dollar!

The shareholders of Sijin Company are complicated. Among them, there are many powerful people. Some high -weight people are not convenient for themselves to come forward.There is no need to register, there is a monthly salary of tens of thousands of dollars. At the end of the year, there is a double salary and bonus.But we must affect a large group of people.

"So, you go back first, I will deal with it here." Tan Zhihai considered for a while, sent Zou Wenzhong back, picked up the leather bag and got on the bus, and said to the driver, "Go to Zhongnanhai.

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In the next few days, Director Tan has been sitting in the office. He has taken the initiative to explain his problem to the leader. Now it is the moment of a high -level game, without his participation.

On the first day, he heard that gold and silver and copper and iron were acquired by a company called Wynn Mining.

The next day, he heard that Huaxia Mining once again made important personnel adjustments. Zou Wenzhong no longer served as the chairman, president and party group members of the group's board of directors because of physical reasons.Officials are said to be born in senior political workers and have a strong principle.

On the third day, he saw that the TV news said that the armed police special forces broke the terrorist training camp of a national radical organization in the border area, cracked a large number of weapons, ammunition and explosives, and injured many terrorists.My armed police pointed out that none of the soldiers were casualties, and then I heard that Rokkong flew back from Urumqi and officially took over as the deputy chief of staff.

On the fourth day, Tan Zhihai received written documents from the organization department and asked him to hand over the work of his hand to the new comrades, but did not mention his new position. There was a gossip that he might appoint him as he should be him as he should be him as a time.The Director of the Civil Affairs Bureau of a distant province, which is tantamount to exile for Tan Zhihai.

A fifty -year -old cadre who took over as the director of the investigation department was mainly responsible for logistical work. After taking office, the first thing he took was to promote Shangguan Jin as the assistant assistant.It can be foreseeable that her career will fly Huang Tengda from now on.

When Guan Jin and Director Tan met again, he found that Tan Zhihai, who was glory in the past, was extremely old, and his white hair was dense.

"It is not difficult to stand on the right time. It is rare to stand up to the team for a lifetime." Director Tan said this sentence meaningfully, dragging heavy steps to disappear at the end of the corridor.The figure is long and long.


Malaysia, a office in the house in the house of the Borneo Minu Metropolis, Liu Ziguang and Oli Wei are sitting opposite. Outside the window is the vast sea and soaring sand gulls. The sea breeze blows into the room., Wet with warmth.

There are four passports on the table, namely Japan, the Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore. Each passport is posted with photos like Liu Ziguang, and its names and birthdays are different.

"The Japanese passport is true. This person is now a monk in Thailand. He is close to you, and the passport can be used with confidence; the Philippine passport is also true.The passport of the passport is transformed with a real passport, but it is okay to deal with the inspection of general customs personnel. "Oli Wei introduced that a ridiculous smile floated on his face." I feel that I am more and more like a spy.I want to take risks with you. "

Liu Ziguang laughed:" Probably women think spy is a romantic career. In fact, it is really not so fun. At least I do this line. "

"Since it is forced, why not stay?" Oli Wei suddenly became serious, the sea breeze blew the broken hair in her ear, and the sunset was plated on her face., Roumei with perseverance.

"Because there are still many things waiting for me to do." Liu Ziguang turned to look out the window.

"You understand what I mean." Oli Wei said stubbornly.

"Sorry, I should leave, thank you." Liu Ziguang put the four passports into the small suitcase, put the trench coat on his arm, and walked out of the office.

Zhang Baiqiang and Chu Xiangdong, who stood on the side of the road, saw Liu Ziguang out, and lost the cigarette butt and greeted it: "After handling it?"

"How can you finish it." Liu Ziguang said

"Where are we going now?" The two asked.

"Go back." Liu Ziguang walked forward, and the two companions followed closely. In front of them, the container terminal that could not look at the end.