To everyone's open letter

Today, a book friend chatted with me and told me, six brothers, no matter what, I support you.

After I heard it, it was a kind of movement that was difficult to express in language.

There are many such friends.The book review area always sees such friends.

To be honest, everyone is really grateful.

I always read book reviews, but I rarely speak, so I know a lot of things.I do n’t look at it, I ca n’t help it. After all, there are many opinions of sincere readers. They are very good, and it is worthy of my absorption. It is worth correction.Their views and opinions should be accepted with an open mind.

However, there are always some ones to find a pump.

There are a small number of people who are very unclean between words.If I mention the word of quality with them, it is a bit inappropriate.After all, my quality is not high, but now after all, I am older than a day, and there is no need to see something with some people, and even if I see it, I may not have seen it.Everyone says hello, nor can everyone say hello.However, I have to admit that everyone has strengths. I have a lot of talents here.

There are a small number of people who look at my book for free all day, and then scold me casually. The words are very unpleasant. The storyline is not what he thinks.No, he scolded the street.What's even more hateful is to bring the family with all the people. Do you miss the warmth of the family from an early age? I run here to find my father's love and mother love?Then you really find it right.There are so many people who want to recognize my son here.But whoever is your father, no one has to be unlucky.

成天挑bug,而且不是像正常人那样挑书里很明显的大bug,几百万字,肯定会有bug,但是大多大家提出来,我都改的,但是这些人不Similarly, these people are lonely. He is a bug that is super small or he thinks it is a bug.For example, he feels the plot and the development is unreasonable. That is the bug. He feels the abnormal happening. He has never seen it, and it is also a bug.After discovering, I used a very, very self -righteous speech, and laughed at the ignorance of others by the way.I am still complacent.That professional spirit and professional quality is to give him a Xinhua dictionary. He is estimated that he can also find a few mistakes. In fact, this spirit is really a waste of talent.It's not that you don't accept everyone to mention bugs.What I mean is the very few people.For example, I wrote a character in the hands of the character, and when I encountered no guns, once, he would say that the world is the gun in the world.Only they have.I will push it special, there is a mouth in the world, and you can grow on you.

You can get a trumpet to stir up readers.Or make a bunch of vests yourself, talk to yourself, and talk about passion, the charm of the saying, what you say is really like a few people chatting with each other. Sometimes I still make a mistake. I talked to myself.Or the donkey lips are not right.This is also a talent, just in me, Cai Cai.

The urging is a problem that all authors will encounter. How much is updated a day, some people will urge more. This is normal.I have no way. I also want to be more, more, and more, and I earn more, but many people speak and scold people, scolding me to update slowly, I want to ask, I have at least 6,000 words a day.The update of 240,000 words has never been interrupted. Is it slow in the author's update?I write a chapter for 3 hours, and you read a chapter for 5 minutes.Even if I wrote 24 hours a day, I did n’t eat or drink for these 24 hours. It ’s time to read it in less than an hour. Moreover, I must have a good time or bad in my writing state. Sometimes you do n’t like it.It is said that I have the number of words, and the development of everything has a transitional stage. There must be a transition to jump from one orgasm to can't be cool.Don't you need to write those transition chapters?After writing, what do you see?Just like the passion of passion every night, are you not afraid of kidney loss?I also want to update more, write more, then I make more money, I need money.It's so simple. I can't say every day, but I definitely get up at 7 o'clock in the morning and write things every morning. I sit in front of the computer for a day.I scolded the street like a aunty menopause.

In fact, I sometimes solve it specially. If you have this time, you can find a place to get a two -tube plane yourself.Why do you run here to pollute the air.I am not your dad either, why did you give you to eat, and let you bite me in turn.I can't fight back yet?

A few brothers, walking and mixed together are originally two books. The essence of the two books is different. Just like society and schools, the two will not affect each other.A few brothers, walking this book is not a campus novel.It's just a story.

Brother, after writing, I will write new books.I will go for a long time.I still want to walk for decades, and my experience has been accumulated little by little.

To put it, some actual and correct metaphors, my readers are my parents of food and clothing.I can't offend and I can't offend, but even when I am a father, I can't abuse my son, right?Moreover, my parents are not bad for you.You can bear you once or twice, and give you the problem of faults. You are used to it. When you open your mouth, you scold the street?I am also happy, I just seal your number, I just lightly, I am not tired.

You are willing to change the ID and the ID, and if you are willing to change the trumpet, you will make bad. If you are willing to shoot bricks, you will respect you. When you are a reader who supports me, I am used to it.Being you, you can do anything, I don’t get used to you, you just love it, it ’s hard to make anything, it’ s useful, you apply for a bunch of small trumpets, take some bricks, I can less piecesMeat?If you apply for a trumpet, everyone can follow you?If this can be like that, you are also awesome.

But in my life, all the book reviews in the book I wrote, do n’t appear you ’s ID. If you appear, I ca n’t see it. If you see it, then I’ m gently.I am not a reader like you.I, who offended, offended, offended to death.Surgery for some readers is also forced by you. Think about what I said is right.

Who can I say again, no one knows.Starting today, even those things, I won't be sealed.I was used to you.Everyone has something, something is wrong, and normal, how can it be?If you have any comments, you can say it directly.I will draw good opinions and suggestions.But don't have to greet me and my loved ones.The mouth is clean.Harmony.After all, everyone has no hatred.

Or you have a tendency to masochism, you scold me, so that so many people scold you, are you comfortable?In fact, when I looked at so many people to help me scold, I was still very cool.It is just forced to stress and generally do not go out.Or a little bit, watching you scold, I am really bad.

In fact, because of the support of hardcore script fans like this, it is my motivation for so long.Everyone can be a good friend. It can be used in a very normal way to keep the book reviews. Everyone discusses it. Isn't it good? Is it necessary to open your mouth and greet your father and mother. Is it a way to deal with the problem?

I will work hard.From the next week, I will try to increase the update.

At the same time, he also asked very few people not to abuse me and my family, and abuse me.If you have any opinions, I will change it.Everyone said well.How can it be.

Don't always say that I can make a word, I don't have the number of words, but sometimes the state is not good.Maybe sometimes, just you don't like it yourself, the meaning, everyone's thoughts are different, maybe others don't think I am in the number of words, these are my career, my efforts, my life, I am more than you than you.Want to write it well and write perfect him.I hope everyone understands.I have to keep this update no matter what the reason is. I squatted in front of the computer for a long time. In exchange for your abuse, whoever changed, no one would feel good. Friends were understanding each other. Do you say it?

I wrote the manuscript fee given to me by Diaotian Literature Station, and I really support my readers and friends.I have a well -deserved conscience.

Finally, I still bless all readers who support me.everyone is happy.

I love you.

Everyone will make good luck.Everyone.

If any language is not appropriate, I hope everyone understands.

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