Chapter 53 Death Game (3)

Meng Fan stepped forward, the Toyo Samurai knife stabbed the butcher's heart accurately.Meng Fan bowed deeply at the corpse of the butcher man. Respecting the opponent is to respect themselves. They had no resentment and killing. They killed the other party just to allow themselves to survive.

The battle of this level is much more difficult than the first level, which consumes Meng Fan's more physical strength.Meng Fan doesn't know if he will be himself in the next one, but in any case, he can only fight like this for survival.

The sound of the system sounded again: "Congratulations on you, you can rest for an hour, and then continue to participate in the game."

Meng Fan suddenly cut the camera with a knife, "You guysThe The fucking is a group of lunatics, perverted, and now there are so many people in the outside world every day. You do n’t save them. You are still playing this perverted death game here. You are a group of bastards and animals.
Tired of cutting, scolding enough, Meng Fan can only continue to sit down to rest, and scolding can only vent his dissatisfaction. How can you fight for a while?Who has the right to say.

Just like the previous world, you may also have such dissatisfaction. You can run to a certain place and vent in some legal way, but when you wake upDo you have to live.

The drawer on the wall slipped out automatically, which appeared only a bottle of pure water.Meng Fan took it out for half a bottle. He drank it very slowly. The small mouth was drinking, which belonged to a more healthy drinking method.

The rest of Meng Fan used to wash his hands. Although he knew that the blood on his hand could never wash it, he still washed it seriously.

One hour is really fast, the door in front of the door is automatically opened, and the sound of the system sounds in the ear: Please ask the Warriors to enter the next link, and at the same time the robotic arm on the wall also appears again.In the battle, the bullets in the machine gun will make Meng Fan a funnel.


"Fuck, he wasn't so anxious to catch the duck on the shelves." Meng Fan cursed and walked into the next door.

There is no one in this room, but there is no one, maybe that person hasn't rest yet!Meng Fan was recalling the two battles just now. The thin men in the first level are not strong. The trick used to use is deception.People.

The door was finally opened, and an old man with medium -sized, slightly fat, and white hair came out of the door.There are three doors in this room. Two duels come out of one door. The third door will automatically open after one of them falls.

Meng Fan can't see any powerful combat effectiveness of the old man, but the person who can come to this level will not be the weak, so Meng Fan slowly raised the knife, he would never he would never beThe idea is to light the enemy.

"Lady, we have no grievances, why do we have to move the knife and guns as soon as I come up. You see that I am just an old man with a flower. Although there is a short blade in my handWhat about a strong guy? I can have a lot of luck, because the opponent is older than me. "

Is this really the case?Meng Fan also had some doubts in his heart, but since the other party did not do it first, Meng Fan was reluctant to do so quickly.

"Lady, I have lived a lot of age, and it is enough. After those two levels, I really feel tired. I just want to talk to you. If you want to kill me, tooWhen I finish speaking, do it. "

Meng Fanmu nodded. Meng Fan felt that although the old man looked old, his eyes were bright, making people unable to see through his.thought.

Although the old man talked to him about his family, asked where Meng Fan's family lived, who there were people in the family, whether there were girls who liked them, etc. Meng Fan answered one by one, Meng Fan, Meng Fan, Meng Fan, Meng Fan, Meng Fan, Meng Fan, Meng Fan, Meng Fan, Meng Fan, Meng Fan, Meng Fan.I feel that the two are not like a duel, but just chatting with their hearts in the case of boring situations. After chatting, they can go back to each family and look for their mothers.

"Lady, after two levels of battles, you are already tired!" The old man stared at Meng Fan's eyes and asked.

"Hmm!" Meng Fan nodded in a

"Hmm!" Meng Fan nodded in a dumb place. Meng Fan suddenly felt that the old man's eyes had a special magic, and he couldn't move his eyes.

"Tired, just take a while, don't force yourself, take a while! Rest for a while!"

Meng Fan really had to close his eyes and rest.As if he had left this place that had to be a life -threatening ghost at any time, returned to his hometown, and returned to his parents, and the Pearl was in his own house with Youzi.

Pearls shouted Sister Yuzi with a smile. They said that they were willing to be Meng Fan's wife together. There were such good things. Isn't that the women in the world are vinegar jars?Youzi said that day I didn't want Meng Fan to find another woman in the future. Now I am willing to share himself with the pearl, hee hee!In fact, the argument is that the Pearl follows himself first. Ming Ming should be the boss, but it is a little bigger according to the age, and he also conceives the child first.But the law does not seem to be allowed to marry two wives!snort!Regardless of it, those corrupt officials and wealthy businessmen Da Wan are not wives and concubines.When is it now? Where can someone ask about it?

Meng Fan Zhengle thoughtfully, suddenly, an extremely dangerous and horrible feeling hit, as clear as each danger.

Meng Fan immediately opened his eyes. He saw the old man holding a short sword in his hands and was struggling to stab himself. Meng Fan hurriedly shot. He held the old man and stabbed the blade with his left hand.I hurt Meng Fan's fingers, and the blood slipped along Meng Fan's palm to the ground.

Meng Fan's right hand quickly waved the knife. The old man's body was actually very flexible. He immediately spoke with him and took another short sword from his waist.

"You can use hypnosis?" Meng Fan asked in surprise.

"You didn't be hypnotized by me?" The old man was even more surprised.

A question and answer, Meng Fan already knew the answer. Meng Fan originally thought that the horrible hypnotic technique like TV was impossible in reality.The most impossible thing is that there are still things that cannot exist.

Meng Fan no longer questioned, and quickly waved a knife. The old man raised his sword to block, but his strength was far from Meng Fan.He was unable to fight with Meng Fan.

The sword of the old man was shocked out. Meng Fan kicked out and kicked the old man to the ground. Meng Fan cut it over."Can you let me say a few more words?" The old man begged.

Meng Fan sneered: "Can you apply hypnosis again?"

"I can carry back to you so that I can't make hypnosis."

Meng Fan is also very curious about how such a strange spell is made. Although he has the ability to predict the danger, he is still worried that the other party has any other means.The eyes of the old man were blinded.

"Ah!" The old man screamed: "You are so cruel!"

"When you kill the person in the first two levels with hypnosis, have you ever thought about yourselfIs it very ruthless? Just now when you stabbed me to me, did you want to be merciless? "

The old man no longer blame Meng Fan:" You are right, in such a game, such a gameUnder the rules, don't you get a little bit more fierce, how can you survive? Lady, I am weird, how can you suddenly wake up? "

" Let's talk about how you use hypnosis first,What about the surgery? "

The old man shook his head and said," Let me tell the truth, in fact, I don’t know how to have it. I just remember that we were strong on the way to Guzhou, we were strong.The guy snatched the food, and he had to kill him. I looked at his eyes and begged hard. Later, he really agreed. I felt that his eyes seemed a little dull, so I then asked him to return the food to us. HeI actually agreed, since then, I found that I actually have this strange ability. "

Meng Fanxin said, it turned out that he was the same as me.Magic superpowers.

The old man continued: "I found that I had this superpowers, I couldn't help it, but I also found that it was not that I let him do everything he did. For example, I asked him to kill himself.He wouldn't do it, so I asked him to lie down and sleep, and then I captured his knife and killed the robber. "

Meng Fan sneered and asked," You will not just use this kind ofSuperpowers? "

The old man smiled:" After I came to Guzhou, I used the method of hypnotizing others to get a lot of money. After those people were hypnotized by me, I obediently paid the money obediently.To me, my most excited time was that I met a teenage girl. The little girl was really watery! I hypnotized her and brought her back to the house I rented. I asked her to take offAfter her clothes, she really did it. I went to her, and she was still the same? That is really a beautiful night! "

Meng Fan can't help but tighten his fist, but soon loose againWhen it was opened, he thought of what Academician Liao said when he sent them Long Weijian: The sword was double -edged.In this thing, some people have a good thing to do good deeds, saving people in crisis, but most people will be used to do bad things. After all, people are also a kind of animal, and their bones are still greedy and selfish.

When a person's ability is so much more than the restrictions of the system. When you can manipulate others, how can you expect him to rely on the morality in his heart, not to be selfish and harm others.What about things?

Just like the emperor who has absolute rights, how can he not have the three palaces and six courtyards, his wife and concubine, and the deer?Is Meng Fan, do n’t you use his ability different from ordinary people to possess Matsuda Yuko?

So Meng Fan does not need to blame the old man who can not live long, and accuse him of only fifty steps to laugh, because he does not necessarily be better than him.Essence