di wu bai ling er zhang xiang sheng fa zhen de ling yi miao yong


"Du Xin'er. Tiangan Gengjin Saint, Magic, 72nd, mount, golden dragon, ninth order."
"Du Ming, Tiangan RenshuiSaints, magic, seventy -four levels, mounts, ice and snow dragons, nine -level. "

" Lambaoer, Shengshui Saint, Magic, 76th level, mount, ice dragon dragon, Nine -level. "

The last opening is the opportunity," Tianji, mount, diamond dragon. Ten steps. "

Personal confidence and status are adjusting towards the peak. They all exude pride in their eyes. They can have such strength. They are all their own hard cultivation.Even Du Xin'er, who is the lowest magic, has reached the level of 72 at this time. All the saints of the Tiangan have to have Warcraft partners with nine or higher.Such strength is extremely scary in any country, not to mention, each of them has the ultimate magic, even more attributes, and there are more extreme yang thunder attributes.Ji Shi, Chen Sixuan, Akin and Frey even have artifacts.They have the power to be afraid of even the strong and strong!From this moment, the ability of the saints will be truly displayed from now on.

Ji Shi's eyes passed by every partner, and the golden light in his eyes was flourishing, and he said: "Okay, this is our unique strength, and the crystallization of our years of hard work. From this momentAt the beginning, we are the savior of the mainland. Everyone is. This is not we boast, but because we will dedicate ourselves for this goal. A person's life is only decades, even if it is a powerful magician,Most of them are hundreds of years of life. In this limited life, we have to live wonderful. We must let our lives bloom in the long river of history.There, I hope that all of our cultivation can be promoted to the eight crowns, and they all have our own magic domain. Then, it is time for us to launch a operation for the safety of the five elements of the five elements. "

> In a few simple words, he has mobilized all the emotions of his partners, and the sadness caused by leaving Longgu was disappeared.A group of Warcraft mounts accelerated collectively and flew away in the direction guided by Ji Dong.The goal of their trip is the Almans Mountain, 600 kilometers southwest of the fire city.

There are several reasons why they choose the Almans Mountains, instead of the Wind Frost Mountains known from the flame. First of all, the Almans Mountain is the place designated by the Stupid Business Association. Second, AlmanThe beast three -legged Jinwu at the entrance to the world of the Mountains of Mans Mountains has been killed by Ji.It is naturally easier to enter the world of heart.And if they want to enter from the Wind Frost Mountains, they must kill the ten -order god beasts of the ice and snow dragon wind cream.Divide love.Moreover, the beasts of these guardians of the world are not just as simple as preventing outsiders from entering the world world.Also prevent the creatures in the world of the earth.Therefore, since there is already a beast that is killed by the beast to choose from, there is no need to open a passage.Isn't it troublesome in the event of a biological world of the world?

Therefore, after careful thinking, Ji Shi chose Almans Mountain as the entrance to the world of the heart world as their trip.

From the West Gold Empire to the South Fire Empire, it is naturally closer to the East Wood Empire, but the Sanhe Mountains are at the northernmost place of the Western Jin Empire, the North Water Empire and the Middle -earth Empire.Therefore, it is not near the South Fire Empire from here.

Fortunately, these Warcrafts carrying everyone have at least nine -order, and they accelerate their strength in the air.Coupled with the saints of the Tiangan, they can exert the soaring law in the Five Elements Faluna Array to accelerate them. A few days later, they have entered the territory of the South Fire Empire.

Ji Shi and Chen Sixuan once went to the National Almans Mountain. Naturally, I would not find it wrong.

Far, Almans Mountain is already looking at, and the tall and lonely mountain peaks stand proudly. Because the magma has not been over for a long time, it is no longer the first time that Ji moved when they first came.EssenceMore are rock formations formed by volcanic ash and dried magma.

Ji Jin's soul power was fully opened, and everyone saw that the golden red light on his body suddenly became rich. Then, the surging power of the soul had scanned the past in the direction of Almans.

Through the soul scan, Ji Shi found that there are some Warcraft on the Almans Mountains, but they are all high -end bells.And they can still see at this time on the top of the Almans Mountains.The faint smoke rises, where the air is closer to the top of the mountain, the air is obviously distorted by heat.Obviously, after that volcanic eruption, there was a new outbreak.It should only be much smaller.

Under the guidance of Ji's soul, the Dan Yan Fire Dragon gradually approached the direction of the top of the Almans Mountains, and everyone else also controlled their mounts to disperse a little, so that everyone kept a certain distance.Once there is any situation, they can fully play their abilities.

The ten -level nine -level and tenth -level powerful Warcraft, and most of them are the invisible pressure formed by the dragon people's arrival on the Almans Mountains.Pingling, disappearing one by one, lest I am a target of being targeted.

After the crowd approached the five hundred meters away from the top of the Almans Mountains, it was obvious that the temperature in the air continued to rise.The element of fire has also become rich and rich, while other attribute magic elements are getting thinner and thinner.

Akin floating in the air came to the Danan Shenghuolong, and said: "Ji Dong, the owner once said to me that the power of the world is not only because it has many strong creatures, but also more.The important thing is that in the world of heart, the strength of the earth's creatures can be increased geometric multiple. There, only the fire element is the strongest. Except for the element of fire, other various attribute elements are much thinner.Facilly than the outside world. This is the most threatened place. After everyone enters it, we must try to save magic. "

When Akin said this, he had a momentary communication with Chen Sixuan.As the master of the world, no one knows the world more than Chen Sixuan. What A Jin said was Chen Sixuan told her.With the experience with the flames, Akin is obviously suitable as this transmission cylinder.Naturally, no one will doubt this.Nor can't doubt.

Listening to her, everyone's face became dignified. Although each of them had good strength, they were all owners of the ultimate magic, and more powerful Warcraft mount assistance.However, even if it is a strong magician, the magic that can be stored in the body is limited. If there is no magic element in the air as a supply, then their magic is always exhausted.After entering the world of heart, they must continue to deepen and according to what A Jin said. Then, the deeper the world, the more magic elements of other attributes in the air will become thinner.It is a few crowns, and naturally can't play.Relatively speaking, the earth -attribute magician can be slightly better. After all, there are soil elements in the world of earth, and the earth is soil. They are relatively small.But this is not the case for others. What they suffer is huge influence, and may even lose their combat ability because of this.

The eyes of the crowd fell unconsciously on Ji's body, but from Ji's face, they did not see a half -tight look, and smiled slightly. "I have considered this problem carefully.After. Akin is right. The deeper the world, the stronger the fire element, and the more the elements of other attributes will weaken. To the eighteenth layer of the deepest part, in addition to the element of fire, the element of the deepestNo other elements exist, where the fire element is viscous, and even feels the ultimate magic. "

Frey depressed:" In this case, how can you laugh? ">
Ji Dong smiled: "Because I have thought about the solution to this problem."

Frey stunned.The eyes of others can't help but be surprised, "I thought about it? There is no magic element in the air, what can we do? Is it overwhelmed by the World of Warcraft?"I can't think of how to solve this problem without magic elements in the world.

Ji shook his head and said, "Of course, you can't use the nucleus of Warcraft. Not to mention that the crystal nucleus stored on our body is not much.It takes time to absorb. My method, except for your brother, others are applicable. Brothers, you have artifact Thunder Prison, with it, plus other people to release the help of the five elements of the yin and yang world.Can recover magic. "

Frey nodded, saying:" As long as there is the existence of the five elements of the yin and yang world, the ten attributes are all magic, I can naturally help myself to replenish my magic with the thunder prison ax.You haven't said the way other people solve the problem. "

Ji moves:" Actually, I have taught you a long time ago. Do you forget our five elements?The Xiangsheng cycle array method can not only be used during fighting. It is useful during practice. Yes, other attribute elements are thin except the fire element. However, as long as there is a fire element, it is enough!After entering the world of heart, we immediately completed the cycle of each other and continued to deepen. I can constantly absorb the fire elements in the air, and then transmit it to you, which will have the effect on you and always keep your magic at the peak.The magic power is not exhausted. With the help of this magical power, do you still need to absorb what external elements? In other words, it is equivalent to my absorption of fire elements and then transform it into the magic element you need by the five elements.It is because of this that I have never been in a hurry to let everyone practice the five elements of the cycling formation method. When I get to the world of heart, I do n’t want to do it. With this experience, everyone must be proficient in this method. "

After listening to Ji Shi's explanation, everyone couldn't help but stunned, and seeing him seemed to be watching monster.It turned out that he had planned everything for a long time, and it turned out that he had already planned.

Yao Qianshu spit out a turbid air, "No wonder he said that you are the Holy King, I can't think of this method.Elements exist, then each of us does not need to worry about the problem of magic exhaustion. Your five -element cycling formation method is simply a miracle! "

After listening to Yao Qianshu, everyone else thought toWith his head, even Chen Sixuan, he did not think of a solution to this problem before.I also understood his thoughts after listening to Ji Shi.The dignified look of everyone was easily replaced.Miaomiao said: "Then what are we waiting for, hurry up and enter the world of heart."

Ji moved: "No hurry, you wait here first, I am a fire attribute, go down to find the road first, findLet's talk about the entrance. And, before entering, there is another thing that must be done. "As we said, Dan Yan's Holy Fire Dragon had a swaying shape and flew towards the top of the Almans Mountains below.

Chen Sixuan stood on Wuliangye's head, and naturally he went down with Ji. She asked curiously: "Ji Dong, what do you say to do, what?"

BR> Ji Shi glanced at her. Since that day, the relationship between the two has been closer to it. Although Ji Shi stayed with Chen Sixuan deliberately, Chen Sixuan could also feel that he actually had nothing to himself to himself.The resistance is just because he has already filled the flames in his heart, and he can't tolerate Chen Sixuan.Whenever she recalled that Ji Shi was painful because of the flame, there was no other requirements. She just hoped that she could continue like this and always accompany him to be able to satisfy him.

The Dan Yan Fire Dragon descended into the shape, a layer of light and the ultimate double fire light halo released from its participating merchants, and protecting Ji Shi, Chen Sixuan and its own body.Because at this time they had entered the smoke above the volcano.Ji Dong's two generations were human, and of course they understood that the smoke was toxic.Although they don't care about this toxin, they are still careful.

At this moment, suddenly, a strong sense of crisis suddenly appeared in Ji's soul.

Seeking monthly tickets, recommended tickets, rewards.On the 29th, the hard work for a month depends on the last few days.